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  • Bulk Sublimation Sandstone Coasters with Cork

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    Bulk Sublimation Sandstone Coasters with Cork

    Keep your tables clean and stylish with Wholesale Sandstone Coasters! Made from durable ceramic material, these coasters protect surfaces and add a touch of elegance to any setting. If you're looking for practicality or a promotional item, these sublimation ceramic coasters have got you covered. Discover the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal with Sandstone Coasters! Unveiling the Features: Color: The coasters come in a classic and versatile white color. White is a universally appreciated and timeless hue that seamlessly blends with any decor, making these coasters a versatile addition to your space.  Size: Measuring 4.1 x 0.3 inches, these coasters strike a perfect balance between compactness and coverage, fitting comfortably under most drinkware for versatile use on various occasions. Material: Expertly crafted from a blend of ceramic for durability and eco-friendly cork for a natural touch, these coasters combine resilience with sustainability. Shape: Featuring a timeless round design, these coasters effortlessly complement any interior style and drinkware, adding a touch of elegance to your decor. Customization Options: These coasters offer versatility in personalization, allowing you to imprint your unique designs using sublimation, UV printing, or 3D printing methods, making them ideal for personal use or promotional purposes. Heat Resistance: Designed to handle hot beverages without leaving marks or damage, these coasters ensure your table remains unharmed during coffee or tea sessions. Waterproof: Say goodbye to water rings with these waterproof coasters that effectively shield your furniture from moisture, preserving its appearance. Skid-Proof: Their anti-slip design prevents spills and keeps your drinks securely in place, enhancing their practicality. Scratch-Resistant: Built to withstand daily use, these coasters maintain their sleek appearance over time, providing long-lasting protection for your furniture. Benefits at a Glance: Brand Enhancement: Elevate your brand with custom-designed coasters that leave a lasting impression. Versatile Use: Ideal for bars, restaurants, or as promotional giveaways for your business. Durable Construction: Designed to withstand the demands of daily use, ensuring longevity. Heat and Water Protection: Protect your surfaces from heat and moisture while enjoying your beverages. Eco-Friendly Touch: Crafted with cork, these coasters add a sustainable element to your brand. Bulk Sublimation Sandstone Coasters with Cork are more than mere drink companions; they embody a mark of excellence and sophistication for your brand. Whether you aim to elevate your restaurant's allure, boost your business visibility, or elevate your home dining adventures, these coasters stand as the ultimate selection. Discover an extensive selection of beverage essentials and accessories from SwagBulk, and see your business reach new heights. Don't miss out on this chance; get your Sublimation Sandstone Coasters with Cork right away and see your brand shine. 

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  • Bulk Sublimation Ceramic Coaster Set

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    Bulk Sublimation Ceramic Coaster Set

    Say goodbye to water rings on your tables in style with the Bulk Sublimation Ceramic Coaster Set. The set comes with a generous quantity of coasters, making it ideal for gifting, resale, or even for hosting those large gatherings. They're not just functional but also an eye-catching addition to your space. And when it's time for cleanup duty, no sweat – they're a breeze to clean, ensuring they'll stay looking snazzy for a good while. Key Features: Natural Cork Color: These coasters come in their natural cork color, adding a rustic charm to your setting while seamlessly blending with diverse decor styles. Material: Crafted from premium natural cork, these coasters are moisture-absorbent and heat-resistant, making them perfect for cold drinks, wine glasses, teacups, cups, and mugs. Round Shape: The timeless round shape not only accommodates your drinkware but also adds an elegant touch to your tables. Size and Weight: Measuring 3.7 x 0.16 inches and weighing just 0.0083 kg, these coasters are lightweight and easy to handle, suitable for various applications. Customization: These coasters serve as blank canvases for your imagination. Whether you want to prime, paint, stain, draw, color, stick, or cut them, you have the freedom to customize them your way. Double-Sided Usage: These coasters offer double-sided use, doubling their creative potential and practicality. Versatile: Whether you're managing a coffee shop, outfitting an office, or personalizing your home, these coasters are perfect for enhancing your space. Benefits: Express Yourself: Empower yourself to express your unique style and message, ideal for businesses looking to leave a memorable impression or individuals aiming to personalize their space. Functional and Aesthetic: Safeguard your furniture from drink stains while enhancing your decor with these versatile and visually appealing coasters. Durability: Crafted from natural cork, these coasters are built to last, ensuring they remain a reliable part of your space. Easy Maintenance: Cleaning is a breeze, ensuring your coasters always look their best. Whether you're looking to impress, stock quality products, or personalize, these coasters are the versatile canvas you need. Make your mark and enhance your space with the Bulk Sublimation Ceramic Coaster Set.Explore SwagBulk's wide range of glassware products and discover how you can transform your space with style and practicality. Order your Bulk Sublimation Ceramic Coaster Set today and let your creativity flow!

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  • LED Drink Coaster

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    LED Drink Coaster

    Step up your business's vibe with our cool LED Drink Coasters. They're a super stylish way to make your brand shine and grab your customers' attention. Perfect for businesses and wholesalers, these coasters are all about making a big impact and giving your customers an awesome time they won't forget. Key Features:   Versatile Material and Colors: Crafted from high-quality EVA material, our LED Drink Coasters come in a range of vibrant and customizable colors. They add a pop of personality to your setting, fitting perfectly with your brand or event theme. Size Options for Versatility: Choose from various sizes – 1.4 inches, 1.6 inches, 2 inches, and 2.4 inches – allowing you to match the coasters to your glasses and cups for a seamless look. Dynamic Functions: These coasters are more than just eye candy. They offer four functions: quick flashing, slow flashing, steady on, and easy on/off. Adjust the mode to set the right mood for different occasions. Secure Packaging: Each coaster comes individually packaged in a separate OPP bag, ensuring they remain in pristine condition during storage and shipping. Long-lasting Battery: Powered by a single 2032 button battery, our LED Drink Coasters offer continuous illumination for up to 10 hours, keeping the atmosphere vibrant throughout your events.   Benefits:   Captivating Ambiance: The colorful and dynamic LED effects create an inviting and engaging environment that draws customers in and keeps them entertained. Brand Enhancement: Customizable colors and sizes allow you to showcase your brand identity, creating a memorable visual experience that customers will associate with your business. Event Flexibility: Whether it's a grand opening, a themed party, or a hospitality event, our LED Drink Coasters effortlessly adapt to any setting, adding an extra layer of sophistication. Customer Engagement: The interactivity of the flashing modes encourages customers to engage with the coasters, sparking conversations and leaving a memorable impression. Efficient Turnaround: With a lead time of just 15 days for 1 - 50 units, you can quickly incorporate these mesmerizing coasters into your establishment or events.     Spark Conversations, Create Memories:   Our LED Drink Coasters transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. It's best used with a custom logo shot glass and this unique martini glass. Whether you're a business owner looking to create a unique brand image or a wholesaler seeking standout products, these coasters are a surefire way to leave a lasting mark.

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  • Custom Sublimation Ceramic Coasters

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    Custom Sublimation Ceramic Coasters

    Sip, set, and savor the moment with our Custom Sublimation Ceramic Coasters. Infuse every drink with a touch of personality and ensure no tabletop goes unnoticed with this vibrant splash of bespoke charm. From café owners adding a dash of brand uniqueness to their space, to corporate giants seeking the perfect promotional item, these coasters have got everyone covered. Personal users can jazz up their coffee tables while event planners can add these to their goody bags. With their wide appeal, they're perfect for any business or individual wanting to leave a lasting impression. Features: Brilliantly Bespoke: Offering customizable color, ensure your coaster speaks volumes about your unique taste or brand message. Top-Notch Material: Crafted from durable ceramic, with an option of a protective cork base, these coasters are designed to last. Multi-Functional Marvel: Beyond just saving your tables from water rings, they're perfect for table decoration, home & kitchen enhancement, and serve as excellent promotional gifts. Cork Comfort: The soft cork bottom not only offers a non-slip, wear-resistant surface but also ensures your furniture remains scratch-free. Swift Soak: Made with dolomite, these coasters have the knack to absorb water quickly, making sure condensation disappears in a jiffy. Light & Lovely: Weighing just 95g, they’re easy to handle and move, yet sturdy enough to stand the test of time. Dazzle your space and give your beverages the pedestal they deserve with our Custom Sublimation Ceramic Coasters. Make a statement with every sip, and order yours today! Cheers!

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