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Employee Appreciation: Using Company Swag to Boost Morale and Retention

, by John Angelo Aldover, 2 min reading time

The success of a company isn't solely dependent on its products but the dedication of its employees. Recognizing their efforts is pivotal. In recent years, branded merchandise, or 'swag,' has gained traction as a means to express gratitude. By giving swag, businesses not only promote their brand but also show their employees they're valued.

The Connection between Appreciation and Retention

Employees want more than just a competitive salary; they seek a sense of belonging and appreciation. Research from Gallup indicates that employees who feel unappreciated are more likely to leave. In this scenario, swag comes to the rescue. It offers a physical token of gratitude, making employees feel cherished and integral to the company.

Types of Swag to Show Appreciation

Personalized Gifts

Adding a personal touch like a name or a specific color elevates the gift's significance. Be it monogrammed items or tailored gadgets; customization makes the employee feel individually recognized.

Tech Gadgets

In our digital age, branded tech items like wireless chargers or headphones are not just trendy but highly functional. Employees can use them daily, intertwining work with leisure seamlessly.

Eco-friendly Products

Showcasing a commitment to sustainability has dual benefits. Reusable items or biodegradable products not only resonate with environmentally conscious employees but also project a positive brand image.

Wellness Kits

Prioritizing employee health and well-being is crucial. Gifting wellness items can make employees feel cared for, emphasizing the company's focus on holistic well-being.

Organizing Swag-based Events

Swag Days

Imagine the excitement of a day dedicated to receiving goodies. Quarterly 'Swag Days' can serve as regular intervals of appreciation, keeping morale consistently high.

Milestone Celebrations

Celebrating anniversaries or achievements with tailored swag bags makes events memorable. It emphasizes that the company pays attention to individual growth and milestones.

The Long-term Benefits of Swag in Employee Retention

While it's easy to dismiss swag as just 'freebies,' their impact is profound. Regularly updated items serve as a reminder of consistent recognition. They foster unity, making employees feel they're part of a grand narrative. Furthermore, when employees proudly use or wear swag, they inadvertently market the company, boosting its image.


A piece of branded merchandise might seem insignificant in the grand scheme, but its implications are vast. It's an investment towards a harmonious, loyal, and passionate workforce. By integrating swag into their appreciation strategy, companies can cultivate a culture of gratitude, leading to higher retention and a happier workplace.

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