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  • Eco Friendly Custom Logo Hair Brush for Bulk

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    Eco Friendly Custom Logo Hair Brush for Bulk

    Unleash the power of sustainability while untangling those tresses with our Eco Friendly Custom Logo Hair Brush. As hair grooming advances with time, eco-conscious choices have become a significant trend. Wondering how to tackle wet hair? Our hollow net hair brush is a worthy companion. Or, if you're searching for a brush that smoothly detangles, look no further than our detangling paddle hair brush. This hair brush is not only perfect for personal use but also an exceptional option for businesses seeking eco-friendly bulk products. It's an ideal pick for salons prioritizing sustainability, eco-resorts offering organic toiletries to their guests, or companies wanting to add a green touch to their promotional giveaways. Featuring: Eco-friendly Hair Brush: Designed with a love for our planet, these hair brushes are made from natural bamboo, reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability. Custom Logo Hair Brush: Showcase your brand identity or personal style with our logo customization option. Make a statement while you comb your hair. Bulk Hair Brush: Availability in bulk makes it a perfect choice for businesses, events, or large families who love to coordinate. Personalized Hair Brush: From graphic customization to packaging, personalize your brushes for a unique, personal touch. Sustainable Hair Brush: Bamboo isn't just eco-friendly, it's durable too, ensuring you can enjoy using these brushes for longer. The beauty of this hair brush isn't only skin deep. Beneath its aesthetic appeal, it harbors a myriad of benefits for your hair and scalp. Its anti-static nature prevents your hair from becoming frizzy, while the ball-tipped bristles massage your scalp, stimulating blood circulation for healthier hair. The brushes' clear texture and beautiful, delicate touch make them suitable for all hair types. So why not turn the mundane task of brushing your hair into an act that helps our planet? Embrace the green revolution with our Eco Friendly Custom Logo Hair Brush today. Let your hair shine with the power of sustainability!

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  • 2 in 1 Plastic Hair Brush and Travel Mirror in Bulk

    Your style, your rules - even on the go! The 2 in 1 Plastic Hair Brush and Travel Mirror combo is your ultimate travel companion, ensuring you remain fresh and fabulous no matter where you are. This chic yet practical accessory perfectly fits into your busy lifestyle, merging fashion with function. Ideal for everyone - from the busy business traveler who needs a quick touch-up before a meeting, to the beauty-conscious college student on a budget, our Travel-Sized Hair Brush and Mirror in Bulk are designed to cater to everyone's needs. These sets are also an excellent addition for hotels looking to enhance their guest amenities or businesses in the beauty industry searching for high-quality promotional or resale items. Features: 2 in 1 Design: A convenient folding feature allows this product to function as both a travel hair brush and mirror, saving space and offering versatility. Compact Size: With a folded size of 10.9cm3.9cm2.5cm and an unfolded length of 20.5cm, it's the perfect travel-sized accessory that fits easily in your handbag or luggage. Quality Materials: Crafted from durable PP, TPR, and ABS materials, this set promises longevity and comfort. Colorful Variety: Available in a palette of white, purple, green, orange, and red, there's an option to suit every style and preference. Customization: Add a touch of personal flair or brand it to your business with customized logo or packaging. Stay stylish and organized with our 2 in 1 Plastic Hair Brush and Travel Mirror combo. Don't compromise on your grooming routine while on the move. Make this handy accessory your travel essential today!


  • Custom Wood Curved Boar Bristle Hair Brush for Bulk

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    Custom Wood Curved Boar Bristle Hair Brush for Bulk

    Welcome to the world of flawless hairstyling! Seeking a reliable supplier for custom wood curved boar bristle hair brushes in bulk? Look no further! Embrace the magic of our premium brushes, ensuring effortless waves and delighted customers. Say hello to top-notch haircare solutions! Key Features: Beech Wood Material: Crafted from high-quality beech wood, our hair brush offers durability and a luxurious feel. Boar Bristle Mixed Synthetic Bristle: The combination of boar bristle and synthetic bristle ensures optimal hair brushing performance and gentle care.Get Great Waves with Less Effort: The curved design of our brush allows for effortless styling, making it ideal for creating beautiful waves. Color Options: Black, Red, Natural Wood, Blue Dimensions: 2.7 * 9.4 * 0.5 inches Logo, Packaging, Graphic Customization: Customize your hair brushes with your own logo, packaging, and graphics to enhance your brand identity. Perfect for Wholesale: With our bulk purchase option, you can easily stock up on professional curved boar bristle hair brushes for your business or wholesale needs.Lead Time: 15 days for 1-100 pieces (or longer based on order quantity) For those who appreciate the extended grip, our Long Handle Wood Boar Bristle Hair Brush is a delightful option, ensuring ease of use with an extra dash of style. And if brand customization is your priority, our Custom Logo Boar Bristle Hair Brush ensures that your brand remains at the forefront, making every stroke a testament to your brand's commitment to quality. Bulk Custom Wood Curved Boar Bristle Hair Brush: Get the waves you desire with ease.

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  • Round Portable Wet Hair Brush and Mirror for Wholesale

    Round Portable Wet Hair Brush and Mirror for Wholesale

    Elevate your hair care game with Swagbulk's Round Portable Wet Hair Brush and Mirror - the ultimate choice for businesses and wholesalers seeking top-quality hair accessories. This two-in-one comb and mirror is a game-changer, offering versatility, convenience, and exceptional performance. And if you're looking for additional hair care solutions, our promotional detangling plastic hair brush and detangling paddle hair brush are equally impressive, catering to diverse hair care needs. Crafted with precision, our hair brush delivers a soothing massage to the scalp, making it a must-have for anyone seeking effortless styling on-the-go. Here are the key features that set this product apart from the rest: Key Features: Material & Colors: Available in 7 charming colors - white, rose red, pink, purple, black, blue, and green, making it perfect for diverse preferences Brush Material: Crafted with nylon bristles, ensuring gentle detangling and smooth gliding through the hair Design & Functionality: The round portable wet hair brush easily expands to 180 degrees, transforming into a full-size comb for versatile styling Massage Teeth: Combining soft and hard massage teeth, this brush provides a relaxing massage experience while promoting scalp health Compact & Hand Material: The portable design and plastic hand material make it an ideal travel companion for easy storage and convenience Logo Customization: Embrace branding opportunities with our private label logo option, making it a personalized and professional choice Packaging & Weight: Each brush is individually packaged in an OPP bag and weighs a mere 0.07 lbs, ensuring easy handling and shipping   Benefits: Easy to Carry & Massage Comb: A compact and portable solution, perfect for on-the-go hair care and styling Scalp-Friendly Ball Head: Ensures a gentle and comfortable experience, preventing scalp irritation and hair damage Convenient Storage: The brush easily fits in handbags, backpacks, or travel cases, offering hassle-free storage and instant access Versatility: From detangling wet hair to styling dry hair, this brush meets all your hair care needs with ease Lead Time: Please note that the lead time for orders ranging from 1 to 600 units is approximately 7 days or longer. Rest assured, our efficient production and shipping processes ensure timely delivery of your wholesale hair brushes   Upgrade your hair care routine with Swagbulk's Round Portable Wet Hair Brush and Mirror for Wholesale. Offer your customers the gift of luxurious and convenient styling while enhancing your brand's image with custom logo options. Don't miss out on this exceptional deal - order now and elevate your hair care inventory to new heights!  

    7 Colors Available


  • Gold Electroplated Hair Brush for Wholesale

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    Gold Electroplated Hair Brush for Wholesale

    Gold Electroplated Hair Brush for Wholesale Discover the secret to flawlessly styled hair with the Gold Electroplated Hair Brush for Wholesale. Embrace this chance to stock up on a product that is destined to become a sought-after favorite among your customers, and witness its undeniable allure and performance win hearts and hair alike. Step into the world of luxurious hair care today with Swagbulk's finest creation!   Key Features:   Color: Electroplated Gold, exuding sophistication and style Compact Size: 2.2 * 0.9 * 5.5 inches, making it perfect for carrying on the go Weight: 0.03 lbs, providing a lightweight and comfortable experience Hair Length: 0.59 inches, ideal for effective hair care without causing damage Material: Crafted from ABS electroplated fiber wool for a luxurious touch Waterproof: Ensures durability and easy maintenance Comfortable Grip: Designed with an oval handle for effortless use Benefits at a Glance: Clean Up Broken Hair: The Gold Electroplated Hair Brush is excellent at gently collecting and removing broken hair, leaving your locks looking flawless Tool Cleaning: Its efficient design allows for easy cleaning of various hair styling tools, keeping them in top condition Oil Head Carding: Tame unruly hair and distribute natural oils evenly for a healthier, lustrous shine Dust Cleanup: Keep your hair looking fresh and clean by swiftly removing dust particles Easy to Carry: With its compact size and lightweight build, this brush fits conveniently in purses, bags, or pockets, ensuring you can maintain your hairstyle anytime, anywhere Soft & Anti-Static Function: Experience gentle strokes that are soft on your hair and eliminate static, leaving you with smooth, frizz-free locks No Skin Damage: The gentle bristles are designed to protect your scalp and hair, preventing any potential skin damage We take pride in offering top-notch wholesale hair care accessories, and the Gold Electroplated Hair Brush is no exception. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, it guarantees a seamless hair care experience for your customers. As your reliable partner, we understand the importance of prompt deliveries for your business. Our efficient production and shipping processes ensure a lead time of 15 days for 1-1000 units or longer, allowing you to restock and meet your customers' demands promptly. Elevate your business's hair care collection with the stunning Gold Electroplated Hair Brush for Wholesale from Swagbulk. Your customers will love its premium features and you'll appreciate the recurring business it brings. Order now and watch this exquisite hairbrush become a bestseller in no time!

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  • Custom Logo Beard Boar Bristle Hair Brush

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    Custom Logo Beard Boar Bristle Hair Brush

    Ever caught your reflection and noticed a rogue beard hair flying away? Wouldn't it be nice to have a tool that helps you maintain a well-groomed, sophisticated look? That's where our Custom Logo Beard Boar Bristle Hair Brush steps in, the champion of your grooming routine! This brush is the ultimate choice for individuals, barbershops, beauty salons, or brands aiming to provide top-tier grooming experiences. Whether you're a man maintaining a majestic beard or a business that caters to such gentlemen, this brush can be a game-changer. It's a fantastic accessory for personal use, and a vital tool for professional stylists. Moreover, it can be an appealing merchandise or promotional product for grooming products' brands with its customizable logo option. Get to know this incredible tool better: Customization at Its Best: Enhance brand recall every grooming session with the customizable boar bristle hair brush tailored with your unique logo. Beard Brush: Specially designed to tame even the most stubborn beard, giving you a well-groomed look that's sure to impress. Boar Bristle Hair Brush: Made from natural boar bristles that are perfect for distributing oils evenly across your beard, keeping it shiny and healthy. Wooden Hair Brush: The handle made from high-quality wood provides a sturdy grip for control during grooming sessions. Natural Hair Brush: Crafted with natural materials to offer the most organic and wholesome beard grooming experience. It's available in three distinct colors: Wooden Lubricious, Pink, and Black. Crafted with beech and bristles, the brush offers a light and easy-to-use experience. The brush head is reinforced with a special technology, ensuring the bristles are not easy to fall off and last for a long time. The wooden grasp design adds to the overall aesthetics and functionality of the brush. Turnaround for orders up to 1000 pieces is a mere 15 days, and for larger orders, we are open to negotiations. Remember, we offer customization options for orders of 5000 pieces or more, letting you leave your mark with a personalized logo or packaging. Elevate your grooming game or provide your customers with the best beard grooming experience possible! Get your Custom Logo Beard Boar Bristle Hair Brush today!

    3 Colors Available


  • Detangling Paddle Hair Brush for Wholesale

    Detangling Paddle Hair Brush for Wholesale

    Has detangling your hair become a daily struggle? Say hello to your new styling best friend - the Detangling Paddle Hair Brush! This isn't just a brush - it's the ultimate hair care hero that will transform your hair game forever. Whether you are a haircare enthusiast seeking to upgrade your home hair care routine, a professional hairdresser looking to add more functionality to your salon, or a retailer hunting for the next top-selling hair product, this brush is the answer. It's designed to meet everyone's needs and work with all hair types, providing a quick detangling solution without breaking a sweat. It's the perfect item for bulk and wholesale businesses, fitting effortlessly into hair care kits, salon equipment, or event goodie bags. Key features of this brush are: Detangling Paddle Hair Brush: This brush does more than detangle; it pampers your hair with every stroke. Bulk Detangling Hair Brush: Ideal for businesses looking to equip their stores or salons with high-quality, in-demand hair products. Paddle Hair Brush: With a wide base, this brush covers more area, helping you style your hair faster and more efficiently. Hair Brush for All Hair Types: Everyone can benefit from this brush, regardless of hair type - curly, straight, thick, thin, it works with them all! Tangle-Free Hair Brush: Say goodbye to frustrating knots and hello to smooth, lustrous locks. Boasting an array of vibrant colors, our brush is as stylish as it is functional. It's made from tough, high-temperature resistant ABS and rubber materials, ensuring durability and longevity. With a hollowed-out mesh design and high elasticity soft comb teeth, it glides through hair, easily tackling knots and reducing entanglement. Its lightweight, portable design and ergonomic handle make it a joy to use. And for those in need of options, explore our alternative detangling solution or the promotional detangling brush that's perfect for events and branding opportunities. The lead time for orders of up to 50 brushes is just 7 days, and we are flexible with larger quantities. Plus, for a minimum order of 50 pieces, we offer logo customization - great for businesses wanting to leave a lasting impression. So why wait? Add the Detangling Paddle Hair Brush to your hair care routine, or stock it in your store, and prepare for a life-changing hair experience! Order now!

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  • Long Handle Wood Boar Bristle Hair Brush

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    Long Handle Wood Boar Bristle Hair Brush

    Is there a secret to soft, shiny, and lustrous hair? Yes, there is, and it's right here! Get ready to be amazed by the transformative power of our Long Handle Wood Boar Bristle Hair Brush - the only tool you'll ever need for that salon-fresh look at home. Anyone and everyone can benefit from this hair brush. Whether you're ordering for personal grooming or seeking to elevate your salon's hair tools, this brush is the answer. Stocking up for a beauty supply store? Looking for distinctive, practical event favors? Or, planning to upgrade your corporate gifting game? This brush fits the bill perfectly for any bulk and wholesale requirements. Intriguing Features: Long Handle Boar Bristle Hair Brush: Boasts of a long, comfortable, and ergonomically curved handle, making hair grooming a breeze. Natural Boar Bristle Hair Brush: Its natural boar bristles tenderly untangle hair, enhancing its texture and shine by distributing the scalp's natural oils evenly. Tangle-Free Boar Bristle Hair Brush: A lifesaver for tangled hair, it smoothens your locks, preventing hair breakage and loss. Volumizing Boar Bristle Hair Brush: Get fuller and bouncier hair with every stroke, thanks to the volumizing magic of boar bristles. But that's not all! This brush doubles as a beard brush as well, keeping your beard clean and tidy. The bristle reinforcement design guarantees durability, ensuring the bristles do not fall off easily. The elegant handle design provides comfort, and its smooth, thick back exudes warmth. Ready to transform your hair and beard grooming experience? Order our Long Handle Wood Boar Bristle Hair Brush today and enjoy the difference it brings to your everyday look!

    5 Colors Available


  • Plastic Sublimated Hair Brush with Bristles

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    Plastic Sublimated Hair Brush with Bristles

    Who knew a humble hairbrush could transform into a piece of art? With the Plastic Sublimated Hair Brush with Bristles, you're not just taming your tresses; you're embracing a lifestyle, one strand at a time. This is a must-have for those who value personalized style and function, whether it's for individual use or as part of a business offering. Hair salons, boutiques, gift shops, or anyone needing bulk and wholesale products for their brand can stand out by offering these stylish combs. They are ideal as a promotional product for events, or as a special addition to a retail product line. Noteworthy features of our Plastic Sublimated Hair Brush with Bristles include: Bulk Custom DIY Hair Combs: Unleash your creativity with fully customizable hair combs that match your brand or personal style. Wholesale Sublimation Hair Combs: Buy in bulk and save, perfect for B2B deals or large events. Bring your brand to life with these stylish and practical hair combs. Retail Heat Transfer Hairbrushes: Made with a heat transfer process that guarantees vibrant, long-lasting colors and designs. Customizable Bristles and Handle: The comb features a plastic tooth material and handle, with the main body made from a combination of plastic and aluminum. The result? A lightweight yet durable hairbrush that weighs only 0.05kg. Personalized Styling: Customization options include logos and graphic designs, with minimum orders starting from just one piece. The Plastic Sublimated Hair Brush with Bristles is available in two classic colors: black and white, ensuring a match for every taste. Why settle for a plain comb when you can brush your hair with an accessory that's uniquely you? Step up your grooming game or give your customers something to remember with our Plastic Sublimated Hair Brush with Bristles. Order yours today!

    1 Color Available


  • Promotional Detangling Plastic Hair Brush for Bulk

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    Promotional Detangling Plastic Hair Brush for Bulk

    Guess what's here to make your mornings less hectic and more vibrant? Our Durable Custom Detangling Hair Brush for Wholesale, available in shades of Pink, Yellow, and Rose Red! This champion of all hair types transforms the daily challenge of hair management into an effortless breeze. Small businesses, salon owners, personal users, and anyone in between, it's your lucky day! Looking for promotional items for an event, planning to retail quality hair brushes, or simply need a reliable solution for morning tangles? These plastic detangling hair brushes are your answer! With minimum order quantities, you can get your brand logo, customized packaging, and even graphics on these handy companions. Plus, they're perfect for any occasion - corporate giveaways, beauty store stocks, salon utilities, or just a personal essential! Here's what makes these brushes truly stand out: Promotional Detangling Hair Brush: With a minimum order of 5000 pieces, add your logo and make a memorable promotional item. Bulk Detangling Hair Brush: Great for businesses seeking to expand their product range or planning large-scale events. Plastic Detangling Hair Brush: Crafted from durable ABS plastic, these brushes promise longevity and performance. Tangle-free Hair Brush: Designed with nylon bristles, they glide through hair effortlessly, reducing breakage and maintaining hair health. Hair Brush for All Hair Types: These brushes are gentle yet effective on all hair types, from fine and straight to thick and curly. The brushes come in a compact cushion design, with a size of 14.5x6x3 cm and weighing just 30.7 g - perfect for on-the-go detangling. Your logo can be added via silk screen, stamp printing, or heat transfer printing. The moment is here to bring the joy back into hair care with our Durable Custom Detangling Hair Brushes for Wholesale. Make that move and place your order now!

    3 Colors Available


  • Hollow Net Hair Brush for Wet Hair Wholesale

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    Hollow Net Hair Brush for Wet Hair Wholesale

    Do you hear the gentle whisper of an effortless detangling routine calling your name? The Hollow Net Hair Brush for Wet Hair is your answer to a seamless, smooth, and enjoyable hair care experience that feels as good as it looks! For personal grooming enthusiasts, hair care professionals, salons, or businesses dealing in beauty products, this hair brush is a game-changer. It's ideal for individuals who need a tangle-free solution post-shower or for those businesses looking for an edge in providing exceptional hair care supplies. What's more, with bulk wholesale and customization options, this product can be your new best friend or your best seller! Key Features: Hollow Net Hair Brush: The innovative hollow design ensures efficient air passage for fast drying and less hair damage. Wet Hair Brush: It's the perfect tool for detangling post-shower hair, minimizing breakage, and maintaining hair health. Tangle-free Hair Brush: Knots and tangles are history with this hair brush designed to glide through hair effortlessly. Hair Brush for Wet Hair: This brush is ideal for wet hair but versatile enough for dry hair, making it a versatile tool. Detangling Hair Brush: Suitable for all hair types, this brush gently detangles, leaving your hair smooth and manageable. The brush is available in several vibrant colors: blue, black, pink, orange, purple, and cyan. Constructed with fresh and environmentally friendly ABS and nylon material, it promises longevity and a positive environmental footprint. With a comfortable and lightweight handle design, coupled with high elastic and soft comb for scalp massage, it assures a pleasant grooming experience. For orders up to 1000 pieces, expect a swift turnaround of just 15 days. Bigger orders can be negotiated. For bulk orders, we offer customization options, including customized logos and packaging, for orders of 1200 pieces and more. Elevate your grooming game or boost your business product line with the Hollow Net Hair Brush for Wet Hair. Place your order now!

    6 Colors Available


  • Custom Logo Boar Bristle Hair Brush for Wholesale

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    Custom Logo Boar Bristle Hair Brush for Wholesale

    Elevate your haircare selection with Swagbulk's Wholesale Custom Logo Boar Bristle Hair Brush - a premium option for businesses and wholesalers. This top-notch hairbrush seamlessly blends practicality and elegance, making it a must-have for your stock. Key Features: Stylish Variety: Available in black, blue, red, and natural wood + black boar bristle options, ensuring stylish diversity Non-Disposable & Durable: Designed for long-term use, offering excellent value and minimizing environmental impact Versatile Paddle Design: This innovative design ensures efficient detangling, and its dual utility serves both beard and hair, making it reminiscent of our other specialty brush tailored for beards. High-Quality Materials: The brush features beech wood for the handle and fine boar bristles for effective hair care Ergonomic & Anti-Slip Grip: The brush boasts an ergonomic design for comfortable and precise use Compact & Lightweight: Weighing only 0.19 lbs, it is perfect for travel and daily grooming routines Bristle Length & Handle Thickness: The fine bristles are 0.7 inches long, and the handle thickness is 0.66 inches Portable & Easy to Use: Measuring 4.9 inches in length and 2.7 inches in width, it's convenient to carry and store 100% Natural Ingredient: Crafted with boar bristles, ensuring a skin-friendly and sustainable choice Benefits: Efficient Hair Care: Ideal for detangling, shaping, and cleaning beard and hair Comfortable Touch: The brush provides a comfortable and gentle touch on the scalp and skin Perfect Scalp Massage: The wave design perfectly fits the scalp, offering a relaxing and invigorating massage Custom Logo Branding: Add your logo for a professional and branded touch, enhancing your brand visibility Personal & Wholesale Use: Suitable for individual use and bulk orders for salons, barbershops, and more The Wholesale Custom Logo Boar Bristle Hair Brush typically has a lead time of 15 days for orders ranging from 1 to 100 units or longer. Elevate your haircare offerings with the Wholesale Custom Logo Boar Bristle Hair Brush from Swagbulk. This durable and stylish brush offers effective hair shaping, detangling, and scalp massage.Whether for personal grooming or as a stylish addition to your wholesale inventory, this hairbrush is a versatile and essential choice. Order now to provide your customers with a top-quality haircare solution!

    4 Colors Available


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