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  • Colored Pencils Set of 12 for Wholesale

    Colored Pencils Set of 12 for Wholesale

    Picture a world seen through a prism of hues, where the most complex emotions can be expressed with a simple stroke of color. That's the power of our Colored Pencils Set of 12. This range of art supplies is designed not just to color but to help create, express, and inspire, inviting you to explore your imagination's deepest corners. Art enthusiasts, hobbyists, children, or anyone with a flair for color will find this product indispensable. And for the little ones just starting on their creative journey, you might also find our washable dinosaur bees-wax crayons and twistable non-toxic washable crayons for kids perfect companions. Whether you're coloring a school project, sketching a landscape, or creating promotional artwork for a brand, these colored pencils and our other offerings are a perfect fit. Moreover, businesses in retail, stationery supplies, or educational institutions can benefit immensely from bulk orders, ensuring a colorful and exciting artistic journey for their customers or students. Product Features: Variety of Colors: Each set comes with 12 vibrant colors, offering a wide palette for your creativity. Quality Material: The pencils are crafted from top-quality Basswood, ensuring durability and smooth application. Convenient Packaging: The set is packed in a paper tube, ensuring the pencils are well-organized and easy to carry. Customizable: The pencil sets can be personalized with your logo, packaging, and graphic design for bulk orders, making them a great promotional tool. Fast Lead Time: Get your orders quickly with a lead time of 7 days for 1-5000 sets, with larger orders to be negotiated. So, why hold back? Unleash your creative potential or add a splash of color to your business with our Colored Pencils Set of 12. Order now and bring your imaginations to life in the most colorful way!




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