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  • Sneaker Cleaner Marker for Wholesale

    Sneaker Cleaner Marker for Wholesale

    Unleash the power of Swagbulk's Sneaker Cleaner Marker for Wholesale and take your sneaker care game to the next level. As you focus on ensuring every sneaker shines, don't forget about those golf enthusiasts in your audience. Our mini golf permanent sharpies with promo logos could be the perfect companion product to market alongside for those golf days. But back to the main attraction: this premium marker is designed to cater to businesses and wholesalers seeking top-quality shoe-cleaning solutions. Key Features: Permanent Ink Type: Enjoy long-lasting results with the permanent ink, ensuring a clean and fresh look for sneakers Versatile Brush Tips: Choose from flat, oblique, and round-toe brush tips, providing a precise application for different cleaning needs Writing Width: The 0.39-inch width enables efficient and effective coverage, making the cleaning process a breeze Non-Erasable: Rest assured that the cleaning marks stay intact, leaving sneakers looking pristine Vibrant Color Selection: Select from 12 vivid colors, allowing you to match different sneaker designs and styles Packaging Details: Each order comes with 5000 pcs, conveniently packed in 10 pcs/bag Benefits: Multipurpose Usage: Use this sneaker cleaner marker on metal, glass, wood, stone, plastic, and paper surfaces for versatile cleaning options Durable, Flexible, and Waterproof: This acrylic-based marker delivers a durable, flexible, and waterproof paint layer, ensuring sneakers stay protected Easy Application: Just one layer of the marker provides an instant difference, revitalizing the appearance of sneakers Enhance your sneaker cleaning routine with Swagbulk's Sneaker Cleaner Marker for Wholesale. Whether you're a retailer, shoe care service provider, or sneaker enthusiast, this product is a game-changer. Order now to experience the remarkable results of this top-notch shoe-cleaning pen. With a lead time of 20 days for 1-5000 units or longer, secure your stock and elevate your sneaker care offerings today. Remember, happy customers mean happy feet!


  • Hotel Slippers with Logo (Open Toe or Closed Toe)

    Hotel Slippers with Logo (Open Toe or Closed Toe)

    Are you ready to take your hotel's branding to new heights? Introducing Hotel Slippers with Logo, where comfort meets customization. But wait, who can benefit from these personalized wonders? Well, whether you're a hotelier looking to impress your guests or a savvy entrepreneur seeking wholesale products for your brand, these slippers are here to elevate your style game. With options for open toe or closed toe, customizable logo, packaging, and graphics, these slippers are perfect for creating a lasting impression. Plus, with a lead time of just 15 days for orders up to 3000 pairs, you won't have to wait long to indulge in luxury. Features: Customization: Add your logo, choose custom packaging, and explore graphic customization options (Minimum order: 3000 pairs). Color: Classic white or any color you desire, tailored to match your brand or preference. Materials: Choose from a range of premium materials such as non-woven fabric, brushed velvet, true beauty fabric, coral velvet, and more for bulk orders. Sole Options: Select from a variety of sole materials including linen, water wave pattern, willow leaf pattern, diamond pattern, and more. Sole Thickness: Customize the sole thickness (4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm) and inner sponge thickness (1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm) as per your preference. Custom Printing Options: From screen printing to hot-transfer printing, embroidery options (gold, silver, normal), sewing label, or printing label, we offer the customization options you desire. Size: We cater to your specific slipper size requirements. With their durability, flexibility, and unmatched comfort, these hotel slippers provide a cozy and warm experience for the wearer. So, why wait? Step into the world of customized luxury and order your Hotel Slippers with Logo today! Note: Lead time for orders above 3000 pairs is negotiable.


  • Fuzzy Fluffy Open Toe Comfortable Slippers

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    Fuzzy Fluffy Open Toe Comfortable Slippers

    Are you ready to give your feet the royal treatment they deserve? Treat yourself to our Fuzzy Fluffy Open Toe Comfortable Slippers, an embodiment of luxurious comfort and chic style. Swaddle your feet in the plush embrace of artificial fur while relishing the freedom that comes with the open toe design. These aren't just slippers, they are a promise of unparalleled comfort and a hint of elegance to your homely attire. Our fuzzy open toe slippers are perfect for everyone, be it an individual seeking a perfect blend of comfort and fashion for their personal use or businesses looking for bulk purchase options. Retailers, spas, hotels, and anyone in the hospitality industry can significantly enhance their customer experience by providing these comfy gems. They can also serve as thoughtful gifts for special occasions like Mother's Day, birthdays, bridal showers, or just because! Material: The heart of our open toe fluffy slippers lies in their material. The strap and footbed are crafted with soft artificial fur, offering an exquisite feel to your feet. The midsole and outsole, made of durable PVC and EVA Wood, ensure longevity and stability. Sizes Available: We believe in a perfect fit for all. That's why our fluffy open toe slippers come in a range of sizes from 36 to 41. Bulk Order Available Options: For those looking to order in bulk, we offer swift delivery timelines of 7 days for orders between 1 and 2000 pairs, and negotiable timeframes for larger orders. To make your order extra special, we offer customized packaging for a minimum order of 1000 pairs. Color Options: Color can make a world of difference, which is why our fuzzy open toe slippers come in a vibrant array of black, pink, white, red, brown, and gray. Lead Time: We understand that time is precious. Hence, we promise a 7-day lead time for orders up to 2000 pairs and negotiable timelines for larger orders. Impressive Feature: Apart from their irresistible plush look and feel, these slippers boast of features like cushioning, sweat absorbency, anti-slip, and quick drying, ensuring not just fashion but also function. OEM/ODM: Original Equipment Manufacturer and Original Design Manufacturer options are available for businesses to craft a unique brand experience. While our open-toe slippers promise an unmatched experience, if you're keen on delighting the younger members of the family, our animal-shaped indoor slippers offer a blend of comfort and playful design. And for those sun-drenched days when you're in the mood for something a bit more flashy, the jelly flat sandals adorned with rhinestones are a sparkling option. A pair of our Fuzzy Fluffy Open Toe Comfortable Slippers is a must-have for anyone seeking the perfect fusion of style, comfort, and functionality. Don't just walk, strut in style and comfort!

    18 Colors Available


  • Fruit Flip Flops

    Fruit Flip Flops

    With a burst of color and playful energy, our Fruit Flip Flops bring a touch of sunshine to every step. These fruity delights, crafted with a keen eye for detail, are a testament to fun fashion that doesn't compromise on comfort. Available in a range of adorable fruit designs, they are a must-have for individuals who love unique style, or businesses looking to offer their customers a distinctively fun product. Material: EVA constructs the midsole and outsole of our fruit flip flops, ensuring durability and comfort. The lining and strap, crafted from plush, adds to the lightweight appeal of the footwear. Sizes Available: With sizes ranging from 35-38 EU, we ensure a comfortable fit for a broad spectrum of feet. Bulk Order Available Options: For orders of 1000 pairs or more, we offer customization options for the logo, packaging, and graphics. Make your mark with a personalized touch that resonates with your brand. Fruit Design Options: Our Fruit Flip Flops come in a variety of kawaii designs including pineapple, carrots, watermelon, kiwi, strawberry, and orange. Every design adds a vibrant pop of color, instantly elevating any casual outfit. Lead Time: With an efficient production time of approximately 15 days for up to 1000 units, we ensure your fruit flip flops arrive just in time for you to hit the streets in style. Impressive Feature: Aside from their kawaii aesthetics, these summer slippers also boast a non-slip feature, providing safety without sacrificing style. They are also waterproof, making them an excellent choice for poolside or beach outings. These delightful Fruit Flip Flops are more than just a pair of kawaii slippers; they are a statement of playful fashion and comfort rolled into one. They are perfect for personal use, adding a touch of joy to your summer attire, or for businesses, like kawaii merchandise shops, looking to offer their customers uniquely charming footwear. Why blend in when you can stand out? Make a playful statement with our Fruit Flip Flops. Add them to your cart today and transform every step into a vibrant, summer-filled stride.


  • Foldable Travel Slippers for Wholesale

    Foldable Travel Slippers for Wholesale

    Elevate your travel accessories collection with Swagbulk's Foldable Travel Slippers for Wholesale. These slippers deliver unparalleled convenience, comfort, and style, making them the preferred option for businesses and wholesalers. Key Features: PVC upper and outsole material for durability and flexibility PVC lining material for added comfort and breathability Fashion trend: Stay in style while traveling with these foldable slippers Lightweight and compact design for easy carrying and storage Recyclable construction for eco-friendly appeal Massage footbed provides added comfort and relaxation Breathable and quick-drying material for fresh and dry feet Anti-slippery feature ensures stability and safety on various surfaces Unisex design suitable for both men and women Benefits: Convenience on-the-go: Foldable design allows easy packing in travel bags or suitcases Comfortable travel essential: Provide your customers with cozy and relaxing footwear options Wide size range: Sizes available from 35 to 43, catering to diverse foot sizes Variety of colors: Choose from 8 vibrant colors to suit different preferences Compact and lightweight: Perfect for travel, camping, or everyday use OEM accepted: Customize the slippers with your own branding for added personalization Fast lead time: 1-10 pairs or more may be up to 15 days For those who prefer a beachy vibe, the thick-soled flip flops make an excellent choice, while the ultra-soft lightweight slippers offer a cloud-like feel for indoor wear. Don't miss out on the opportunity to offer your customers high-quality Foldable Travel Slippers.

    21 Colors Available


  • Fluffy Wool Indoor Slippers for Women

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    Fluffy Wool Indoor Slippers for Women

    Step into a world of luxurious relaxation with our Fluffy Wool Indoor Slippers for Women. Crafted to redefine comfort and style, these slippers are a coveted addition to any product lineup. As a business owner or wholesaler, offering these exquisite slippers promises to elevate your customers' experience, providing them with the epitome of comfort and sophistication. Key Features: A Color Palette to Envy: Available in a range of sophisticated colors – black, pink, grey, camel, and khaki – our slippers cater to diverse preferences, ensuring your customers find their perfect fit. Crafted with Premium Materials: These slippers redefine comfort with a plush, wool, fur, and cotton fabric upper material, paired with a plush and cotton fabric lining. The Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) outsole and midsole enhance durability, promising a lasting investment. Indulge in Comfort: The blend of plush materials ensures a soft and cozy experience, enveloping your customers' feet in comfort they won't want to part with. Exceptional Features for Exquisite Comfort: Beyond aesthetics, our slippers boast functional benefits. They are sweat-absorbent, keeping feet dry and fresh. The anti-odor feature maintains a pleasant environment, while the massage functionality offers a soothing underfoot sensation. With an anti-slip design, these slippers prioritize safety. Quick-drying properties and hard-wearing construction further enhance their value. Size Variety: Our slippers cater to a wide range of customers, available in EUR sizes 36 to 47, accommodating various foot sizes. Variant Price: Starting at $6.99: Deliver value to your customers without compromising on quality, making these slippers an affordable luxury. Lead Time: With a lead time of just 7 days for orders ranging from 1 to 200 units, you can efficiently manage demand and ensure stock availability. For those who have a penchant for a touch of whimsy in their indoor footwear, the plush teddy bear slippers bring joy with every step. And if you're drawn towards a blend of fluffiness and plushness, the indoor fur fluffy women's plush slippers are a dream for the feet. Why Choose Our Fluffy Wool Indoor Slippers? Our slippers aren't just footwear; they're a statement of comfort, luxury, and style. By offering these slippers to your customers, you're providing them with a product that's not only fashion-forward but also practical and designed to enhance their well-being. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your collection with these exceptional Fluffy Wool Indoor Slippers for Women. Explore further details and seize this chance to redefine comfort by visiting Your customers deserve the best; offer them a slice of indulgence with our irresistible slippers today.

    30 Colors Available


  • Faux Fur Indoor Slippers

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    Faux Fur Indoor Slippers

    Are your feet craving a cloud-like haven of warmth and softness? Your dreams have just come true with our Faux Fur Slippers. Slip into these cozy companions and transform every step into a stride on the softest of clouds. You don't need to chase rainbows for a pot of gold—comfort is right here, ready for your feet to revel in. Everyone—men, women, teenagers, and seniors—can enjoy the lush feel of our Faux Fur Slippers. They're perfect for those chilly mornings when you're getting the newspaper, those long work-from-home hours, or those cozy evenings spent with a good book. These plush faux fur slippers are also a fantastic choice for businesses such as spas, hotels, or holiday rentals seeking to provide their guests with an extra touch of luxury. Your bulk and wholesale needs are our command, and we guarantee high quality in every pair. Our Fluffy Indoor Slippers offer: Supreme Comfort: The upper material is made from soft and warm faux fur, ensuring a plush experience with every step. Quality and Durability: With a TPR outsole and midsole, these indoor fur slippers are lightweight yet robust, designed to last. Customization: We accept OEM orders. Tailor these slippers to match your brand or personal style. Versatile Fit: Available in sizes 37-44, catering to a wide range of foot sizes. Easy Care: Our faux fur slip-on slippers are easy to maintain, letting you enjoy the comfort without the worry. Each pair is crafted to perfection, lined with PVC for that extra bit of warmth and durability. The slippers are lightweight, ensuring your feet never feel weighed down, and warm, providing a toasty haven on those cold days and nights. When it comes to variety, our smiley face house plush slippers offer a fun and quirky touch, while the indoor fur fluffy women's plush slippers are a testament to classic elegance and warmth. We ensure a swift delivery process for your convenience. For orders between 1-200 pieces, expect a lead time of 7 days. For larger orders of 201-2000 pieces, please allow 20 days. For orders exceeding 2000 pieces, delivery times are negotiable. Why wait? Experience the epitome of indoor comfort with our Cozy Faux Fur Slippers. Indulge your feet—place your order today and step into a world of plush serenity.

    15 Colors Available




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  • Eco Biodegradable Slippers for Wholesale

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    Eco Biodegradable Slippers for Wholesale

    Ever dreamed of walking lightly on our planet, right down to the slippers on your feet? Make that eco-dream come true with our Eco Biodegradable Slippers for Wholesale. These slippers combine coziness and responsibility, allowing you to take care of your feet and the environment all at once! For the discerning individual who values eco-conscious choices or businesses aligned with preserving nature's splendor, these slippers are a prime pick. Picture hotels looking for an upgrade - perhaps slippers that offer both comfort and brand visibility? Our hotel slippers could be a complementary choice. Additionally, from sustainable wedding planners to spa owners aiming to elevate their brand with eco-values, or homeowners seeking to treat their guests to an environmentally friendly welcome, these slippers provide the perfect fit. Material: Our best eco friendly slippers are thoughtfully crafted using a variety of natural materials. From the flax lining and insole to the EVA midsole and anti-slip cloth outsole, each element ensures your foot is cushioned in sustainable comfort. You can also choose from a wide range of upper materials like Terry, Velour, Waffle, and more! Sizes Available: We provide a wide range of sizes to fit every foot, from 27cm10.0cm to 32cm11.5cm. Plus, we can tailor the sizes to your specific request, ensuring a perfect fit for all. Bulk Order Available Options: Need customization? With a minimum order, we offer custom logos, packaging, and graphic customization. Express your brand while expressing your commitment to the environment. Lead Time: We value your time. Our lead times are 15 days for 1-1000 pairs, 20 days for 1001-5000 pairs, and 30 days for 5001-10000 pairs. For orders above 10000, we're flexible and ready to negotiate a suitable timeframe. Impressive Feature: What sets our slippers apart is not just their eco-friendly nature, but also their adaptability. They come with a multitude of options such as open-toe or closed-toe, sizes for women or men, straight shape or angled shape, and washability. Plus, they are quick-drying, anti-odor, and anti-slippery! Join us in our eco-friendly journey, because the path to sustainability starts with a single step. Consider our Eco Biodegradable Slippers for Wholesale as that first step - your feet (and our planet) will thank you!

    1 Color Available


  • Breathable Indoor Smiley Face Slippers

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    Breathable Indoor Smiley Face Slippers

    Enhance your wholesale inventory with Swagbulk's Wholesale Breathable Indoor Smiley Face Slippers, the perfect addition to your wholesale footwear collection. These slippers combine trendy design, breathability, and comfort, making them an ideal choice for businesses and wholesalers. Key Features: PVC upper, midsole, and outsole material for durability and flexibility Fashion trend: Smiley face design adds a playful touch to these slippers Breathable construction ensures comfort and freshness Anti-slip feature provides stability on indoor surfaces Simple quick-drying and breathable design for convenience and hygiene Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 2 pcs, enabling flexible stocking options Available sizes: 35-45, catering to a wide range of customers Color options: black, pink, red, yellow, grey, green, offering variety and choice Benefits: Fashionable and trendy: Stand out with these smiley face slippers Breathable and comfortable: Keep feet cool and fresh during indoor use Anti-slip design: Provides stability and safety on various surfaces Versatile indoor use: Perfect for lounging at home or in the office Reliable wholesale supplier: Trust Swagbulk for quality and prompt service Fast lead time: Approximately 15 days for 2 units or longer orders If you're intrigued by the smiley design and wish to explore similar engaging footwear, consider our smiley face massage slippers for a therapeutic touch to your collection. On the other hand, if you're in search of something plush and cuddly, our plush teddy bear slippers are sure to be a hit with customers seeking that extra ounce of coziness. Don't miss out on this opportunity to offer your customers high-quality Wholesale Breathable Indoor Smiley Face Slippers. 

    18 Colors Available


  • Animal Shaped Indoor Slippers in Bulk

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    Animal Shaped Indoor Slippers in Bulk

    Ever wondered how it would feel to have a litter of adorable critters cuddling your feet as you strut around your home? Say hello to our delightful range of Bulk Indoor Slippers, your cozy refuge from the floor's chilly touch! Featuring fun animal-inspired designs, these slippers are as charming as they are comfortable, ready to transform your barefoot experience into a heart-warming walk in the park. Whether you're a homebody who loves curling up with a good book, a spirited party host seeking quirky goodies for a sleepover, or an entrepreneur scouting for the next popular merchandise, these bulk indoor slippers are your golden ticket. Perfect for personal use or as a wholesale product, they're a hit with boutique hotels, Airbnb hosts, and gift shop owners. Imagine gifting these cute animal house slippers to guests at a themed party or stocking them in your store's inventory – an instant crowd-pleaser! Here's a pro tip: with our customization options available for orders exceeding 1000 pieces, you can craft a unique branding experience or make your party favors even more memorable. Key features of our bulk indoor slippers: Adorable Designs: Our animal house slippers come in a medley of delightful creatures. Think cute and cuddly, these will put a smile on anyone's face. Color Variety: Choose from a palette of pink, white, orange, and green to match your mood, decor, or brand identity. Size Range: We cater to sizes 36-41, ensuring a comfortable fit for all. Material: Crafted with PVC midsoles, outsoles, and lining, these slippers are sturdy and durable. Linen footbeds provide a soft touch, while PP Cotton filling ensures maximum comfort. Weight: Each pair weighs 400 g, light enough for all-day wear and easy transport. Customization: Make these slippers your own! Customize the logo, packaging, and graphics (Min. order 1000 pieces) to reflect your brand or event theme. Lead Time: Get your order when you need it. For 1-100 pairs, expect a lead time of 5 days. 101-500 pairs will take 7 days, 501-1000 pairs 10 days, and for orders above 1000, the lead time is negotiable. If you're on the hunt for similar items to broaden your offerings, don't miss our luxurious faux fur slippers or the playful charm of our smiley face house plush slippers. Don't let your feet (or your business) be left out in the cold. Transform every step into a soft, warm hug with our Bulk Indoor Slippers. Order now and let your feet do a happy dance in our cute animal house slippers. Remember, comfort is just a click away!

    12 Colors Available


  • Reversible Sequin Hat for Wholesale

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    Reversible Sequin Hat for Wholesale

    Add a touch of shimmer and style to your inventory with our Reversible Sequin Hat for Wholesale. The festive season is right around the corner, and what better way to diversify your product lineup than with a unique sequin sublimation Santa hat? This trendy hat is designed for businesses and wholesalers seeking high-quality fashion accessories. Here's why this hat is a must-have: Key Features: Panel Style: With its 6-panel construction, this hat offers a classic and versatile design that suits various preferences. Age Group: Tailored for adults, our hat caters to a wide range of customers, making it an ideal choice for your inventory. Gender: Designed to be unisex, this hat is perfect for everyone, ensuring you can cater to a diverse audience. Material: Crafted from a blend of polyester and cotton, our hat ensures both comfort and durability for long-term use. Color Options: Available in golden, silver, and black variants, you can offer a variety of choices to your customers. Perfect Fit: The hat girth of 22-23 inches, hat depth of 4.3 inches, and hat brim of 2.9 inches provide a comfortable and stylish fit. Adjustable Closure: The adjustable plastic closure allows for a customizable fit, ensuring comfort for wearers. Enhanced Comfort: The hat features a soft lining with a sweatband, ensuring comfort even during extended wear. Benefits: Versatility: This hat's 6-panel design and unisex appeal make it suitable for a broad range of customers and occasions. Fashionable Appeal: The reversible sequins offer a unique and eye-catching visual appeal that adds a touch of glamour to any outfit. Comfortable Wear: The combination of soft lining and sweatband ensures a comfortable wearing experience, even on warm days. Durable Construction: Crafted from a polyester-cotton blend, our hat is designed to withstand regular use while maintaining its quality. Customizable Fit: The adjustable closure allows wearers to achieve their desired fit, enhancing their overall comfort. Quick Turnaround: With a lead time of just 7 days for 1 - 1000 units, you can quickly add this trendy accessory to your inventory. Wholesale Advantage: By offering this hat in bulk, you can enjoy competitive pricing and a swift replenishment of stock. Swagbulk’s Reversible Sequin Hat for Wholesale is a versatile and fashionable addition to your collection. From its comfortable fit and customizable closure to its quick lead time and stylish sequins, this hat is designed to impress both your customers and your business. Embrace the shimmer and style – order now to enhance your inventory with this trendy accessory.

    3 Colors Available


  • Blank Sequin Sublimation Santa Hat

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    Blank Sequin Sublimation Santa Hat

    Show your holiday spirit with our Blank Sequin Sublimation Santa Hat – a festive must-have for your business or retail needs. Crafted from premium materials, these hats ensure comfort and style throughout the season. Key Features and Benefits: Material Variety: Choose from Felt, Velvet, or Plush options to cater to diverse preferences, enhancing customer satisfaction. Vibrant Colors: Add a touch of elegance to your festive look with our Champagne Color Variant of Blank Sequin Sublimation Santa Hat. This sophisticated shade combines holiday cheer with refined style, making it the perfect accessory for upscale events and gatherings. The sequin embellishments add a shimmering touch, ensuring you stand out with a hint of glamour. Customization Potential: The blank canvas of this hat presents an excellent opportunity for customization. Add your unique designs, logos, or festive messages through sublimation printing, creating personalized keepsakes. Versatile Use: Ideal for businesses, event organizers, or resellers, these Santa hats are perfect for holiday parties, promotional events, retail, and more. Premium Craftsmanship: Crafted with attention to detail and using high-quality materials, our Santa hats exude a sense of luxury and durability, ensuring they withstand the test of time. Generous Sizing: With dimensions of 11.4*15.7 inches, our Santa hats offer a comfortable fit for a broad range of head sizes, making them suitable for various age groups. Lead Time: Benefit from a lead time of 15 days for quantities ranging from 1 to 1000 units, ensuring you have ample stock for your upcoming events or retail needs. For those who adore the charm of sequins, our Blank Heart Shaped Sequin Pillow serves as an exquisite decor piece, blending the spirit of the season with a touch of elegance. And if you're on the lookout to accessorize even further with sequins, consider our Blank Sequin Tote Bag for a glistening holiday shopping experience. Spread the joy and merriment of the holiday season with our Blank Sequin Sublimation Santa Hat. Whether you're hosting a festive gathering, running a retail store, or looking to impress clients with customized gifts, these hats offer an opportunity to showcase your creativity and spread holiday cheer. Crafted to the highest standards, they guarantee both style and durability. Make this holiday season truly special – order your wholesale Blank Sequin Sublimation Santa Hats now!

    1 Color Available


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