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  • Large Capacity Waterproof Nylon Duffel Bag

    Large Capacity Waterproof Nylon Duffel Bag

    Unraveling the modern-day travel enigma, we present the duffel that effortlessly combines functionality, style, and adaptability. Think of a bag that morphs to your needs while making a style statement. The Large Capacity Waterproof Nylon Duffel Bag is here to reinvent how you pack and move. From travel aficionados to daily gym enthusiasts, this duffel caters to an expansive audience. If you're a business on the hunt for that perfect branded swag, this is the promotional item you've been dreaming of. And for those keen on bulk or wholesale purchases, rest assured that this bag boasts universal appeal. Want to explore even more? Dive into our collection of dynamic duffel bags. Features: Dynamic Color Spectrum: Available in vivacious shades ranging from orange and purple to khaki and gray, ensuring there's a hue for everyone. Durable and Waterproof: Crafted with top-tier waterproof Oxford cloth, this bag promises to protect your essentials come rain or shine. Adaptable Carrying Modes: Whether it's over the shoulder, crossbody, or handheld, switch up your carrying style to suit the occasion. Practical Designs: A trolley case strap ensures your duffel sits securely on your suitcase, while the yoga mat fixing belt and front ribbon design add flair and function. Smart Storage Solutions: An independent shoe compartment, dry and wet separation, and a front zipper bag means organization has never been easier or more efficient. Built for Comfort: Lightweight and breathable, with ergonomic design features including a solid adhesive hook on the shoulder strap, ensures maximum comfort even on prolonged journeys. Your travel solution is one click away. Embrace adaptability, functionality, and style with the Large Capacity Waterproof Nylon Duffel Bag. Get yours now and redefine your travel game!

    7 Colors Available


  • Custom European Leather Gym Duffel Bag

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    Custom European Leather Gym Duffel Bag

    Unleash a touch of European elegance in your workout regime! Our Custom European Leather Gym Duffel Bag merges sophistication with practicality, ensuring you hit the gym looking like a million bucks. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast wanting a hint of luxury in your gym gear or a brand aiming to elevate its promotional materials, this duffel speaks volumes. Ideal for upscale gyms, corporate retreats, or even as a high-end gift for elite clients, its versatility extends beyond the confines of the gym. Brands with an eye for quality will find it a fitting canvas for their logo. Want more duffel choices? Check out our broader duffel collection for inspiration. Features: Elegant Color Selection: From pristine white to the sophisticated khaki and the playful pinto, choose a hue that resonates with your brand's essence or personal style. Quality Material: Crafted from the premium Oxford material, this bag effortlessly radiates an air of luxury while promising durability. Spacious Yet Lightweight: Weighing just 0.39kg, it offers ample space without being cumbersome, with dimensions of 50 cm x 24 cm x 26 cm. Universal Appeal: With a unisex design, it suits every gender, ensuring style and functionality for all. Secure Your Essentials: Equipped with a sturdy zipper closure, rest assured your belongings are safely stowed away. European Craftsmanship: Every stitch, every fold echoes the precision and design aesthetics of European craftsmanship. Ready to experience the fusion of luxury and utility? Add the Custom European Leather Gym Duffel Bag to your collection and redefine your workout style. Secure yours now!

    4 Colors Available


  • Foldable Sporty Travel Duffle Bag

    Foldable Sporty Travel Duffle Bag

    Meet the travel essential that effortlessly fuses practicality and elegance – introducing the Foldable Sporty Travel Duffel Bag. Experience your gateway to a more streamlined and stylish travel adventure and enjoy the unique features that set this duffel bag in a league of its own. Key Features: Multicolor Marvel: When it comes to expressing your style, we've got you covered with a vibrant array of colors. Go bold with eye-catching shades or keep it classic with subdued tones. Our customization options mean you can truly make it your own. Durable Design: Crafted from high-quality nylon, this duffel bag is built to withstand the rigors of travel. It's a tough companion for your adventures, ensuring your belongings stay safe and sound. Secure Zipper Closure: Say goodbye to the anxiety of items spilling out. The zipper closure keeps everything neatly tucked inside, giving you peace of mind on the move. Just the Right Size: With dimensions of 11 x 8.7 x 16.5 inches, it strikes the perfect balance between spacious and compact. Need a custom size? We've got you covered. Tailor it to your specific needs. Print Your Personality: Add a personal touch with custom printing options. Choose from Silk Screen, Heat Transfer, or UV Digital printing to make your duffel bag as unique as you are. Upgrade your travel gear, provide branded swag for your business, or offer customers a trendy and versatile product with the Foldable Sporty Travel Duffel Bag. Elevate your travel experiences and provide a distinctive touch to your brand in one stylish package. Contact us today to make your travel dreams come true!

    8 Colors Available


  • Wholesale Luxury Leather Duffle Bags

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    Wholesale Luxury Leather Duffle Bags

    Discover the epitome of sophistication and functionality with the Wholesale Luxury Leather Duffel Bags. These bags redefine style and utility in the most elegant way. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, they are a true reflection of craftsmanship and refined taste. Impress your clients and elevate your product lineup with duffel bags that add a touch of class and uniqueness to your brand. Key Features: A Palette of Choices: Express your personality with a variety of color options. Choose the classic allure of Black, make a bold statement with Yellow, or customize it to match your unique style. These duffle bags are as versatile as your preferences. Luxury Meets Durability: Take your pick between the opulence of genuine leather, exuding class and sophistication, or the rugged durability of PU leather for a long-lasting companion. Both options scream quality and craftsmanship. Secure Your Belongings: No more fretting about the safety of your valuables. Our duffle bags feature a secure Zipper & Hasp closure, ensuring that your essentials remain protected throughout your journey. Perfectly Sized: With dimensions measuring 9.8 x 7.5 x 18 inches, these duffle bags strike the ideal balance between roominess and portability. Whether you prefer to carry them over your shoulder or crossbody, they are designed to fit seamlessly into your life. Elevate your business offerings and captivate your customers with the Wholesale Luxury Leather Duffle Bags. Visit https://www.swagbulk.com/ to explore our extensive range and place your order today. Experience luxury at its finest and make a lasting impression on your valued clientele.

    3 Colors Available


  • Travel Gym Backpack Duffel

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    Travel Gym Backpack Duffel

    Have you ever found yourself torn between reaching for a backpack or a duffel bag? Meet the Travel Gym Backpack Duffel, the chameleon of the travel world that flexes with your needs, ensuring you're always ready for the next adventure, workout, or spontaneous getaway. For the urban explorer dashing from work to the gym, the weekend wanderer who wants a trusty companion, or businesses eager to give a functional yet fashionable gift to stakeholders - this Backpack Duffel caters to all. Moreover, those in search of wholesale products to represent their brand's dedication to quality and style will be thoroughly impressed. For outdoor enthusiasts, it's a perfect companion to our camo multifunctional outdoor fanny pack. Features: Dynamic Duo: Seamlessly convert from a spacious duffel bag to a handy backpack, thanks to its innovative 2-in-1 design. Secure Your Belongings: With a reliable zipper & hasp closure system, feel at ease knowing your items are safe during every commute. Material Mastery: Crafted from enduring polyester, expect longevity and durability, adventure after adventure. Organization at Its Best: Internal mesh pockets ensure your belongings aren't jumbled, but systematically arranged. Easy Access, Wide Open: The wide-opening capacity ensures quick and hassle-free access to all your essentials. Handle It All: An oversized grab makes lifting, handling, and loading a breeze, especially when you're on the go. Gear Stays Put: Compression straps ensure your belongings stay where they should be, especially in backpack mode. No more fumbling through bags or switching between two. The Travel Gym Backpack Duffel is your all-in-one solution for active lifestyles. Grab yours and let's get moving!

    2 Color Available


  • Small Gym Duffel with Shoe Compartment

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    Small Gym Duffel with Shoe Compartment

    Welcome to the world of Wholesale Luxury Leather Duffel Bags, where style and practicality seamlessly merge.  These duffel bags go beyond typical travel companions; they embody sophistication and impeccable style. Designed with a keen eye for detail and skillful craftsmanship, these duffel bags kick your travel adventures up a notch, giving you a whole new level of style and comfort. From business trips to leisure getaways, these bags leave a lasting impression, ensuring you stand out wherever your adventures take you. Key Features: Customized Color: Express your individuality with a spectrum of colors tailored to your preferences. Whether you favor classic Red, timeless Black, playful Pink, serene Blue, or even a custom hue of your own creation, these duffel bags are your canvas of self-expression. Premium Material: Crafted from high-quality Nylon and Oxford materials, these duffel bags are built to withstand the rigors of travel and sports. They keep your belongings secure and your style intact. Versatile Usage: Beyond travel, these duffel bags are versatile sport companions. Take them to the gym, to sports events, or on your next adventure. They adapt to your lifestyle effortlessly. Waterproof & Lightweight: Conquer the unexpected with waterproof protection, ensuring your valuables stay dry even in wet conditions. Despite this durability, they remain incredibly lightweight for easy travel. Perfectly Sized: With dimensions measuring 16 x 8.3 x 7.9 inches, they offer generous space without the bulk. Perfectly tailored to your needs, these bags seamlessly integrate into your life. Feather-Light Weight: Weighing only 0.45kg, these duffel bags are designed for your convenience. They won't weigh you down during your travels or gym sessions. Multiple Carrying Options: Customize your style with versatile tote, shoulder, or crossbody carrying options. The removable strap adds to your carrying choices. Comfortable and Stylish: Thoughtfully designed with your comfort in mind, these duffel bags feature an adjustable shoulder strap and padded handles for maximum comfort during transportation. Plus, their sleek and modern design ensures you make a lasting impression wherever your adventures take you. Invest in style, versatility, and convenience. Upgrade your travel gear, provide your team with sophisticated corporate swag, or offer your customers a touch of luxury with the Wholesale Luxury Leather Duffel Bags. Grab this opportunity now.  Contact us, and together, let's elevate your swag game to soaring new heights! 

    1 Color Available


  • Multifunctional Sport Travel Duffle Bag

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    Multifunctional Sport Travel Duffle Bag

    Welcome to the world of versatile convenience with the Multifunctional Sport Travel Duffel Bag. This isn't just your ordinary bag; it's a game-changer that seamlessly blends style and practicality. Let's dive into the nitty-gritty details that make this duffel bag a must-have for businesses and wholesalers. Key Feature: Sleek in Black: This duffel bag boasts a timeless Black color, a hue that exudes sophistication and versatility. It's a shade that effortlessly complements any style or occasion. Durable Nylon Construction: Crafted from high-quality Nylon, this bag is built to withstand the rigors of travel and sports. It's a material known for its resilience, ensuring that your belongings remain safe and secure. Secure with Zipper & Hasp: Say goodbye to worries about the safety of your valuables. This duffel bag features a secure Zipper & Hasp closure, offering peace of mind during your journeys. Lightweight and Easy to Carry: Weighing just 0.65 kg, this duffel bag won't weigh you down. It's designed to be effortlessly portable, making it an ideal travel companion. Perfectly Proportioned: With dimensions measuring 11 x 25 x 19.7 inches, this duffel bag strikes the perfect balance between spaciousness and convenience. It provides ample room for your essentials without being bulky. Revamp your travel gear, provide your team with practical corporate swag, or offer your customers a versatile and stylish product – the Multifunctional Sport Travel Duffel Bag is the solution. Take your swag game to the next level and order from Swagbulk today!

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  • Unisex Waterproof Duffel Bags | SwagBulk

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    Unisex Waterproof Duffel Bags | SwagBulk

    Oh, the places you'll go with our Customized Wet and Dry Duffel Bag! A fusion of design, durability, and dynamism, this bag promises to be the ultimate travel companion, whether you're hitting the gym or jet-setting to far-off destinations. From budding fitness enthusiasts to seasoned travelers, this bag is a game changer. Gym rats will rave about its knack for keeping sweaty clothes away from clean gear. Travelers will gush about its compact yet roomy design, perfect for a weekend getaway. And for businesses? This is the swag your team and clients have been dreaming of. Tailor-made for those who seek both form and function, it's an ideal companion to our camo multifunctional outdoor fanny pack for a complete travel set. Features: Durable by Design: Made of robust polyester, this bag is designed to endure all of life's adventures, big or small. For Everyone: With its unisex design, it appeals to all, making it a universal favorite. Spacious Yet Sleek: Boasting a capacity of 25 liters, it neatly packs all your essentials in a compact 47 cm x 23 cm x 23 cm frame, weighing just 0.65 kg. Secure and Safe: The zipper closure ensures your belongings are safe, while the 210D polyester lining offers an extra layer of protection. Comfort First: Its soft handle ensures carrying is a breeze, and the bottom foam with inner PE foam offers durability without compromising on comfort. Make It Yours: The customizable logo space means this isn't just any bag; it's YOUR bag. Ready to redefine the way you travel? Get your hands on the Customized Wet and Dry Duffel Bag and turn every journey into an unforgettable adventure!

    1 Color Available


  • Stylish Large Travel Duffel Bag

    Stylish Large Travel Duffel Bag

    Are you tired of the same old boring duffel bags? Want something that not only carries your stuff but also makes you look fabulous? The Stylish Large Travel Duffel Bags are remarkable travel companions that offer ample space while simultaneously serving as a fashionable accessory that's ready to turn heads. Key Features: Vibrant Color Palette: These duffel bags burst with a kaleidoscope of colors, offering a wide range of multicolor options that will instantly elevate your style game. Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace a world of vibrant travel gear. Canvas Craftsmanship: When it comes to durability, canvas is the undisputed champion. These duffel bags are meticulously crafted from premium canvas material, not only ensuring they look fantastic but also guaranteeing they can handle the rigors of your adventures without breaking a sweat. Perfectly Proportioned: These duffel bags are sized perfectly at 23.2 x 11 x 12.6 inches, providing ample room to accommodate your essentials while maintaining a compact profile that easily fits into various storage spaces. Stylish Metal Accents: It's all about the details! These duffel bags are embellished with chic metal accessories, adding a touch of sophistication to their overall aesthetic. These accents not only boost their visual appeal but also fortify their longevity, ensuring they remain dependable travel companions. Interior Marvel: Lining with Zip Pocket: Convenience takes center stage! Inside these duffel bags, you'll discover a practical lining featuring a zip pocket. This ingenious feature allows you to keep your smaller items meticulously organized and within arm's reach, simplifying your travel experience. Benefits:  Fashion and Functionality These duffel bags are not just practical; they're a style statement. Your customers can flaunt their fashion sense while on the move, making these bags a sought-after choice. Versatile Use Perfect for weekend getaways, business trips, or gym sessions, these duffel bags cater to a wide range of customer needs, expanding your market reach. Easy Inventory Addition With their broad appeal and impeccable design, these duffel bags are a seamless addition to your inventory, attracting a diverse customer base. Customer Satisfaction By offering these duffel bags, you show that you're all about giving your customers top-notch quality and a stylish vibe, which makes them super happy and loyal to you. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your business with the Stylish Large Travel Duffel Bags. Head over to https://www.swagbulk.com/ for more details and make a smart investment in a product that combines fashion, functionality, and profitability. Your customers will thank you for it!

    19 Colors Available


  • Custom Logo Soccer Training Duffel Bag

    Custom Logo Soccer Training Duffel Bag

    When dedication meets style, you get the perfect blend of flair and function. Meet the Custom Logo Soccer Training Duffel Bag - where your passion for the sport finds a worthy companion. Soccer clubs hunting for the ideal training bag? Check. Brands wanting to etch their logo on quality gear? Double-check. This duffel isn't just about toting around soccer gear, it’s an embodiment of the love for the game. From coaches looking for team gifts to schools in need of branded athletic equipment, and even individual players wanting a durable companion, this bag serves all. Dive deeper into our duffel bags collection for more options. Features: Vivid Color Palette: With options spanning from the classic black and white to a radiant red and yellow combo, this duffel offers a color to match every team spirit. Stellar Material: Made from custom-made waterproof nylon fabric, the bag is wear-resistant, unfading, and ready to brave any weather on or off the field. Top-Notch Hardware: Genuine hardware sliders and adjustable buckles ensure easy use and longevity. Thoughtful Design Features: An innovative shoulder strap buckle design guarantees comfort, while the bag’s ability to also function as a backpack offers versatility. Specialized Compartments: Equipped with dry and wet separation, a shoe section, and being lightweight at just 0.45kg, this bag ensures organized and stress-free travel to your games or training sessions. Ultimate Comfort: Breathable, durable, and designed for flexibility, the moisture-wicking material ensures you're as comfortable carrying it as you are playing the game. Game on! Secure your Custom Logo Soccer Training Duffel Bag now and ensure your soccer endeavors are always in style. Goal!

    18 Colors Available


  • Folding Waterproof Travel Duffle Bag

    Folding Waterproof Travel Duffle Bag

    Picture this: A bag that not only holds all your essentials, but one that also resists water, folds seamlessly, and pops in colors that turn heads. That's the Folding Waterproof Travel Duffle Bag for you, ready to be your reliable companion, rain or shine. Travel enthusiasts hunting for that next compact carry-on, gym-goers wanting a stylish yet functional bag, or businesses in pursuit of the perfect branded gear for employees or clients will find this duffle ticks all the boxes. And if you're inclined towards bulk or wholesale? This piece promises a splash of style with steadfast functionality. For more diverse choices, check out our entire duffel bag collection. Features: Vibrant Array: From peacock blue to deep navy and dark magenta, choose among a rainbow of colors, or customize to your brand's hue. Dive Deep with Neoprene: Made from neoprene diving cloth, anticipate a bag that's not just waterproof but also incredibly durable. Room for More: With its large capacity, say goodbye to leaving essentials behind and hello to packing freedom. Wet-Dry Segregation: Features a specialized pocket for damp items, ensuring the rest of your gear stays dry. Pockets Aplenty: Organize better with an interior zippered pocket and an open mesh pocket, keeping your belongings within easy reach. Stay Secure: Upgraded functionality includes a sleeve with an additional adhesion belt at the bag's rear, ensuring it stays snugly on your suitcase. Gear up for those impromptu trips or daily routines with a bag that promises to hold its own, no matter the journey. Claim your Folding Waterproof Travel Duffle Bag today and redefine travel convenience!

    10 Colors Available


  • Customized Wet and Dry Duffel Bag

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    Customized Wet and Dry Duffel Bag

    When function meets style, magic happens. Our Customized Wet and Dry Duffel Bag is the embodiment of that magic, making sure your essentials remain organized, whether you're battling rain showers or sweating it out in the gym. The beauty of this bag? It's not just for athletes. Think of every water adventure you've put off because you didn't have the right bag. Or the times you wished your bag could separate your post-gym sweaty clothes from the clean ones. This bag is perfect for frequent travelers, gym enthusiasts, swimmers, or any business looking to offer a versatile, all-in-one solution to their clients. It pairs wonderfully with our chic expandable women's duffel bag for those looking to expand their travel gear. Features: Color Your Journey: Available in black, purple, green, pink, or customized to your preference, ensuring your style is never compromised. Built Tough: Crafted from waterproof polyester fabric, this bag promises durability, come rain or shine. Zippy Access: With a high-quality zipper closure, access to your essentials is quick, smooth, and hassle-free. Thoughtful Compartments: Designated spots for shoes and wet stuff ensure cleanliness and hygiene, even on the busiest days. Spacious Yet Compact: Its large capacity is neatly packed into dimensions of 23 cm x 23 cm x 41 cm, making it both stylish and functional. Adventure awaits, and the Customized Wet and Dry Duffel Bag is your trusty sidekick. Gear up, pack up, and take on the world!

    5 Colors Available


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