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Unleash your inner artist with Swagbulk’s Arts & Crafts Collection. Explore a treasure trove for artists, hobbyists, and anyone with a passion for crafting.

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  • 12 Color Mini Crayons Set

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    12 Color Mini Crayons Set

    Have you ever dreamed of painting the world in your colors? The 12 Color Mini Crayons Set with Custom Logo is here to make your dream a reality! Small in size, yet grand in their impact, these crayons are ready to breathe life into your creative ventures. Perfectly tailored for businesses, party organizers, educators, and parents, these crayons offer a multitude of opportunities for creative exploration. For businesses, our Logo branded crayon set serves as an impactful promotional tool, great for product launches or as a unique take-home for corporate events. Event organizers can capitalize on these as personalized party favors that resonate with a young audience. Teachers can utilize these in classrooms, fostering an interactive and vibrant learning environment. Parents, on the other hand, can ensure their children's artistic aspirations are colorfully met. Available for both personal use or bulk order, these mini crayons are designed to cater to all your coloring needs. Here's what the 12 Color Mini Crayons Set with Custom Logo brings to the table: Customizable: Available for customized packaging, logo, and graphic design (with a minimum order of 200 sets). Colorful: This set comes with 12 vibrant colors, bringing a rainbow of possibilities to your fingertips. Erasable: Mistakes are merely detours in the path to success. With our erasable feature, you're allowed to go off track and come right back. Safe and Non-toxic: Made from paraffin, vaseline, mineral oil, calcium carbonate, stearic acid, and pigments, our crayons are safe, non-toxic, and durable. Easy to Clean: These crayons are washable on skin, cloth, and furniture, ensuring your creativity doesn't leave a permanent mess. Versatile: Our crayons are available in multiple shapes (Round, Triangle, etc.) and diameters (0.8/1.1/1.4CM), fitting perfectly in the hands of artists, both young and old. With lead times ranging from 10 to 35 days depending on the order size, and negotiable timelines for orders exceeding 5000 units, we ensure timely delivery. Splash your brand across the canvas of creativity with our 12 Color Mini Crayons Set with Custom Logo. Order now and color the world your way!

    1 Color Available


  • 10L Growler For Homebrew

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    10L Growler For Homebrew

    Brew It, Store It, Pour It! Get ready to meet the 10L Growler for Homebrew - your ultimate companion for all your homebrewing adventures. This isn't just a growler; it's a celebration of craft, a testament to taste, and your personal brewery in a jug. This large capacity beer growler is perfect for everyone - from homebrew enthusiasts wanting to store their latest batch, to breweries looking for branded merchandise, or even event organizers seeking unique giveaway items. The 10L homebrew growler is your partner for garden parties, camping trips, or simply enjoying a cold brew on a lazy afternoon. It's not just a product; it's a lifestyle! Features: 10L Homebrew Growler: With a generous 10L capacity, this growler can store plenty of your favorite brew. More space means more beer, and who doesn't want that? Large Capacity Beer Growler: Crafted from 304 stainless steel, this growler promises durability and quality. It's built to last, just like your love for beer. Homebrewing Container 10L: The light gray color gives it a sleek and stylish look. It's not just functional; it's fashionable too! Glass Growler for Homemade Beer: Sporting a ball lock connection, this growler ensures your beer stays fresh and carbonated. Quality taste, every single time! 10L Craft Beer Jug: Weighing only 0.416KG, it's easy to carry around. Your favorite brew, on-the-go! So why wait? Dive into the world of homebrewing with our 10L Growler for Homebrew. Because when it comes to beer, bigger is always better!

    1 Color Available


  • Reusable Rainbow Gradient Tumbler with Lid and Straw

    Reusable Rainbow Gradient Tumbler with Lid and Straw

    Colors swirl, magic unfurls! Our Reusable Rainbow Gradient Tumbler is not just a container; it's a canvas that captures the mesmerizing dance of dawn's first light. A prismatic performance for your palates! Personal sippers, coffee aficionados, and those with a penchant for colorful collections, here's a tumbler that's just as unique as you. Businesses looking to add flair to their offerings? Our wholesale rainbow gradient tumblers are the golden ticket. Caterers and event planners can add a pop of color to their ensemble with a bulk order reusable tumbler sets. Organizers of large-scale events, imagine the joy when attendees sip from our large quantity colorful drinkware. It's not just about vibrancy; with the rise of eco-consciousness, making an eco-friendly tumbler bulk purchase speaks volumes of your brand ethos. The bonus? We've got these rainbow tumblers with lids and straws in bulk, making sipping spill-proof and stylish! Features: A Spectrum of Styles: Choose from an array of styles, ensuring that every sip feels personally curated, perfectly capturing your mood of the moment. Change is the Only Constant: Our tumblers don't just hold your beverages, they interact! Experience the magic of cold color changing that'll surely be your next conversation starter. Design and Durability: Carved in a minimalist design style with the durability of Plastic (PP type), this tumbler is robust as it is radiant. Generous & Eco-Generous: A generous capacity of 24oz/710ml ensures prolonged enjoyment, while the eco-friendly PP food grade lid ensures our planet stays as beautiful as this tumbler. Versatile Vibes: Whether it's your morning coffee, a refreshing drink, or water to stay hydrated, it fits every beverage need. Plus, the occasion? Any! Especially those Back-to-School mornings that need some extra dazzle. Customize to Captivate: With customization options available, your brand or personal touch can shine as brilliantly as the colors of the tumbler. Sip, savor, and shimmer with our Reusable Rainbow Gradient Tumbler. It's the rainbow after every sip-storm!


  • 24OZ Tumbler Clear Reusable Plastic Cups With Lid And Straw

    24OZ Tumbler Clear Reusable Plastic Cups With Lid And Straw

    Sip, savor, and stroll with style! Our 24OZ Tumbler Clear Reusable Plastic Cups With Lid And Straw seamlessly blend functionality with a minimalist design, ensuring you remain refreshed and chic on the go. Imagine holding a transparent gem filled with your favorite beverage, showcasing its vibrant hues - that's what this tumbler promises with every glance and gulp. Whether you're a coffee lover needing that jumbo iced latte or a business seeking an eco-friendly alternative for company picnics, this tumbler has you covered. Cafes can offer them as sustainable alternatives, fitness centers can promote hydration with a touch of sophistication, and companies can have them as bulk orders, imprinting their logos for brand visibility. And let's not forget the homemakers! With 26 fun colors to choose from, family picnics and gatherings just became a whole lot brighter. Here's why this tumbler is a must-have: Eco-conscious Choice: Crafted from premium pp plastic, this tumbler isn't just reusable; it's a statement against single-use waste. 24OZ of Convenience: Generously sized to ensure you're well-hydrated or caffeinated, with a lid to prevent any untimely spills and a straw for effortless sipping. Versatile Vessel: Designed to hold both hot and cold beverages, it's your go-to container for every thirst-quenching need. Show Off Your Drink: The clear design acts as a window to your drink's soul. Let it mesmerize observers, or if you're in the mood for a little magic, our color-changing mug adds a hint of enchantment. If a dash of color is what you're after, the rainbow gradient tumbler is a vibrant alternative. Tailored to Your Needs: Businesses can elevate their branding with logo customization options. Whether it's through silk screen printing or in-mold labeling, these tumblers are a canvas awaiting your brand's touch. Embrace sustainability, versatility, and style with this exquisite tumbler. Order yours today and redefine your drinking experience. The world is moving towards sustainable choices. Why not make yours with flair?

    25 Colors Available


  • Custom 16oz Can Shaped Beer Glass with Logo

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    Custom 16oz Can Shaped Beer Glass with Logo

    Channel the hipster within, and sip your golden brew from the extraordinary Custom 16oz Can Shaped Beer Glass with Logo. This isn't your ordinary beer glass. It's the collision of tradition and trendy, merging the classic love for beer with an innovative can-like appeal! For the individual drinker, stand out at gatherings or give your home bar an upgrade with the Personalized 16oz can beer glass. For businesses, from spirited start-ups to established breweries, this Logo printed can style beer mug offers endless branding potential. Event planners, seeking the next big thing to jazz up their corporate events, or cafe owners wanting to add a dash of pizzazz to their drinkware, the Customized can design beer glass awaits. With options ranging from a Blank glass can with straw for that breezy afternoon to the full ensemble of the Blank glass can with lid and straw for a polished finish, there's a style to match every mood and need. Features: Fashioned to Perfection: 16oz beer can shaped glass with branding isn’t just a drinkware, it's a conversation starter. Sip in Style: From the svelte Glass can to the ritzy Glass straw, experience beverage indulgence. Swift Turnaround: Be it a petite order of 1-320 or a mammoth 16000+, we ensure timely delivery tailored to your needs. Tailor-Made: Go beyond the norm with options for Customized logo, packaging, and graphic personalization, painting every glass with your brand's signature touch. So, when every clink echoes your brand's vision, and every sip tastes like success, you know it's poured in the Custom logo can shaped beer glass. Cheers to imprinting memories, one pour at a time!

    1 Color Available


  • Colored Pencils Set of 12 for Wholesale

    Colored Pencils Set of 12 for Wholesale

    Picture a world seen through a prism of hues, where the most complex emotions can be expressed with a simple stroke of color. That's the power of our Colored Pencils Set of 12. This range of art supplies is designed not just to color but to help create, express, and inspire, inviting you to explore your imagination's deepest corners. Art enthusiasts, hobbyists, children, or anyone with a flair for color will find this product indispensable. And for the little ones just starting on their creative journey, you might also find our washable dinosaur bees-wax crayons and twistable non-toxic washable crayons for kids perfect companions. Whether you're coloring a school project, sketching a landscape, or creating promotional artwork for a brand, these colored pencils and our other offerings are a perfect fit. Moreover, businesses in retail, stationery supplies, or educational institutions can benefit immensely from bulk orders, ensuring a colorful and exciting artistic journey for their customers or students. Product Features: Variety of Colors: Each set comes with 12 vibrant colors, offering a wide palette for your creativity. Quality Material: The pencils are crafted from top-quality Basswood, ensuring durability and smooth application. Convenient Packaging: The set is packed in a paper tube, ensuring the pencils are well-organized and easy to carry. Customizable: The pencil sets can be personalized with your logo, packaging, and graphic design for bulk orders, making them a great promotional tool. Fast Lead Time: Get your orders quickly with a lead time of 7 days for 1-5000 sets, with larger orders to be negotiated. So, why hold back? Unleash your creative potential or add a splash of color to your business with our Colored Pencils Set of 12. Order now and bring your imaginations to life in the most colorful way!


  • Rainbow Marker Graffiti for Wholesale (Buy Per Pen)

    Rainbow Marker Graffiti for Wholesale (Buy Per Pen)

    Unlock a world of colorful possibilities with our Rainbow Marker Graffiti Set, specially tailored for businesses and wholesalers. Crafted from premium plastic, these gel pens feature smooth writing, ensuring effortless and precise strokes. The gel-ink technology offers an array of vibrant multi-colored inks, making them a must-have for both office and school use. Key Features: Premium Plastic Material: Our Rainbow Marker Graffiti Set is meticulously crafted from high-quality plastic, ensuring durability and a comfortable grip for prolonged usage. Writing Width: The pens' precise 0.5MM writing width enables smooth and consistent writing, making them ideal for intricate details and artistic creations. Gel-Ink Technology: Enjoy a burst of colors with our gel-ink technology, offering an array of multi-colored inks that add vibrancy to your writing and artistic endeavors. Versatile Use: Perfect for office and school, these pens cater to various writing needs, creative art projects, note-taking, and more. Multi-Colored Ink: Embrace a spectrum of hues in one set, allowing you to explore endless creative possibilities and add a splash of colors to your work.   Benefits:   Unleash Creativity: Our Rainbow Marker Graffiti Set ignites creativity and unleashes artistic expression, making it an essential tool for professionals, students, and artists alike. Wholesale Advantage: Secure this popular set at wholesale prices, ensuring excellent profit margins and an attractive product lineup for your customers. Quick Lead Time: With a lead time of just 7 days for 1 to 30 units, you can swiftly replenish your stock and meet customers' demands without delay. Customizable Options: Personalize the pens with your brand logo or packaging, enhancing brand visibility and making a lasting impression on customers. Unleash creativity and vibrancy with our Rainbow Marker Graffiti Set for Wholesale. Embrace the magic of gel-ink technology and cater to various writing and artistic needs. For those seeking variety in their art and stationery supplies, this set offers premium quality alongside two other equally vibrant products: our Dot Marker 8-color Set and the sleek 8-Color Metallic Ink Pen Set. Together, these collections cater to a wide range of artistic expressions and endeavors.   Enhance your stationery offerings with a burst of colors and creativity!




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  • Set of 12 Liquid Chalk Marker for Wholesale

    Set of 12 Liquid Chalk Marker for Wholesale

    Bring a splash of color and creativity into your life with our vibrant Set of 12 Liquid Chalk Markers. Paired perfectly with our innovative syringe-shaped promotional pen, which is sure to grab attention, this collection of bright neon markers adds the perfect touch of pizzazz to any canvas, be it a chalkboard, a window, or a piece of art paper. It's time to let your creativity shine through every stroke and doodle! This Liquid Chalk Marker Set, alongside our curated magic marker set, is not just for artists or doodlers. It's perfect for restaurant owners looking to spice up their daily menu boards, teachers who wish to make their classroom whiteboards more engaging, event planners jazzing up signages, or retailers highlighting sales and promotions. Moreover, it serves as a profitable product for businesses dealing in art supplies or those who cater to bulk buyers like schools, restaurants, or event management companies. Features: Bright Neon Colors: 12 vibrant hues to bring your ideas to life, the options are only limited by your creativity. Erasable: Make a mistake? No worries! These markers are easy to wipe off, leaving no trace behind. Bulk Purchase and Customizable: Buy in large quantities for wholesale or retail with the option to customize the logo and packaging, starting from a minimum order of 5000 sets. Versatile Use: Write on any non-porous surface. Your menu board, window, or whiteboard is your new canvas! Safe and Easy to Use: Made from plastic ABS, the markers are lightweight, weighing just 230g for the set, and safe to use. Embark on a vibrant journey with the Set of 12 Liquid Chalk Marker for Wholesale. With every color of the rainbow at your disposal, there's no limit to what you can create or the message you can convey. Let your creativity flow with these bright, erasable, and easy-to-use markers. Get your hands on this vivid array of colors and let the world see your artistic side!


  • Dot Marker 8 Color Set for Wholesale

    Dot Marker 8 Color Set for Wholesale

    Spark joy and creativity with our vibrant Dot Marker 8 Color Set for Wholesale. These fun, simple-to-use dot markers come packed with a wide spectrum of colors that will turn any piece of paper into a stunning work of art. Unleash the artist within you and dive into the world of bright colors and imaginative designs. The Dot Marker Set is not only a valuable addition to personal art collections, but also a lucrative item for bulk purchasing. Whether you're a parent nurturing a budding artist, a teacher aiming to spruce up the classroom art materials, or a business owner running an arts and crafts store, kindergarten, or party planning venture, this set is tailored for you. And if you're an enthusiast eager to explore more, don't miss out on our comprehensive dot painting drawing set that complements this collection perfectly. The ergonomic design of our dot markers ensures that even the smallest of hands can hold them with ease, and with a no-mess, fast-drying formula, artistic sessions become a breeze. Features: Variety of Colors: Each set comes with 8 vibrant colors (red, burnt umber, violet, yellow, blue, green, pink, orange), providing a vast palette for your creativity. Kid-Safe & Non-Toxic: These dot markers are washable, non-toxic, and easy to clean off, ensuring your kid's safety. Easy to Handle: The marker's size and design make it easy for small hands to grip. Non-Spill & Quick-Drying: Say goodbye to messy art sessions. These markers are designed to prevent leaks and spills, and their quick-drying formula keeps your artworks clean and smudge-free. Customizable: Add your brand logo or design for an additional touch (Minimum order for customization: 1000 sets). Whether it's for personal use or a business venture, our Dot Marker 8 Color Set for Wholesale is a fantastic way to add a splash of creativity to every day. It's time to embrace color, foster creativity, and bring the joy of art to the fingertips of both children and adults. Grab your set today and start creating your masterpiece!


  • 8 Color Metallic Ink Pen Set

    8 Color Metallic Ink Pen Set

    Looking for a reliable and stylish pen set to add to your inventory? Look no further than the 8 Color Metallic Ink Pen Set! Perfect for businesses and wholesalers, this set offers high-quality metallic ink pens that are sure to impress your customers. Experience smooth writing and wide coverage, making these pens perfect for various applications.   Key Features: Smooth Writing: The water-based pigment ink ensures that every stroke is smooth and effortless, making writing a pleasure. Wide Coverage: With the wide coverage provided by these metallic ink pens, you can easily create vibrant and eye-catching artwork, designs, and sketches. Lightweight Design: These pens are lightweight and comfortable to hold, ensuring long-lasting use without causing hand fatigue. Soft Stroke: The soft stroke offered by these metallic markers allows for precise control, giving you the ability to create intricate details with ease. Logo & Packaging Customization: Add a personalized touch to your order by customizing the pens with your logo and designing the packaging to reflect your brand identity. Why Choose Our 8-Color Metallic Ink Pen Set? Wholesale Availability: Purchase these pens in bulk and enjoy the best deals on high-quality metallic ink pens. Ideal for businesses and wholesalers looking to stock up on premium stationery products. High-Quality Construction: Crafted with care, these metallic ink pens are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that you can enjoy their exceptional performance for an extended period. Best Deals on Wholesale Metallic Ink Pen Sets: We offer the best prices for our wholesale customers, allowing you to maximize your profit margins and offer competitive prices to your clientele. Fast Lead Time: With a lead time of just 7 days for 1-100 pieces, you can rest assured knowing that your order will be processed and delivered promptly. Larger quantities may require additional lead time, ensuring you receive your products in a timely manner. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your stationery collection and impress your customers with our 8 Color Metallic Ink Pen Set. With smooth writing, wide coverage, and the ability to customize your logo and packaging, these pens are a must-have for businesses and wholesalers. Visit our website now to place your order and take advantage of our unbeatable wholesale prices!  


  • Edible Food Coloring Markers Set of 10 Colors

    Edible Food Coloring Markers Set of 10 Colors

    Looking to add a touch of vibrant color and creativity to your delicious culinary creations? Our Edible Food Coloring Markers Set of 10 Colors is the perfect solution. Designed specifically for businesses and wholesalers, this set is made of imported premium raw material, ensuring the highest quality and performance. With our Edible Food Coloring Markers, you can effortlessly decorate cakes, milk foam, chocolates, and various pastries. Key Features: Made of imported premium raw material The vivid color with high saturation produces stunning and eye-catching designs that are sure to impress your customers. Safe and non-poisonous, giving you peace of mind when using them on your edible creations. The packaging can be customized with your logo and graphics, giving your products a professional and personalized touch Benefits: The high-quality raw material ensures the markers are durable and long-lasting, giving you great value for your money. With their vivid colors and high saturation, the markers will make your creations stand out, attracting more customers and enhancing your presentation. Being safe and non-poisonous, these markers can be used without any concerns, allowing you to focus on your creative process and delivering only the best to your clients. For those inclined towards diverse edible artistic tools, consider exploring our Edible DIY Markers for Cake for an enhanced array of decorating possibilities. Additionally, our Edible Ink Blow Pen Markers can be a perfect addition for those seeking precision and flair. With our Edible Food Coloring Markers, you have the freedom to create unique and eye-catching designs that will make your culinary creations truly stand out.  


  • 24 Color Solid Watercolor Paint Set for Bulk

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    24 Color Solid Watercolor Paint Set for Bulk

    Ready to embark on a vibrant journey? Open up the world of hues and shades with our 24 Color Solid Watercolor Paint Set. It's not just a palette, it's a platform for you to bring your imagination to life! Art stores, schools, hobby clubs, or aspiring artists — our paint set caters to all! Whether you're stocking up your retail shelves, gifting your pupils with the joy of colors, exploring your own artistic prowess, or sourcing giveaways for your community art event, our 24 Color Solid Watercolor Paint Set will be a masterpiece of a choice! Check out these dynamic features: 24 Color Watercolor Paint Set: The set boasts 24 unique colors, offering you a diverse spectrum for your art projects. Bulk Watercolor Paint Set: Available in large quantities, perfect for educational institutions, retailers, or event organizers. Solid Watercolor Paint: The paint's solid form makes it mess-free and easy to handle. Detachable Palette & Color Block: Customize your palette as you wish with detachable color blocks. Blending Water Pen: Effortlessly blend colors to create stunning effects with the provided water pen. For those looking for more extensive options or catering to different age groups, there's the Wholesale Non-Toxic Watercolor Paint Set, perfect for younger audiences and ensuring safety without compromising on quality. Alternatively, dive into a different realm of artistry with the Colorful Marbling Paint Kids Art Set, offering a unique experience and outcome every time. The set comes with colored solid blocks that are compact yet offer a large capacity of paint. It is non-toxic and safe for users of all ages. The dimensions are convenient for portability - a length of 18 cm and width of 10.5 cm, weighing just 240 g. Plus, you can add your brand's personal touch with customizable logos, packaging, and graphics. Why wait to color up your world? Order the 24 Color Solid Watercolor Paint Set today and let the artistic adventures begin!

    1 Color Available


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