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  • Wholesale Foldable Camping Lawn Chair

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    Wholesale Foldable Camping Lawn Chair

    Grab a seat and unwind – but not just any seat! Our Wholesale Foldable Camping Lawn Chair is a melange of vibrant aesthetics, unbeatable comfort, and portability that's as easy as a summer breeze. It's the alfresco seating solution that screams fun and functionality in equal measure. Whether you’re a business gearing up for an outdoor event, a brand looking for a versatile promotional gift, or simply someone seeking to add a pop of color and convenience to their outings, this chair has got you covered. Event planners can use these as delightful and durable seating options, retailers can stock up for the summer demand, and corporations can leverage them as branded outdoor essentials. And for those simply looking for their personal sunny day companion? Your quest ends here. Features: Color Carnival: Choose from playful pink, wonderful white, radiant red, or vivacious violet. The variety ensures there’s a hue for every mood and event, making every outing vibrant. Featherweight Yet Fierce: Crafted with the resilience of oxford and aluminium, weighing a mere 4 kg. This combo means effortless carrying without compromising on strength. Compact Magic: The foldable design shrinks down to 24 x 15 x 23.5 inches. Transporting and storing becomes a cinch, even in the most cramped spaces. Comfort Guaranteed: Outfitted with 30DD Fabric and a handy mesh cup holder. Lounge in luxury while keeping your refreshing drink within arm's reach. Resilient Companion: Boasts a stain and moisture-resistant make. Adventures can be messy, but your chair will always look its best. Robust and Reliable: The quad armchair design ensures stability. Sit back and relax, knowing you're in a chair that prioritizes safety. It's more than just a chair; it's an experience waiting to unfold. Turn the outdoors into your comfort zone – click and order your foldable camping lawn chair today!

    4 Colors Available


  • Reclinable Folding Outdoor Camping Chair with Cup Holder

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    Reclinable Folding Outdoor Camping Chair with Cup Holder

    Imagine basking under the sun, feeling a gentle breeze against your skin, and lounging comfortably in a chair that caters to every whim. This isn't your typical outdoor seat; it's our Reclinable Folding Outdoor Camping Chair with Cup Holder. Ah, pure bliss, right? And, oh, did we mention the cup holder? From the weekend campers relishing nature's best views to the event planners aiming to provide ultra-comfort seating, this chair is everyone's trusty companion. Picture a beachside wedding, a corporate outdoor retreat, or even a backyard BBQ. With the reclining feature, guests can lean back and enjoy the ambience, sipping a drink nestled securely in the built-in cup holder. Those looking to bulk order for events or businesses, behold the ultimate chair that promises utility, durability, and a dash of modern elegance. Features: Camping Chair with Reclining Feature: Lean back, close your eyes, and recline! Multiple gear adjustments mean you choose your level of relaxation. From an upright posture to a more laid-back stance, find your sweet spot. Folding Outdoor Chair with Cup Holder: Stay refreshed without the juggle. With a built-in cup holder, enjoy hands-free lounging, ensuring your beverage stays within arm's reach, safe and sound. Material & Design: Crafted meticulously using stainless steel and aluminum alloy bracket, this chair stands the test of time. Not only is it stable and durable, but its modern design aesthetic adds a touch of class to any outdoor setting. Easy Operation & Space-saving: Thanks to the fixed bar on the back, adjusting and folding this chair is a breeze. Once folded, it's compact enough to fit even the most cramped storage spaces. Color Variants: Choose between the vivacious yellow, perfect for those sunny outdoor events, or the classic black, an evergreen color that goes with every setting. Customization Galore: For businesses or event planners, we offer a variety of customization options. Whether it's imprinting a logo, choosing specific packaging, or graphic customization, we've got you covered. Now, isn't it time to upgrade your outdoor seating game? With our Reclinable Folding Outdoor Camping Chair, every outdoor experience is elevated, one recline at a time. Happy lounging!

    2 Color Available


  • Heavy Duty Outdoor Steel Folding Chairs With Side Table

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    Heavy Duty Outdoor Steel Folding Chairs With Side Table

    Roll out the red carpet for the king of outdoor chairs! Our Heavy Duty Outdoor Steel Folding Chairs are not just about sitting; they're about savoring every moment under the open sky with added luxury and convenience. Perfect for retailers seeking durable products for the outdoor-loving clientele, cafes wanting to elevate their outdoor seating experience, or event organizers in pursuit of heavy-duty yet stylish seating solutions. Personal users? These chairs are set to be the crown jewel of your fishing trips, camping adventures, hunting excursions, or just those serene moments in the garden. Features: Customizable Colors: Besides the classic brown, tailor the chair color to resonate with your brand or personal style. Generously Spacious: Sporting dimensions of 32.8" (Height) x 19.8" (Side Width) x 11.22" (Length) and weighing 7.57 kg, comfort and portability go hand in hand. Mighty Strength: With a weight capacity of a solid 158.75 kg, this chair won't back down, ensuring it supports you through thick and thin. Built-in Convenience: Features a large side table with an integrated cup holder. Your essentials, from beverages to books, have found their spot. Master of All Trades: Be it fishing, hunting, camping, or lounging in the garden, this chair's versatility shines through. Durability Defined: Constructed with heavy-duty steel, it's designed to stand the test of time, wear, and weather. Outdoor adventures are calling, and your throne awaits! Secure your Heavy Duty Outdoor Steel Folding Chair today and bask in the blend of comfort and style.

    2 Color Available


  • Portable Folding Lawn Chair with Built-In Cooler

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    Portable Folding Lawn Chair with Built-In Cooler

    Introducing the Portable Folding Lawn Chair with Built-In Cooler – a versatile outdoaor solution that combines comfort and functionality. Say goodbye to carrying chairs and coolers separately – this lightweight chair with a built-in cooler keeps your beverages chilled while providing a comfortable seat.2-in-1 Cooler and Chair: Integrated cooler offers easy access to beverages, ensuring refreshment during outdoor activities.Lightweight and Portable: Weighing only 1.3 kg, it's easy to carry to the beach, camping, or events.Durable 600D Cordura Fabric: Constructed with sturdy material for long-lasting outdoor use and stability.Compact and Foldable: Folds into a compact size for convenient storage and transportation.Ample Seating Space: Measures 35*28*58CM, providing comfortable seating.

    1 Color Available


  • Customizable Folding Camp Moon Chair

    Customizable Folding Camp Moon Chair

    On the hunt for a comfy seat for your upcoming outdoor adventures? Your search ends right here! Say hello to our awesome Customizable Folding Camp Moon Chair – your new best buddy for camping, festivals, and chill backyard hangouts! With its sturdy construction and innovative design, this camp chair is the ideal choice for businesses and wholesalers. We understand that your customers have diverse preferences, so we offer a range of options to ensure complete satisfaction. Key Features: Ultimate Comfort: The ergonomic design and padded seat provide exceptional comfort for hours of sitting. Durable and Sturdy: Built with high-quality materials, this chair is designed to withstand frequent use and various weather conditions, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. Easy to Carry and Store: Its folding design allows for easy transportation and storage, ensuring hassle-free mobility. Customizability: Choose from 8 stunning colors or customize your own chair with your logo, branding, or preferred design. Stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression! Versatile Use: This chair is suitable for a wide range of applications, including camping trips, outdoor events, trade shows, music festivals, and more! Compact and Lightweight: The foldable design makes it easy to carry and occupy minimal space, perfect for businesses and wholesalers with limited storage capacity. Easy Maintenance: The removable fabric is easy to clean, ensuring your chairs always look fresh and inviting. Reliable Performance: Our Customizable Folding Camp Moon Chair undergoes rigorous quality control measures, guaranteeing a long-lasting and dependable product. Bulk Orders: Ideal for businesses and wholesalers, the Customizable Folding Camp Moon Chair is available for bulk orders. Benefit from wholesale pricing and elevate your brand's presence. While our moon chair stands out for its exceptional features, sometimes, hanging out becomes more than just sitting. For those who fancy a more laid-back vibe, swinging gently and soaking in nature, our Round Rope Hammock Swing Macrame Hanging Chair serves as an unparalleled choice, merging aesthetics with comfort. Embrace the opportunity to create a lasting impression with the Customizable Folding Camp Moon Chair. Elevate your outdoor experiences, showcase your brand, and provide comfortable seating that stands out. Whether you're hosting an event or looking to expand your product range, this moon chair is a versatile and practical investment. Order now and enjoy the perfect blend of comfort, style, and branding.

    8 Colors Available




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