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  • Custom Waterproof Fitness Fanny Pack

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    Custom Waterproof Fitness Fanny Pack

    Break a sweat, not your stride with our Custom Waterproof Fitness Fanny Pack! With colors as vibrant as your energy, this accessory is here to redefine athletic elegance, ensuring you're both in style and at ease while on the go. This isn’t just a gym-buddy’s best friend, but also a marketer’s dream come true! Businesses, brand ambassadors, fitness trainers, or even those marathon organizers – anyone looking to upscale their branding or merch game would find these packs an undeniable asset. They’re especially brilliant for branding events, outdoor workshops, and athletic expos. And hey, while you're gearing up, do check out our metallic waterproof fanny pack and multifunctional sports messenger bag to add a dash of dazzle to your collection! Features: Burst of Colors: From zesty orange to a classic black, pick or customize from our range of six scintillating shades to match your mojo. Built to Last: Crafted from nylon lycra, this fanny pack isn’t just waterproof but also promises durability and resistance against daily wear. Stay Tuned In: Thanks to the headphone wire hole, your tunes will always be a hip-swing away, ensuring uninterrupted jams. Swift & Secure Access: The ergonomic zipper closure ensures easy access without compromising on the safety of your belongings. Fit for All: With a waist circumference adjustable up to 140 cm, it’s a perfect fit for everyone, making it a truly unisex choice. Shine & Safety Combined: The reflective strip design isn't just about aesthetics. When it catches light, it shines bright, ensuring motorists see you clearly during those early morning jogs or late-night runs. Choose Your Closure: Customize the way you secure, with options like Zipper, Hasp, Button, Open, Cover, Buckle strap, Elastic band, and more. Logo Love: Opt for custom logo printing, heat transfer, leather or metal labels, silk print, sublimation, or PU-PVC labels to brand it your way. Bring functionality and fashion to every run, walk, or leap! Choose our Custom Waterproof Fitness Fanny Pack, and make every step count, every move noticeable. Ready to make a splash? Dive into our collection now!

    6 Colors Available


  • Running Pouch Belt Waist Fanny Pack

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    Running Pouch Belt Waist Fanny Pack

    Run, groove, and move without skipping a beat with our nifty Running Pouch Belt Waist Fanny Pack. Keep your essentials close and hands-free while you chase the horizon or break your personal record on the tracks! From fitness enthusiasts, daily joggers, to busy parents running errands, this pouch belt is a game-changer. It's perfect for those who crave a blend of style and functionality. Businesses can benefit immensely from these waist packs, perfect for brand promotional events, marathons, or as giveaways at fitness expos. While you're on a roll, don't miss out on our mini belt with logo and multifunctional sports messenger bag for a complete athletic collection. Features: Quality and Durability: Made of robust polyester, our waist pack promises longevity and resistance against wear and tear. The waterproof quality ensures your essentials remain safe, come rain or shine. Customizable Color Options: Whether it's a sleek black or a vibrant orange, choose from our diverse color palette or get a custom hue to match your style. Hassle-Free Entertainment: With a specially designed hole for headset wires, plug into your favorite tunes while your device stays secure inside. Stay Hydrated on the Move: The integrated bottle holder ensures you have your water within arm's reach, keeping you hydrated without any fuss. Organized and Spacious: Whether it's cash, keys, cards, or your phone, there's a dedicated space for all, ensuring you're always organized. Secure Closure & Reliable Lock: With a sturdy zipper and a quick-release lock, access your belongings with ease and confidence. Logo Your Way: Customize with a Rubber Logo, Woven Logo, or Printing Logo. Make it uniquely yours or tailor it to reflect your brand's essence. Embrace the freedom of movement and ensure your essentials are always by your side with our Running Pouch Belt Waist Fanny Pack. Upgrade your fitness gear and stride with confidence today!

    4 Colors Available


  • Multifunctional Waterproof Casual Sports Messenger Bag

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    Multifunctional Waterproof Casual Sports Messenger Bag

    Experience the blend of fashion, convenience, and durability with the Multifunctional Waterproof Casual Sports Messenger Bag. Built for the modern adventurer, this stylish bag combines the ruggedness of genuine leather with the comfort of polyester cotton, designed to keep your possessions safe in style. This messenger bag is ideal for individuals who live life on the go, businesses like outdoor gear retailers, corporate gift suppliers, event organizers, and schools looking for branded merchandise. Available in four distinct colors - gray, black, blue, and green, it’s the perfect accessory for daily outdoor activities, business trips, school, or just running errands around the city. Features: Material: This sports messenger bag is crafted from genuine leather and polyester cotton, offering a mix of durability and comfort. Size: With dimensions of 13 x 26 x 9cm, it's compact yet spacious enough for your everyday essentials. Design: It boasts a fashionable design that pairs well with any casual or sporty attire. Waterproof: The waterproof feature of this casual messenger bag ensures your belongings stay dry, even when you're on the move in unpredictable weather. Customization: From logos to packaging and graphic customizations, we offer a range of options (Min. order 1000 pieces) to make these bags truly your own, perfect for brand promotion or creating unique corporate gifts. Round off your everyday look with our Multifunctional Waterproof Casual Sports Messenger Bag. Place your order today, and upgrade your carry-all game with this chic and practical accessory. Ready, set, go and conquer your day, equipped with style!

    4 Colors Available


  • Camo Multifunctional Outdoor Fanny Pack

    Camo Multifunctional Outdoor Fanny Pack

    Embrace the call of the wild with the Camo Multifunctional Outdoor Fanny Pack. This versatile waist pack, available in a selection of colors and camouflage designs, is your reliable companion for every adventure, effortlessly blending function with style. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie exploring the wilderness or a busy urban dweller needing a handy bag for daily essentials, this camo fanny pack is for you. It's perfect for outdoor gear retailers, hiking clubs, event organizers, or corporate retreat planners looking to buy in bulk. With a variety of design options from classic black, desert tan, 3-sand shades to a variety of camouflage patterns, it can easily match any outfit or branding.   Material: Made from durable Nylon, this outdoor fanny pack is designed to withstand the elements and the rigors of your adventures. Size and Weight: With dimensions of 35x15x17cm and a light weight of 0.14 kg, it offers ample storage without weighing you down. Multifunctional Design: As a multifunctional fanny pack, it includes features like a night reflective strip for safety, a waterproof zipper for weather-resilience, a high-quality fastener for security, and an earphone special hole for convenience. Comfort: The breathable back cushion ensures a comfortable fit for all-day wear. Customization: Personalize your packs with your own logo, packaging, or graphics (Min. order 500 pieces), perfect for enhancing brand recognition or creating unique gifts. While you're gearing up for your next adventure, don't forget to check out our other outdoor essentials. Our Camouflage Style Outdoor Backpack makes an excellent companion to the Camo Multifunctional Outdoor Fanny Pack. It's designed to carry all the bigger items that you'd need for a camping trip or a long hike, ensuring that you're well-equipped for any outdoor excursion. And for those who like to take their workouts outdoors, our Breathable Camouflage Workout Fitness Gloves are a must-have. They offer protection and grip, whether you're lifting weights, rock climbing, or cycling, adding another level of functionality to your outdoor gear. So why wait? Make the most of your outdoor adventures with these top-quality items. Order today and step into the wild tomorrow!

    8 Colors Available


  • Lightweight Fanny Pack for Wholesale

    Lightweight Fanny Pack for Wholesale

    We take immense pride in presenting our latest addition - the Lightweight Fanny Pack for Wholesale. This fanny pack is more than just a stylish accessory; it's a versatile solution designed to elevate your customers' experience and leave a lasting impression. Key Features: Premium Material: Made from high-quality polyester, this fanny pack is designed to withstand daily wear and tear. Its durable construction ensures longevity, making it a reliable companion for all your customers' activities. Barrel-Shaped: The sleek and modern design offers ample space to store essentials securely. Zipper Closure: Ensures easy access and keeps belongings safe during activities. Size: Measuring 12.5 * 4.3 inches, it's compact and practical for various occasions. Weight: At just 0.22 lbs, it won't weigh down your customers on the go. Dazzling Array of Colors: Choose from our vibrant palette of 8 captivating colors - black, yellow, green, red, blue, lake blue, deep gray, and silver. Each shade is thoughtfully curated to complement various styles and preferences, ensuring that there's a perfect fit for every customer. Unisex Design: Crafted with a unisex design in mind, this polyester fanny pack is suitable for people of all ages and genders. Its adjustable strap allows for a comfortable fit, making it an ideal choice for both men and women. Fashion Meets Functionality: Our Lightweight Fanny Pack for Wholesale strikes the perfect balance between fashion and functionality. Whether your customers are heading to a music festival, outdoor adventure, or simply running errands, this fanny pack offers convenient hands-free storage for their essentials. Waterproof and Breathable: Don't let the weather dampen your customers' spirits! This fanny pack is equipped with a waterproof feature, keeping their belongings safe and dry during unexpected rain showers. The backside also features a breathable mesh for added comfort during long hours of use. Customization Options: Stand out from the crowd by customizing these fanny packs with your logo or design. Personalization adds a unique touch to the product, making it a perfect promotional item or giveaway for events and marketing campaign Packaging: Each fanny pack is individually packed in a poly bag, facilitating distribution. Versatile Use: Perfect for running, walking, cycling, and other outdoor activities. Why Choose Our Lightweight Fanny Pack? With the Lightweight Fanny Pack for Wholesale, your customers will be delighted by its stylish appearance, practical design, and unmatched convenience. It's a must-have accessory that complements any outfit, making it the go-to choice for travel, outdoor activities, and daily adventures.Lead the way in fashion and functionality with the Lightweight Fanny Pack for Wholesale. Whether you're a retailer, event organizer, or business owner, this trendy accessory is sure to captivate your customers and boost your brand image.Place your order now and take advantage of our quick lead time of just 8 days for 1-100 units or larger quantities. Let Swagbulk elevate your business with this irresistible fanny pack that's a hit among customers of all ages.

    8 Colors Available


  • Durable Custom Fanny Packs for Wholesale

    Durable Custom Fanny Packs for Wholesale

    Think fast: What's roomy, on-trend, and frees your hands for more important things? The answer? Our Durable Custom Fanny Packs for Wholesale! Bursting with practicality, these waist bags merge function with style and are the perfect companion for your daily adventures. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast requiring easy access to essentials during a run, a festival-goer wanting to keep your belongings secure yet accessible, or a business owner looking to bulk purchase unique promotional items, our custom luggage cover have got you covered! Made for everyone and anyone, these waist bags fit the bill for various occasions: gym workouts, outdoor hikes, casual outings, corporate events, and even as thoughtful branded gifts. Here's the rundown of what you're getting: Durable Fanny Pack: Constructed from robust polyester material, this fanny pack is built to withstand the daily grind. Custom Fanny Pack: Unleash your creativity with our customization options! A minimum order of 100 pieces lets you add a logo, while an order of 10 allows you to include graphic customization. Wholesale Fanny Pack: Need them in bulk? We've got you! Our fanny packs are available for wholesale, perfect for promotional or retail opportunities. Waterproof Fanny Pack: Never worry about sudden showers or accidental spills. Our fanny pack boasts a waterproof quality to protect your belongings. Waist Bag: Designed with your convenience in mind, our waist bag features a zipper closure, ensuring your items remain safe and secure. Additional key details include its unisex design, customizable color, and transfer printing type. This bag measures 43 cm in overall width, 24 cm back compartment width, 16 cm front compartment width, and 10 cm in height. So why wait? Say hello to convenience and style with our Durable Custom Fanny Packs for Wholesale! Time to get hands-free and carefree! Order now!

    8 Colors Available


  • Metallic waterproof fanny pack for wholesale

    Metallic waterproof fanny pack for wholesale

    Embrace the perfect blend of fashion and functionality with the Metallic Waterproof Fanny Pack for Wholesale from Swagbulk. This stylish and functional fanny pack is the perfect addition to your business's collection, offering a delightful blend of convenience and trend-setting design. As a business or wholesaler, grab the opportunity to elevate your product selection and cater to fashion-forward and adventure-seeking customers. Key Features: Zipper Closure Type: Ensures secure storage for all your essentials, providing peace of mind during busy days or outdoor adventures Material: PU (Polyurethane): Crafted from high-quality PU material, this fanny pack exudes durability and a touch of luxury Standard Size with Adjustable Buckles: Designed to fit comfortably around the waist, with adjustable buckles for a customizable and comfortable fit Customized Colors: Choose from a stunning array of colors to match your customers' unique styles and preferences, including black, purple, hot pink, green, light gold, red, gold, blue, rose gold, and silver Size: 14.8 * 4.4 inches: Offering a spacious interior, this fanny pack effortlessly accommodates all your essentials Gold Zipper and Black Belt: The sophisticated gold zipper complements the sleek black belt, enhancing the overall chic look Adjustable Belt: 16 - 23 inches: Suitable for various waist sizes, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for all Holographic Pattern: The eye-catching holographic design adds a touch of futuristic charm to any outfit Barrel-Shape: This unique shape combines fashion-forward aesthetics with practicality Benefits at a Glance: Large Capacity: Despite its compact size, this fanny pack boasts ample space to carry all the necessities for a day out, making it ideal for travelers, festival-goers, and daily errands Waterproof: Don't let unexpected weather conditions ruin your day! The waterproof PU material safeguards your valuables from moisture, ensuring worry-free adventures Lightweight: Designed for on-the-go convenience, this fanny pack won't weigh you down, allowing you to move freely and comfortably throughout the day At Swagbulk, we take pride in offering only the highest quality products. Our Metallic Waterproof Fanny Pack for Wholesale is no exception. Embrace this opportunity to stock up on a fashion-forward accessory that's not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. Whether your customers are urban explorers, festival enthusiasts, or everyday trendsetters, this fanny pack will undoubtedly become a popular addition to their wardrobe. As your reliable supplier, we understand the importance of timely deliveries for your business. Our efficient production and shipping processes ensure a lead time of 10 days for 1-3 units or longer, allowing you to promptly meet your customers' demands. Upgrade your business's collection with the Metallic Waterproof Fanny Pack for Wholesale. Order now and see how this stylish, functional, and holographic gem becomes a favorite among your customers, while also boosting your sales and brand reputation!

    10 Colors Available




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  • PVC Transparent Holographic Travel Waist Bag

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    PVC Transparent Holographic Travel Waist Bag

    The PVC Transparent Holographic Travel Waist Bag is a must-have accessory for fashion-forward individuals, combining trendiness and convenience. This stylish Reflective Transparent Waist Bag, also known as a Holographic Laser Fanny Pack, makes a bold fashion statement, designed exclusively for women. Key Features: Holographic Shine: Our PVC Fanny Pack is crafted with a holographic material that creates a mesmerizing and iridescent shine, making it the perfect accessory to catch everyone's attention. The holographic effect changes colors with the light, adding a touch of magic to any outfit. Vibrant Color Options: Available in three stunning color variations, our waist bags come in pink, purple, and blue. These vibrant and fun colors cater to a wide range of styles, allowing customers to choose the perfect shade that complements their personality and outfit. Transparent Window: The transparent window on the front of the bag allows users to showcase their personal belongings without compromising security. Easily display concert tickets, event passes, or ID cards for quick and convenient access. Durable PVC Material: Crafted from high-quality PVC material, this waist bag ensures long-lasting durability. The sturdy construction allows it to withstand daily use, making it an ideal choice for busy, on-the-go lifestyles. Adjustable Waist Strap: The bag features an adjustable waist strap, providing a comfortable fit for all body types. It allows customers to wear it around the waist or across the body, depending on their preferred style. Reflective Design: The reflective accents on the bag add an extra element of safety, especially during low-light conditions. Users can confidently wear the bag during evening outings, festivals, or nighttime events. Trendy Appeal: The Wholesale Clear PVC Bum Bag is not just a functional accessory but also an essential fashion piece for the modern woman. As the popularity of transparent accessories and holographic designs continues to soar, this waist bag offers a trendy and futuristic look that sets the wearer apart from the crowd. Alongside this holographic gem, the Mini Belt Bag with Logo and the chic Metallic Waterproof Fanny Pack could be two excellent choices that complement different styles and occasions. Perfect for music festivals, parties, casual outings, or even as a statement piece for everyday wear, this Holographic Laser Fanny Pack combines fashion and functionality. It allows wholesale buyers to tap into the latest fashion trends, catering to the demands of their style-conscious customers.Please note that the lead time could be approximately 5 days for orders ranging from 1 to 100 units or longer. Embrace wholesale success with the captivating Reflective Transparent Waist Bag. From fashion-forward individuals to festival-goers, this trendy PVC Bum Bag promises top-selling potential. Explore the holographic shine and elevate your inventory's allure.  

    3 Colors Available


  • Mini Belt Big with Logo for Wholesale

    Mini Belt Big with Logo for Wholesale

    Elevate your brand's style and functionality with Swagbulk's Mini Belt Bag - the ultimate wholesale accessory for businesses seeking a trendy and versatile product. This Mini Belt Bag with Logo offers a wide array of customizable options, ensuring it perfectly represents your brand's identity. Key Features: Customizable Pattern & Logo: Express your brand identity with customizable patterns and logos, creating a unique and memorable product 15 Colors & Customized Color: Choose from 15 vibrant colors or customize the color to suit your brand's aesthetics Waterproof & Durable: The nylon material ensures the bag is waterproof, tear-resistant, and ready to tackle any adventure Size & Weight: Compact and lightweight, measuring 8.0 * 5.5 * 1.9 inches and weighing only 0.35 lbs for easy portability Zipper Closure & High-Quality Buckle: Securely store belongings with the zipper closure and high-quality buckle Packaging: Each bag comes individually packed in a poly bag, ensuring cleanliness and presentation Inner Pocket & Mesh Bags: The inner pocket keeps essentials organized, and mesh bags on both sides offer additional storage Printing Options: Embroidered, silk screen printed, digital printed, transfer print, sublimation print, offset print, hot foil, embossed, or debossed. Benefits: Waterproof & Versatile: Ideal for various outdoor activities and travel, protecting contents from unexpected weather Spacious & Organized: The inner pocket and mesh bags ensure convenient organization and quick access to items Eco-Friendly: Made with durable, reusable materials, promoting sustainable practices for your brand Durable & Reliable: Built to last, providing customers with a reliable product they can trust Impress your customers and boost brand visibility with Swagbulk's Wholesale Mini Belt Bag with Logo. Whether used as promotional merchandise or sold as trendy accessories, this versatile bag will undoubtedly make a lasting impression. Our Wholesale Mini Belt Bag with Logo typically has a lead time of 15 days for orders ranging from 1 to 3000 units or longer. Place your order now to secure this trendy and customizable accessory for your business!Don't wait - place your order now and watch your brand stand out!

    15 Colors Available


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