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Customize your bags and backpacks with your company design. Whether you choose embroidery or screen printing, your logo will look sharp ans share your message.

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  • Waterproof Travel Toiletry Bag

    Waterproof Travel Toiletry Bag

    Embark on your next adventure with our Waterproof Travel Toiletry Bag and say goodbye to the hassle of leaky containers and chaotic, cluttered bags! It's a beacon of style and practicality, allowing you to carry your essentials with utmost ease and organization, ensuring you travel with tranquility and flair. This versatile toiletry bag is the perfect companion for anyone, from the casual traveler to the globetrotting adventurer. It’s a fabulous addition for retailers seeking to offer more to their customers and an excellent promotional item for companies aiming to boost their brand. It’s a versatile pick for hotels or travel agencies looking for functional and stylish amenities to offer their clients. Whether you want it for personal use or in bulk for business purposes, it’s designed to cater to all your needs! Features: Vibrant Color Palette: Choose from an array of colors like purple, blue, navy, gray, black, and pink to suit your style. Durable Material: Crafted from robust polyester 300D, this bag guarantees longevity and resilience. Compact & Lightweight: Weighing just 239g and measuring 24 x 13 x 7.5 cm, it’s the epitome of convenience and portability. Customizable: The option to add your custom logo makes it a unique piece that reflects your personality or brand. Secure Closure: The zipper closure ensures your items are safe and secure, offering you peace of mind on the go. Waterproof Excellence: The waterproof feature means no more worrying about leaks or spills ruining your belongings. Explore more fabulous organization options like our 3-Layer Caboodles Makeup Case and Cosmetic Sequin Handbag for Women.

    7 Colors Available


  • Custom Logo Silicone Crossbody Bag

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    Custom Logo Silicone Crossbody Bag

    Meet our Custom Logo Silicone Crossbody Bag—a sublime meld of versatility, vivacity, and vogue! Available in a spectrum of colors—black, green, white, and rose red—this bag is a sparkling addition to your ensemble, promising to be as functional as it is fabulous! It’s not just a bag; it’s a statement, a style icon, a companion that echoes your vibrant spirit! Our silicone crossbody bag is a treasure trove for diverse clientele. It's a perfect pick for retail businesses, fashion brands, or event organizers looking for customizable, stylish, and practical merchandise. It's an ideal companion for those casual outings, a dazzling accessory for evening events, and a functional mate for travel. Whether you’re a fashion boutique looking to expand your collection or a company in search of branded promotional items, this crossbody bag is your answer! Features: Customizable & Creative: Make it uniquely yours or showcase your brand with customizable logos. Chic & Colorful: Choose from black, green, white, and rose red to match your style and mood. Durable & Eco-friendly: Made from 100% Food Grade Silicone, it’s an eco-conscious choice that doesn’t compromise on durability. Waterproof & Washable: Perfect for everyday use, it stands up to spills and can be easily cleaned. Compact & Convenient: Measuring 21 x 12 x 7 cm and weighing 290g, it’s lightweight and just the right size. Functional & Fashionable: Whether it’s a casual day out or a night on the town, this bag is your versatile style partner. For more glitz and glamour, explore our Wholesale Sequin Evening Crossbody Bag and Cosmetic Sequin Handbag for Women!

    4 Colors Available


  • Sublimation Custom Kid Backpack School Bag

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    Sublimation Custom Kid Backpack School Bag

    Marching into school corridors has never been this dazzling! Our Sublimation Custom Kid Backpack School Bag not only carries books but also a burst of personality and style. Let your little ones flaunt their flair or showcase your brand like never before! Perfect for educational institutions seeking to foster school spirit or brands targeting the lively young demographic. Individual families can even jazz up their kids' school style, making every day a little brighter. Event organizers targeting young attendees or companies producing children's goods, here's your swag solution. Features: Sensational Spectrum: From vibrant blue to radiant rose red, our palette ensures there's a hue for every young heart. Mix, match, or go monotone; the choice is endless. Material Mastery: Crafted with Oxford and lined with Polyester, these backpacks are not just pretty faces. They're designed for durability, ready to withstand the playful energy of school days. Dimension Delights: Offering a customizable space of 7.7 in height by 9.4 in length, there's ample room for unique designs. The overall dimensions stand at 12.5 in height by 11.8 in length, making it spacious enough for school essentials. Handles That Hold: Whether it's non-woven, nylon knit, or other materials, our handles promise comfort and resilience, ensuring those tiny hands find carrying a breeze. Craving more kiddo gear? Check out our Sequin Rolling Backpack Set for Kids for an added sprinkle of sparkle. Ready to create backpacks that bring the "back-to-school" buzz?

    6 Colors Available


  • Wholesale Sequin Mouse Ears Backpack for Kids

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    Wholesale Sequin Mouse Ears Backpack for Kids

    Ready to add a sprinkle of magic and a whole lot of sparkle to everyday life? Let's make your child's day truly shimmer with our sequin mouse ears backpack! Perfectly sized and wonderfully enchanting, these wholesale kids' sequin bags are crafted for joy. The beauty of this backpack extends beyond its dazzling sequins. Whether it's a quick trip to a friend's house, an exciting school day, or a weekend adventure, children deserve an accessory that is both fashionable and functional. For those needing an even more travel-friendly option, consider our rolling backpack variant - perfect for taking the weight off those little shoulders. Features: Charming Design: Our Sequin Mouse Ears Backpack for children features an exquisite, fashionable cartoon printed pattern, and eye-catching mouse ears adorned with sequins. The sparkle of the sequins and the soft colors - white, pink, baby pink, black, light blue, purple - will undoubtedly appeal to any child. Quality Material: Crafted from lightweight anti-scratch soft polyester fiber canvas and nylon, these bags are durable, odor-free, and maintain their vibrant colors without fading. Perfect Size & Weight: With a measurement of 19 x 20 x 9 cm and a weight of only 0.22 kg, it's perfect for your little ones to carry around comfortably. Comfortable Carry: Adjustable mesh strap padded shoulder strap and soft mesh back plate ensure ventilation, airflow, and heat dissipation for a comfortable carry. OEM Accepted: Add a personalized touch with our customized packaging, logos, and graphic customization for bulk orders. Our lead time varies with quantity: 1-500 units require 7 days, 501-1000 units take 10 days, 1001-5000 units need 15 days, and for orders above 5000, the lead time is negotiable. As trends come and go, one thing remains certain: the allure of sequins. So, why not invest in something timeless, practical, and utterly enchanting? Our Sequin Mouse Ears Backpack is the ideal choice, promising both utility and allure. And if you're looking to diversify further, our larger backpack set with added sequin shimmer is worth exploring. Dive into the world of glitz with a purchase that promises returns in smiles and sales.

    6 Colors Available


  • Wholesale Sequin Evening Crossbody Bag

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    Wholesale Sequin Evening Crossbody Bag

    There's something magical about the interplay of light and sequins. Our Wholesale Sequin Evening Crossbody Bag not only promises this magic but delivers it in a chic and compact package. Designed for the modern individual with a penchant for sparkle, this bag effortlessly transitions from day to night, making it an ideal accessory for any occasion. Whether you're out on a casual day trip, attending an elegant evening event, or even headed on a more adventurous outing, this bag is your perfect companion. If you're looking for something playful and unique for younger enthusiasts, consider our sequin rabbit backpack, which is sure to be a hit among the young and young-at-heart. Features: Sparkly Elegance: This fashionable sequin evening bag is adorned with sequins that catch the light beautifully, instantly adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Practical Design: Despite its small and classy appearance, this sequin shoulder bag is incredibly practical with dimensions of 20.5*16 cm, perfect for your essentials. Vibrant Colors: The sequin party bag is available in gold, royal, pink, and fuschia — colors that are as dazzling as they are versatile. Quality Material & Decoration: Made from sturdy PVC material and decked with sequins, this glittering crossbody purse is built to withstand the test of time. Customizable: We offer customization options for logos, packaging, graphics, color, and size for bulk orders, making this bag a fantastic canvas for your brand or event. If you're looking to diversify your collection or want to offer more versatile options, you might also be interested in our holographic travel waist bag. It's a contemporary take on the classic waist bag and is perfect for those on the go. Step into the limelight with our Wholesale Sequin Evening Crossbody Bag. Whether for personal use or a bulk purchase, you're just a click away from adding this starlit accessory to your collection. Shop now!

    4 Colors Available


  • Wholesale Sequin Designer Bucket Bag Chain Handbag

    Wholesale Sequin Designer Bucket Bag Chain Handbag

    Turn heads wherever you go with a bag that effortlessly blends sophistication and a touch of whimsy! Allow us to color your world with our Wholesale Sequin Designer Bucket Bag Chain Handbag, a unique accessory that proves fashion can be as fun as it is stylish!This sequin chain handbag is perfect not just for individuals who crave a distinct touch to their style, but also for retailers aiming to invigorate their product line, event organizers searching for exceptional giveaways, or corporations seeking to add sparkle to their promotional merchandise. Whether it's for a glamorous night out, a casual shopping spree, or an office event, this fashionable sequin handbag in bulk is the ideal blend of practicality and style.Features: Glamorous Design: The sequin bucket bag exudes elegance and charm, combining a sleek bucket design with a glitzy sequin finish and a classy long metal handle. Color Variety: Available in a wide spectrum of colors - black, silver, gold, purple, pink, dark green, light green, blue, navy, there's a bag to suit every outfit and mood. High Quality Material: Crafted from sturdy PU material with a polyester lining, this bag is designed for durability and long-term use. Perfect Size: With measurements of 16149 cm, this sequin chain shoulder bag wholesale unit offers ample space for your everyday essentials. Customizable: We offer customized logo and graphic customization options for bulk orders. You can make your mark on these bags for orders of 2000 pieces (for logos) or 5000 pieces (for graphics). For those interested in diversifying their collection, consider our sequin evening crossbody bag. A chic companion for those glamorous nights out. And if you're looking for a blend of tradition and modernity, our sequin handbag with a shoulder strap offers a timeless design with a contemporary twist.Make a statement, make an impact, and let your style speak volumes with our Wholesale Sequin Designer Bucket Bag Chain Handbag. Start shopping today and bring a touch of sparkle to your wardrobe or business!

    9 Colors Available


  • Wholesale Sequin Butterfly Backpacks for Kids

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    Wholesale Sequin Butterfly Backpacks for Kids

    Adding a touch of sparkle and whimsy to the schoolyard has never been easier. Our Wholesale Sequin Butterfly Backpacks for Kids are the perfect companions for every young learner. Designed not just for its eye-catching appeal but also for its functional aspects, these backpacks promise to be a hit among the young ones. Looking for something with a hint of enchantment? Dive into the world of magic with our sequin mouse ears backpack. It's a delightful merger of classic charm with a trendy twist, ensuring that your child steps out in style every single time. Or perhaps, you're inclined towards the feline charm? Our sequin backpack with cat ears is not just adorable but is also a roaring statement piece. Features: Colorful and Cute: Available in multiple vibrant colors, these backpacks come adorned with sequined butterfly motifs, making them an absolute hit among children. Versatile and Functional: These aren't just pretty! They are spacious enough to hold all school essentials and can double up as a handy bag for day trips, picnics, or sleepovers. Durable: Made with high-quality sequins, these backpacks are built to last and can stand up to the rigors of everyday use. Ideal for School: Designed with school kids in mind, the backpacks are a perfect blend of fun and function, making school time more enjoyable. With a lead time of 15 days for 1-1000 units, and customizable timelines for larger orders, we make sure your sequin butterfly backpacks are ready when you need them.So why wait? Let these adorable butterflies land on your kid's backpack and watch them flutter with joy. Make your bulk purchase of our Wholesale Sequin Butterfly Backpacks for Kids today!

    6 Colors Available




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  • Wholesale Sequin Backpack Cat Ears for Kids

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    Wholesale Sequin Backpack Cat Ears for Kids

    Let your child's imagination run wild and let their unique personality shine with our enchanting Wholesale Sequin Backpack with Cat Ears for Kids. Crafted with precision and playfulness, this backpack ensures that children step out in style while also taking care of their comfort. Looking for more delightful designs that spell magic? Explore our rainbow sequin backpack set that comes complete with a matching lunch box, ensuring your child dazzles even during their mealtime. Or if you want to add a sprinkle of magic, our sequin mouse ears backpack promises to be a timeless classic that combines both charm and function. Features: Comfortable & Breathable: Crafted to care, this backpack is built with comfort in mind. It’s lightweight and breathable, ensuring maximum ease and protection for your child's back and neck. Practical Design: The bag features mid-level pockets for easy organization and a mesh side pocket perfect for a water bottle. Sturdy & Durable: Equipped with a sturdy zipper, this backpack is designed to withstand the energetic lifestyle of children. Charming Look: The sequined cat ears are an absolute delight, adding a fun twist to the backpack. Customizable: With a minimum order of 500 pieces, you can have the logo, packaging, and graphics customized to your liking. Our lead times are 7 days for 1-10 units, 10 days for 11-100 units, with timelines for larger orders negotiable.Let the little ones step out in style with our Wholesale Sequin Backpack Cat Ears for Kids. Order now and let them strut their stuff with their new favorite backpack!

    1 Color Available


  • Wholesale Panda Sequin Backpack for Kids

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    Wholesale Panda Sequin Backpack for Kids

    Embark on a delightful journey to find the perfect backpack for your little ones! Our Wholesale Panda Sequin Backpack for Kids is an enchanting choice. With its adorable sequin panda design, these backpacks combine charm with functionality and durability. Whether it's for school or exciting outdoor adventures, our backpacks are the ideal companions for your little adventurers. For the little ones who dream of rainbows and everything vibrant, our Rainbow Sequin Rainbows Backpack & Lunch Box Set is the perfect choice. Every hue of this backpack beams with positivity and encourages creativity. Paired with its lunch box set, it's an all-in-one solution for a day filled with learning and adventure. However, if you're scouting for something that melds mischief with elegance, don't forget to check out our Wholesale Sequin Backpack with Cat Ears for Kids. It's an embodiment of playful elegance, with the shimmering sequins and cute cat ears, making it a must-have accessory for every young fashionista. Don't miss out on this perfect blend of cuteness and practicality - get ready for unforgettable adventures with our Wholesale Panda Sequin Backpack for Kids! Key Features: Sequin Panda School Bags: Catch everyone's attention with these stylish and eye-catching sequin panda school bags Waterproof: Made with high-quality waterproof nylon material, our backpacks ensure that your kids' belongings stay dry even in the rain Lightweight: Our backpacks are designed to be lightweight so that kids can carry them comfortably all day long without feeling any strain Breathable: With breathable fabric and mesh back panels, our backpacks provide optimal airflow, keeping your little ones cool and comfortable. Our Wholesale Panda Sequin Backpacks for Kids are perfect for businesses and wholesalers looking to offer a trendy and functional product to their customers. We offer various customization options, including screen printing, embroidery, and digital printing, allowing you to add your logo or design to the backpacks for a personalized touch. Product Specifications: Material: Nylon Dimensions: 12.6 * 9.84 * 5.12 inches Color: Customizable or Optional Customization Options: Screen printing, Embroidery, Silicone Stamp, Metal, Digital printing, Jacquard webbing, Cloth Label, Leather Label, etc. Whether you are a retailer or an event planner, our Wholesale Panda Sequin Backpack for Kids is an excellent addition to your product lineup. The adorable sequin panda design paired with the backpack's functionality will surely attract customers of all ages. Best of all, we offer the best deals on bulk orders, making it even easier for you to stock up and maximize your profits. Shipping and Lead Time: Our lead time is just 7 days for 1-10 pieces or longer for larger quantities. We understand the importance of timely delivery, and we strive to ensure that you receive your order promptly.   Don't miss out on the best deals on Wholesale Sequin Panda Backpacks for Kids. Usher in the perfect combination of style, durability, and functionality for little ones' everyday adventures.

    1 Color Available


  • Wholesale Blank Sequin Bag for Sublimation

    Wholesale Blank Sequin Bag for Sublimation

      Unleash your creativity and cater to your customers' demands with our high-quality Wholesale Blank Sequin Bag for Sublimation. As a business, you're always on the lookout for trendy, customizable products that can leave a lasting impression. Our bags, with their sequin design on the front and a classic canvas backing, provide the perfect canvas for you to create unique designs tailored to your customers' tastes. Experience the convenience of sublimation printing on both sides of the bag, offering endless design possibilities. Whether it's displaying vibrant patterns, logos, or personalized messages, our blank sequin tote bags are sure to captivate. Key Features: Material: Crafted with precision using sequins and backed with black canvas-lined flannel, our bags are durable and sturdy, ensuring they withstand the test of time. The combination of sequins and flannel adds a touch of elegance and ensures smooth sublimation results. Size: Our spacious 16.5*11.8 inches bag provides ample room for a variety of items, making it perfect for daily use, travel, or even as captivating Christmas decorations. Versatile Colors: Available in an array of captivating colors such as Red, Silver, Champagne, Black, Golden, Blue, and Purple, you can effortlessly match your customers' preferences or tailor your product range to suit various occasions. Multi-Use: These bags are not only fashionable but also highly functional. They serve as trendy daily bags, practical travel companions, or eye-catching Christmas decorations that add a touch of glamour to any setting.   Benefits: Customization: With the ability to print on both sides, you can offer your customers personalized bags that align perfectly with their tastes and preferences. Stand out from competitors by delivering unique and exclusive designs. Durable Quality: The combination of sequins and flannel ensures the bags maintain their beauty even with daily use. Your customers will appreciate the long-lasting quality and return to your business for more. Wide Market Appeal: Our diverse color options cater to a broad audience, expanding your market reach and attracting customers with various style preferences. Fast Turnaround Time: Enjoy a lead time of only 7 days for 2 units. With prompt delivery, you can swiftly meet customer demands and manage your inventory efficiently. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your business with our Wholesale Blank Sequin Bag for Sublimation. Embrace the art of customization, offer durability, and captivate your customers with style.  

    7 Colors Available


  • Square Rhinestone Crystal Clutch Bag

    Square Rhinestone Crystal Clutch Bag

    Elevate your accessory collection with the exquisite Square Rhinestone Crystal Clutch Bag, brought to you by Swagbulk. This captivating clutch bag is a must-have for businesses and wholesalers seeking a touch of elegance and style to impress their customers. If you're also keen on expanding your clutch collection, consider exploring our sequin evening clutch bag for those glamorous night-out looks. For those who adore a little extra sparkle, the elegant glittering acrylic sequin evening clutch is another stunner that can't be missed. Key Features: PU & Metal Material: Crafted with high-quality PU and metal, ensuring durability and a luxurious look Available Colors: Choose from a range of attractive colors including black, red, silver, colorful, green, pink, and blue Casual Style: Versatile design perfect for various occasions, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit Designed for Women: Tailored to suit the needs and preferences of fashionable women   Benefits: Stylish and Chic: The Square Rhinestone Crystal Clutch Bag exudes an aura of elegance, making it a statement piece for any ensemble Versatile Usage: Ideal for casual gatherings or formal events, this clutch bag effortlessly complements various occasions High-Quality Materials: Crafted with premium PU and metal, the clutch bag is built to last and withstand everyday wear A Spectrum of Colors: Choose from a wide range of colors to match any outfit or style preference, catering to diverse customer preferences Functional and Fashionable: This clutch bag not only serves as a fashion accessory but also allows convenient storage of essentials like phone, keys, and makeup Perfect for Gifting: As a trendy and versatile item, it makes an ideal gift choice for loved ones and special occasions Swagbulk takes pride in offering top-notch accessories to elevate your product range. The Square Rhinestone Crystal Clutch Bag is a testament to our dedication to quality and style. With a lead time of 7 days for 1-100 units or longer, we ensure timely deliveries and excellent customer service. Don't miss the opportunity to enrich your product selection with the Square Rhinestone Crystal Clutch Bag. Showcase the perfect blend of fashion and functionality to your customers and witness the allure of this stylish accessory soar to new heights. Order now and elevate your business's fashion offerings with Swagbulk's impeccable selection!

    7 Colors Available


  • Sparkly Sequin Glitter Backpack for Kids

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    Sparkly Sequin Glitter Backpack for Kids

    Elevate your inventory with the magical Sparkly Sequin Glitter Backpack for Kids, an enchanting addition to your product selection available exclusively at Swagbulk. This backpack, reminiscent of our endearing panda sequin backpack and our whimsical sequin mermaid backpack roller, is sure to captivate young hearts with its mesmerizing reversible sequins, making it an irresistible choice for businesses and wholesalers seeking a blend of charm, style, and functionality. Key Features: Color Options: Choose from an array of captivating colors, including Blue, Black, Pink, Golden Pink, and Purple, or customize to match your clientele's preferences Size Options: Available in S-L sizes to cater to varying age groups, ensuring a perfect fit for every little adventurer Lightweight: Designed with kid-friendly weight (1.21 lbs) for comfortable all-day wear, enabling unhindered exploration Packaging: Each backpack comes individually packed in a poly bag, ensuring quality preservation during transit, and packed securely in cartons Material: Crafted with premium PU material, offering durability and easy maintenance to withstand active young users Benefits at a Glance: Enchanting Reversible Sequins: Sparkly sequins transform colors with a simple swipe, infusing joy and excitement into every adventure Vibrant Color Palette: A spectrum of captivating hues to match individual preferences, allowing young ones to express their unique style Perfect for All Ages: Available in various sizes, making it an ideal companion for both preschoolers and elementary school-goers Lightweight and Comfortable: Ergonomically designed to ensure easy carrying, allowing kids to explore with ease and comfort Durable and Long-Lasting: Crafted with high-quality PU material, ensuring the backpack stands the test of time Wholesale Advantage: Unlock attractive wholesale deals to enhance your profit margins and attract young customers with this trendy accessory Versatile and Fun: Suitable for school, playdates, family outings, or any adventure, adding a touch of sparkle to every occasion. Swagbulk takes pride in delivering exceptional products that blend style with practicality. The Sparkly Sequin Glitter Backpack for Kids represents our commitment to providing top-notch accessories for your customers. With a lead time of 25 days for 1-500 units or longer, we ensure timely deliveries and exceptional customer service. Unlock the magic of Sparkly Sequin Glitter Backpack for Kids in your inventory. Order now and witness the joy of young adventurers as they embark on captivating journeys with this extraordinary backpack from Swagbulk!

    5 Colors Available


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