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  • Wholesale Custom Burlap Drawstring Gift Bags

    Wholesale Custom Burlap Drawstring Gift Bags

    Gift-giving just took a chic turn! With our Burlap Drawstring Gift Bags, you're not just gifting an item, but also a delightful dose of style, sustainability, and surprise. Imagine boutique store owners adding a touch of rustic charm to their packaging or event organizers searching for the perfect way to give goodies at themed parties. These drawstring wonders are an ideal fit. Moreover, businesses aiming to marry brand identity with eco-consciousness have just met their match. Delight in delivering promotional items, or simply cherish the joy of gifting with a personal touch. Features: Color Galore: A plethora of choices, from the timeless black to the vibrant fruit green and the classic natural.An ideal hue for every mood, occasion, or branding requirement is right here. Eco-Elegance: Crafted from durable jute, these bags are as kind to the planet as they are chic.Let your brand or gift echo sustainability and style simultaneously. Just the Right Fit: Sized at 7 x 9 cm, they're perfectly tailored for jewelry, food packaging, or any petite gift you have in mind.Every inch exudes careful thought and craft. Your Brand, Your Way: Customization is king here. Whether it's heat transfer, hot stamping, or a touch of embroidery, your branding aspirations have a canvas.Leave an imprint, both on the bag and in the heart of the recipient. Functional & Fabulous: The drawstring style doesn't just mean easy closure; it signifies a timeless design that's always in vogue.A blend of utility and aesthetics, every time you pull those strings! Gift, brand, surprise, or woo with the Wholesale Custom Burlap Drawstring Gift Bags. Whether it's a special day, a brand event, or just a thoughtful gesture, make it count with a touch of burlap beauty.

    13 Colors Available


  • Fashion Oxford Drawstring Sport Backpack

    Fashion Oxford Drawstring Sport Backpack

    Meet the backpack that's not just about the function, but also all about the form: the Fashion Oxford Drawstring Sport Backpack. Where sporty vibe meets chic design, it's a head-turner that's more than just good looks. From students craving for a chic yet practical carryall for their sports gear to businesses seeking a stylish promotional product for their brand events, this backpack ticks all the right boxes. Perfect for gyms, college sports teams, brand launches, or just for daily commuting, its usability is as diverse as its color range. If you're after variety, make sure you peek at our Custom Logo Polyester Drawstring Sports Bag. Features: Dynamic Color Palette: Available in hues ranging from muted grays to vibrant orange and deep blue, there’s a shade for every mood and brand. Personalize with Panache: With diverse customization options like silk screen printing, embroidery, sublimation printing, and more, make the bag uniquely yours or give your brand the spotlight it deserves. Light Yet Roomy: With a weight of just 0.41kg, its large capacity ensures all your essentials fit without weighing you down. Shoe Compartment: No more mixing clean and used. The special shoe compartment keeps footwear separate, ensuring cleanliness. Stay Hydrated: The dedicated bottle holder ensures that your hydration is always within arm’s reach, making it perfect for those on-the-go. Front Storage Pouch: For easy access to essentials, the extra storage pocket upfront keeps your things organized and handy. Durable Material and Make: Made with quality polyester, both as its main material and lining, it promises longevity and sturdiness. Dive into the world of style and functionality. Grab the Fashion Oxford Drawstring Sport Backpack today and amp up your game! Get yours now!

    7 Colors Available


  • Travel Shoe Storage Drawstring Bag

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    Travel Shoe Storage Drawstring Bag

    Time to bid farewell to shoe scuffs and chaotic luggage! Our Travel Shoe Storage Drawstring Bag offers a chic and efficient solution to protect your beloved footwear, making travel and storage experiences a breeze. From casual travelers and frequent fliers to business tycoons and even shoe sellers, this bag is everyone's best friend. Considering bulk purchases? Hotels, airlines, or corporate businesses looking for a stylish yet functional gift for clients or employees will find this shoe storage bag absolutely fitting. And for those hunting for more drawstring options, swing by our impressive Custom Logo Polyester Drawstring Sports Bag. Features: Color Variety: With choices ranging from sleek black and pristine white to vibrant pink and calm sky blue, there's a hue to match every personality. Sizing for All: Whether it's those petite ballerinas or chunky boots, we've got sizes from 23 x 30 cm to a generous 36 x 45 cm to accommodate them all. Protection at Its Best: Say goodbye to shoe scuffs and dirt. These bags are designed to keep your shoes shielded, ensuring they remain in pristine condition. Swift Packing: Simplify your packing routine. With this drawstring bag, you're not just storing shoes; you're organizing your luggage swiftly and efficiently. Premium Build: Crafted from high-quality non-woven fabric, it guarantees durability. The thick drawstring ensures your shoes stay put, while its breathable nature ensures freshness. Compact & Travel Ready: Lightweight, foldable, and portable – this bag's design ethos is all about convenience on-the-go. Make each journey memorable and free from the hassle of shoe damage. Secure your footwear in style with the Travel Shoe Storage Drawstring Bag. Don't just travel; travel smart! Order yours today!

    20 Colors Available


  • High Capacity Sports Drawstring Backpack

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    High Capacity Sports Drawstring Backpack

    Bored with mundane bags? Dreaming of an accessory that’s both trendy and responsible? Here's the High-Capacity Sports Backpack for you - a drawstring bag that doesn’t just look good but feels even better to use. From eco-warriors to trendsetting millennials, from fitness enthusiasts to on-the-go city dwellers, this drawstring bag is the perfect companion. And, for businesses hunting for a unique promotional item that reflects their commitment to the environment, search no more. This bag, customizable with your brand's label, is bound to make waves. Features: Bespoke Patterns: Customize the pattern to match your vibe or brand identity, ensuring a unique look that stands out. Nature's Palette: Available in its organic, natural hue, you can also customize the color to match your desired aesthetic. Premium Craftsmanship: With a price that's 60% higher than similar polyester-cotton fabrics, know you're investing in unparalleled quality. Sturdy Stitching: Heavy-duty stitches all over, especially at the handles, promise durability and an extended life for your bag. Carry with Ease: The bag's handles, measuring 1.5 inches in width and 23.6 inches in length, are both sturdy and convenient for hand or shoulder carrying. Versatility at Its Best: From wine bottles to groceries, 6 internal bottle sleeves ensure organized and safe storage. It's the perfect picnic, gathering, or shopping companion. Eco-First: Move past plastic and paper. This eco-friendly creation promotes a sustainable lifestyle, adding color and creativity to our daily lives. Built for Resilience: From its waterproof exterior to rustproof metal components and a sturdy inner lining, this bag is designed to withstand daily wear and tear. Adjust to Your Liking: Whether it's the rope's length or organizing your essentials across multiple pockets, this bag is all about your comfort and convenience. Embrace style without compromising on sustainability. Invest in this high quality backpack now. Let every stride echo your commitment to a greener future.

    1 Color Available


  • Portable 420D Polyester Sports Drawstring Backpack

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    Portable 420D Polyester Sports Drawstring Backpack

    Gone are the days of bulky bags weighing you down. Meet the fusion of style and functionality: the Portable 420D Polyester Sports Drawstring Backpack. Ready to hold your essentials without any fuss, this bag promises to be the vibrant burst of convenience in your daily grind. Perfect for everyone - from the fitness enthusiast carrying gym gear to students hauling their books. Businesses can capitalize on its allure as a swag item, and event managers can offer it as a chic yet handy giveaway. Brands or event organizers looking to make a statement? Our backpacks, especially when ordered in bulk, can be tailored with your unique logo or design. For those wanting to explore an even wider array of drawstring options, do visit our diverse drawstring bag collection. Features: Your Color, Your Choice: Tailor it to your preference with our custom color option. Whether you're representing brand colors or personal favorites, we've got you covered. Compact Yet Spacious: Sized at a convenient 18 inches, but don’t be fooled! With a capacity ranging from 20-38 liters, there’s ample space for all your essentials. Weather-Ready: Made with a waterproof feature, ensuring your belongings stay dry, no matter the forecast. Quality Craftsmanship: Boasting a durable 420D polyester material lined with a soft polyester lining, this bag is crafted to withstand daily wear and tear. Easy Access: Thanks to its string closure type, accessing your belongings is as simple as a swift pull. Perfect for Promotions: Not just a backpack, but a promotional personalized drawstring bag ready to elevate your brand or event. Join the league of those who prioritize style without compromising on convenience. Grab your Portable 420D Polyester Sports Drawstring Backpack today and redefine your on-the-go experience!

    1 Color Available


  • Custom Waterproof Drawstring Gym Backpack

    Custom Waterproof Drawstring Gym Backpack

    Unleash the game-changer in you with our Custom Waterproof Drawstring Gym Backpack! Specially designed for those who don't just go with the flow but set the trend, this is where functionality meets outstanding aesthetics. For the busy bee always on the move or the fitness enthusiast headed to the gym, this backpack ensures your essentials remain dry, irrespective of the weather. Branding agencies, event managers, or sports teams looking for a versatile promotional tool, this backpack, especially in bulk, speaks volumes. It's adaptable, stylish, and a perfect fit for any branding or promotional need. And if you're exploring options, don’t forget to check out our Custom Logo Polyester Drawstring Sports Bag. Features: Spectrum of Colors: From fiery red and sunny yellow to cool blue and muted black, pick a shade that echoes your brand or spirit. Durability Meets Comfort: Constructed with polyvinyl acetate fiber, this backpack promises wear-resistance while ensuring comfort. Weather-Proof: Come rain or sunshine, the waterproof feature guarantees your belongings stay dry and protected. Designed For Ease: The adjustable thickened polyester rope, coupled with a comfortable feel, ensures you can tailor it to your liking. Spacious & Secure: With a capacity ranging from 20-38 litres and an interior slot pocket, there's a place for everything, keeping your items safe and organized. Reliable Shoulder Support: With a sturdy shoulder strap that's both wear-resistant and adjustable, carrying your essentials has never been this easy and stylish. Gear up, make a statement, and leave an impression wherever you go with the Custom Waterproof Drawstring Gym Backpack. Place your order now and experience convenience like never before!

    8 Colors Available


  • Logo-Printed Waterproof Gym Drawstring Bags

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    Logo-Printed Waterproof Gym Drawstring Bags

    The splash of rain, the drench of sweat, or the random spill - nothing's got your back like our Logo-Printed Waterproof Gym Drawstring Bags. Slide into your workout session or a spontaneous adventure, knowing your essentials are wrapped up tight, safe, and snug. Gyms, fitness aficionados, college students, and even casual travelers will find this bag an absolute delight. It's not just about storing gym gear; this is about making a statement while doing so. Corporate brands can significantly benefit by gifting these to their employees or potential clients, ensuring their logo gets visibility at gyms, sports events, and even busy streets. Moreover, it's a wonderful promotional item for events, trade shows, or marketing campaigns, especially for those in the sports or fitness sector. Features: Durable Material: Made of high-quality polyester, these bags promise resilience and longevity, assuring users of a companion that'll last through countless adventures. Stylish and Practical: Available in classic colors - Black, Gray, and Navy Blue, these bags can complement any outfit while making a stylish statement. Keep the Wet Out: Engineered for a waterproof experience, these bags ensure your belongings stay dry, no matter the weather or intensity of your workout. Extra Storage: The added front zipper pocket isn't just a design element. It's a handy space for those smaller essentials, ensuring they don’t get lost in the mix. Macbook Pro Friendly: For those on-the-go, the bag offers just the right space to fit a Macbook Pro, ensuring work and workout blend seamlessly. Eco-Friendly Choice: Not just functional, but also a nod to the environment with its recycled attributes. A bag that looks good and feels good to own. Why settle for ordinary? Get your Logo-Printed Waterproof Gym Drawstring Bag now and let every journey, be it to the gym or beyond, be a stylish and secure one. 

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  • Custom Logo Polyester Drawstring Backpack

    Custom Logo Polyester Drawstring Backpack

    Tired of blending in? Ready to make a statement? Say hello to the Custom Logo Polyester Drawstring Backpack – the perfect fusion of functionality and flair! From college students rushing to morning classes to fitness aficionados needing a gym companion, this drawstring backpack is the answer. For businesses eager to leave a mark, this is your canvas. Wholesale customers will appreciate the easy-to-brand surface, making it a top pick for events, promotions, and team gear. Features: A Spectrum of Choices: Available in a dazzling array of 13 colors, ensuring there's a shade perfect for every mood and brand. Crafted for Convenience: Made with durable polyester, this bag offers both longevity and easy maintenance. It's resilient, ensuring your contents remain safe. Optimal Size: Measuring 42*34cm, it's spacious enough to accommodate daily essentials, yet compact enough to avoid any unwieldy bulk. Branding Powerhouse: With its sleek polyester surface, it's ideal for brands to print their logo, ensuring visibility and recall every time it's slung over a shoulder. Versatile Utility: It's not just a bag; it's an everyday companion. Perfect for gym trips, college lectures, day trips, and more. Eco-Conscious Alternative: Move over disposable bags; make a sustainable choice. Reusable and durable, this backpack is your step towards an eco-friendlier world. Make a style statement without uttering a word. Grab the Custom Logo Polyester Drawstring Backpack now. Perfect for personal use or bulk business orders, it's your move towards trendy, practical, and impactful branding. 

    13 Colors Available


  • Waterproof Drawstring Bag with Front Zipper Pouch

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    Waterproof Drawstring Bag with Front Zipper Pouch

    Drench in style, not in spills! Here's a bag that understands the twist, turns, and unpredictability of life, keeping you prepared for every splash and shower. The Waterproof Drawstring Bag with Front Zipper Pouch: for when you're on the move and rainchecks aren't an option. It's a modern lifesaver for urban commuters, school-goers, sports enthusiasts, and weekend adventurers. Planning a bulk order? Think beyond traditional clients. Consider educational institutions seeking durable bags for their students, gyms wanting a stylish-yet-practical bag for their members, or even companies eyeing unique corporate gifts. This bag is tailored to shine in all settings - from boardrooms to basketball courts. Features: Colorful Selection: Choose from a palette of shades - classic black, regal deep blue, vibrant pink, refreshing green, or cool blue - a hue for every mood and personality. Stay Dry Always: Crafted with quality polyester, this bag promises not only durability but impeccable waterproof capabilities, shielding your essentials from unpredictable showers. Comfort on the Go: Its soft handle design ensures that even on longer journeys, discomfort remains at bay. More than Just Space: Beyond its main compartment, this bag surprises with a shoe compartment and a thoughtful dry and wet separation bag, ensuring your gear stays organized and in mint condition. Pocketed Perfection: Featuring side mesh pockets and a front zipper pouch, every inch is optimized for maximum storage without compromising on style. Secure Closure: With its dependable string closure, everything stays in place, no matter how much you move and shake. Add a dash of style to your strides and some swagger to your journeys. Get the Waterproof Drawstring Bag with Front Zipper Pouch and redefine your travel game today! 

    5 Colors Available


  • Eco-Friendly Recycled Canvas Drawstring Storage Bag

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    Eco-Friendly Recycled Canvas Drawstring Storage Bag

    Imagine the touch of rustic beige canvas, wrapping up your essentials with a gentle reminder of nature's love. Our Eco-Friendly Recycled Canvas Drawstring Storage Bag captures the heart of sustainability and simple elegance in one refined package. From environmentally-conscious individuals looking to reduce their carbon footprint to brands aiming to project a sustainable image, this canvas bag is a clear choice. Perfect for green events, eco-friendly promotions, sustainable product packaging, or even as a daily carry-all, its versatility speaks volumes. Retailers, event organizers, schools, and those in the hospitality sector can especially benefit by using or offering these bags. It's a statement piece that truly states you care about the world. Features: Timeless Material: Crafted from canvas, this bag exudes a timeless elegance, combining strength with a soft tactile experience. Being recycled, every inch of the canvas carries a tale of sustainability. Neutral Shade: The neutral beige color offers an earthy vibe, making it seamlessly blend with any outfit or occasion while adding a touch of eco-chic flair. Eco-Conscious Choice: Not just reusable, but also rooted in the ethos of environmental friendliness, this bag lets you make a green statement wherever you go. Multipurpose Use: Whether it's a trip to the market, a day at the beach, or storing your yoga essentials, this bag's versatility is unmatched. Robust Design: Thanks to the durable canvas material, this bag promises longevity, withstanding daily wear and tear while keeping its elegance intact. Ideal for Branding: For businesses, the bag’s minimalist design offers a clean slate, perfect for logo printing or branding, connecting your brand with sustainable choices. Ready to embrace sustainability with style? Grab the Eco-Friendly Recycled Canvas Drawstring Storage Bag now and let each journey you take resonate with nature's song. 

    1 Color Available


  • Eco-Friendly Wholesale Drawstring Pouch Bags

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    Eco-Friendly Wholesale Drawstring Pouch Bags

    Twirl into the world of sustainable style with our Eco-Friendly Wholesale Drawstring Pouch Bags. The perfect mix of functionality and environmental consciousness, these bags offer a fashion-forward way to care for our planet. Craft brands, eco-conscious startups, and individual consumers looking to make a green statement will find these drawstring pouches an impeccable choice. They're a fantastic fit for promotional events, branded merchandise, or simply for personal use. From boutique owners packaging artisanal goods to fitness enthusiasts needing a reliable gym bag, the versatility shines bright. If you're in the wholesale or bulk-buying space, your brand will resonate with a wider, earth-loving audience. Features: High-Quality Material: Made from Oxford/Polyester fabric, these bags boast durability and strength. The fabric is comfortable to the touch, ensuring a plush experience every time. Optimal Size & Capacity: Medium-sized (30-50 cm) with a weight capacity of 15-20 kgs, these bags can securely carry your essentials while maintaining a sleek silhouette. Water & Wear Resistant: Designed to be your go-to in any weather, these pouches are both water-resistant and wear-resistant, promising longevity. Superior Design Elements: From its smooth zipper to the precise stitching at the edges, every design aspect is meticulously crafted. The solid bottom is thick and durable, ensuring your contents remain safe. Customizable & Chic: The fantastic shape allows for excellent printing, so your designs are displayed flawlessly. Complemented by a solid personalized logo printing, your brand gets the spotlight it deserves. Practical & Stylish: The thick PP rope ensures a safe top closure, making it easy to use. Its backpack style design is not only portable but also ideal for all kinds of outdoor sports. Go green without compromising on style. Order the Eco-Friendly Wholesale Drawstring Pouch Bags now and make every outing an environmentally friendly fashion statement! 

    2 Color Available


  • Custom Logo Polyester Drawstring Sports Bag Bulk

    Custom Logo Polyester Drawstring Sports Bag Bulk

    Embrace simplicity, convenience, and style with our Custom Logo Polyester Drawstring Sports Bag. This sporty, stylish, and practical bag is crafted from durable 210 polyester, designed for versatility and functionality. The bag features a sleek drawstring design, making it a breeze to open and close. With a spectrum of vibrant colors to choose from, these drawstring bags are the perfect accessory for your daily adventures. This drawstring sports bag is perfect for individuals and businesses alike. Personal users will find it a convenient companion for the gym, hikes, biking, or just a casual day out. Businesses, including promotional item companies, event organizers, sports teams, and schools, can benefit from bulk purchases. Its minimalistic design makes it a perfect canvas for your logo or design, ideal for promotional giveaways, team kits, or event goodie bags. Features: Customizable: No letters or patterns on the bag means you can print any logo or pattern on it to create your unique design. Durable Material: The bag is made from 210 durable Polyester, ensuring longevity and resistance to daily wear and tear. Large Capacity & Lightweight: Measuring 42 cm in length and 33 cm in width, this bag provides ample space for items like exercise clothes, shoes, towels, water bottles, and books. Despite its capacity, the bag is lightweight, making it perfect for daily use. Reinforced Corners & Straps: Equipped with PVC reinforced corners with metal eyelets and strong straps, this bag promises robustness and longevity. For those seeking a touch of shimmer in their carry-ons or looking to offer a diverse range in their promotional products, considering pairing this with a glitzy sequined bag adds a hint of glam to functionality. Tap into the convenience, versatility, and simplicity of our Custom Logo Polyester Drawstring Sports Bag Bulk. Whether you're planning to hit the gym or gearing up for a promotional event, this bag is your ideal companion. Start personalizing your drawstring bags today and elevate your daily routine or business offering. Enjoy the blend of functionality and style at an incredible bulk purchase value.

    11 Colors Available


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