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  • Glowing LED Plastic Party Cup

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    Glowing LED Plastic Party Cup

    Illuminate your nights and make every sip shine with our Glowing LED Plastic Party Cup! Ready to make every drink feel like a light show, this is the ultimate accessory to amp up the ambiance of any event. Event planners, imagine the awe on guests' faces as they're handed drinks that glow! Retailers, stock up on the trend everyone's chasing. Brands keen on sponsoring nighttime events? Here's a merchandising marvel. For every individual out there, think beach bonfires, terrace soirées, or just jazzing up a weekend at home. With a splash of glowing color, this LED party cup takes the ordinary and turns it extraordinary. Features: Luminous Choices: Available in mesmerizing pink and green lights to match the mood or theme of your soirée. Perfect Dimensions: Sized at 8 cm (top diameter) x 6.2 cm (base) x 13.5 cm (height), it's ideal for just the right amount of your favorite beverage. Built Tough: Crafted from thicker plastic, our cups are not just drop-resistant but are made to withstand the liveliest of parties. Sleek Design: Smooth cup walls not only make for a sophisticated look but also ensure a comfortable grip thanks to the ergonomic design. Long-Lasting Luminescence: Uses a reliable lithium battery at the base, ensuring your cup's glow doesn't dim before the party's over. On-Demand Illumination: The LED light can be controlled manually, giving you the power to decide when to light up and when to lay low. Ditch the ordinary and grab your Glowing LED Plastic Party Cup now! Drink, dazzle, repeat. The night truly belongs to you.

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  • Custom LED Yard Cup

    Custom LED Yard Cup

    Take your events to the next level with our amazing Custom LED Yard Cup. It's a real game-changer that will grab people's attention and get them talking. Whether you're a business or a wholesaler, this cool cup has lots of perks that will make your offerings stand out and make a big impact. Key Features: Generous Capacity: With a whopping 700 ml capacity, our LED Yard Cup lets your customers enjoy their beverages for longer, ensuring they stay hydrated and engaged throughout your events. Premium PET Material: Crafted from high-quality PET, this cup guarantees durability and clarity, allowing the vibrant colors and mesmerizing LED effect to shine through. Customizable Logo: Add a personal touch with silk printing or heat transfer of your logo. This customization not only reinforces your brand but also creates a sense of unity and identity among event attendees. Versatile Color Options: Choose from transparent, translucent, or solid colors to match your event's theme or branding. The variety of colors ensures a cohesive and eye-catching presentation. Benefits: Memorable Impact: The mesmerizing LED effect adds a touch of wonder and excitement to your events, ensuring they stand out and remain memorable long after they're over. Enhanced Engagement: With its larger capacity, attendees can enjoy their favorite drinks without frequent refills, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the event's activities. Brand Reinforcement: Customizable with your logo, the LED Yard Cup becomes a unique marketing tool, reinforcing brand awareness and generating positive associations. Durable Presentation: Crafted from premium PET material, these cups retain their clarity and quality, ensuring your event's visual aesthetics are maintained from start to finish. Flexible Event Integration: Whether it's a festival, corporate gathering, or promotional event, the LED Yard Cup adds a touch of excitement and fun, making it a versatile addition to your event arsenal. Efficient Turnaround: With a lead time of just 20 days for 1 - 5000 units, you can seamlessly incorporate these cups into your upcoming events, ensuring they're ready to shine when the spotlight is on. If you're looking to diversify your drinkware range, our unique martini glass with an octopus twist or the elegant hand-blown martini glass are perfect additions, ensuring you have something for every occasion. Make a lasting impression with the Custom LED Yard Cup. This isn't just a cup; it's an experience, a statement, and an unforgettable addition to your events. 


  • LED Drink Coaster

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    LED Drink Coaster

    Step up your business's vibe with our cool LED Drink Coasters. They're a super stylish way to make your brand shine and grab your customers' attention. Perfect for businesses and wholesalers, these coasters are all about making a big impact and giving your customers an awesome time they won't forget. Key Features:   Versatile Material and Colors: Crafted from high-quality EVA material, our LED Drink Coasters come in a range of vibrant and customizable colors. They add a pop of personality to your setting, fitting perfectly with your brand or event theme. Size Options for Versatility: Choose from various sizes – 1.4 inches, 1.6 inches, 2 inches, and 2.4 inches – allowing you to match the coasters to your glasses and cups for a seamless look. Dynamic Functions: These coasters are more than just eye candy. They offer four functions: quick flashing, slow flashing, steady on, and easy on/off. Adjust the mode to set the right mood for different occasions. Secure Packaging: Each coaster comes individually packaged in a separate OPP bag, ensuring they remain in pristine condition during storage and shipping. Long-lasting Battery: Powered by a single 2032 button battery, our LED Drink Coasters offer continuous illumination for up to 10 hours, keeping the atmosphere vibrant throughout your events.   Benefits:   Captivating Ambiance: The colorful and dynamic LED effects create an inviting and engaging environment that draws customers in and keeps them entertained. Brand Enhancement: Customizable colors and sizes allow you to showcase your brand identity, creating a memorable visual experience that customers will associate with your business. Event Flexibility: Whether it's a grand opening, a themed party, or a hospitality event, our LED Drink Coasters effortlessly adapt to any setting, adding an extra layer of sophistication. Customer Engagement: The interactivity of the flashing modes encourages customers to engage with the coasters, sparking conversations and leaving a memorable impression. Efficient Turnaround: With a lead time of just 15 days for 1 - 50 units, you can quickly incorporate these mesmerizing coasters into your establishment or events.     Spark Conversations, Create Memories:   Our LED Drink Coasters transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. It's best used with a custom logo shot glass and this unique martini glass. Whether you're a business owner looking to create a unique brand image or a wholesaler seeking standout products, these coasters are a surefire way to leave a lasting mark.

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  • Magic LED Color Changing Beer Glass

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    Magic LED Color Changing Beer Glass

    Feast your eyes on our Magic LED Color Changing Beer Glass, the rainbow-hued spectacle that's just as dazzling as the contents it holds. Picture a forest of these radiant beauties twinkling in your bar or home, each glass alive with vibrant color. This isn't just another piece of barware—it's an illumination celebration in every sip! Anyone can take the party to a whole new level with our Magic LED Color Changing Beer Glass. It's an absolute crowd-pleaser for event planners or individuals looking to add some spark to a house party. Restaurants and bars seeking to offer their patrons something a little out of the ordinary will find this color changing beer glass perfect. Retailers, too, will find these tumblers an excellent addition to their offerings, and corporations can use these glasses as fun, attention-grabbing promotional items. Features: Magic LED Beer Glass: It’s not just a glass, it’s a spectacle! With its multi-colored LED lights, this glass lights up the room even before you fill it up. Color Changing Beer Glass: With the simple flick of a switch, this glass cycles through seven vibrant hues, offering a different view with every glance. LED Beer Mug: Made from eco-friendly, food-grade PS material, this glass isn’t just good for the environment, it’s also safe for your health. Illuminated Beer Glass: With a replaceable CR2032 battery, the fun never has to stop. You can keep the party going for 24 to 30 hours, depending on the battery quality. Light-up Color Changing Beer Stein: Well-suited for everyday use and formal entertaining, this glass is reusable and retains its clarity even after numerous dishwasher cycles. It's as sturdy as it is stunning! Say goodbye to regular, boring drinkware. Our Magic LED Color Changing Beer Glass combines function with fun and injects life into your beverages. Whether it’s water, soda, cocktail, or your favorite beer, this illuminated beauty is ready to light up your drinking experience. Don’t just have a drink, have a light show!

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  • Party Light Up LED Glasses for Wholesale

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    Party Light Up LED Glasses for Wholesale

    Ready to add some electric charm to your style? Our Party Light Up LED Glasses are here to help you steal the spotlight. Not only do these glasses make a statement, but they also bring a splash of vibrant color and a sprinkle of sparkling fun to any gathering. Remember: the party doesn't start until the lights come on! Whether you're an individual looking to dazzle at a rave, a party planner seeking to make events unforgettable, or a business owner wanting to make your brand shine at a corporate event, our LED glasses are for you. They're the perfect accessory for nightclubs, music festivals, New Year's Eve parties, or any occasion that calls for a touch of luminescence. For those seeking LED glasses wholesale, we offer generous deals on bulk orders, perfect for event organizers and businesses in the party and entertainment industry. Our Party Light Up LED Glasses have numerous stellar features: Color Variety: Our LED glasses come in five luminous colors: blue, green, pink, red, and white. Customization: Get a customized logo, packaging, or graphic design on your order (minimum order of 500 pieces). Material and Weight: Made from lightweight plastic, each pair weighs just 32g—easy to wear for long periods. Size: At 5.8 x 15.5 x 14 cm, they're designed to fit most adults comfortably. OEM, ODM: We accept both OEM and ODM orders to meet your specific requirements. These flashing glasses for wholesale promise quick turnaround times. For orders up to 10,000 pieces, we deliver in just 15 days. For orders exceeding 10,000 pieces, delivery times are negotiable. So why wait? Light up your next event with our Party Light Up LED Glasses. Order now and make every party a radiant spectacle to remember!

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  • Luminous Glow in Dark Fidget Spinner Toy

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    Luminous Glow in Dark Fidget Spinner Toy

    Calm your senses while lighting up your surroundings with our Luminous Glow in Dark Fidget Spinner Toy. Watch as it spins and illuminates, transforming every moment into a spectacle of soothing colors and calming motion. Our Glow-in-the-Dark Fidget Spinner Toy is perfect for both individual stress relief and as an engaging, exciting product for businesses. Perfect for a broad range of customers - from children and teens to adults - who want a fun, mesmerizing tool to soothe their senses. Ideal for businesses such as toy stores, novelty shops, or promotional event planning agencies, these spinners can captivate audiences, charm customers, and create memorable brand experiences. Features: Colors: Choose from a vibrant array of colors including white, pink, red, green, and yellow. Each spinner glows brilliantly in the dark, capturing attention and offering visual delight. Material: Made of durable ABS plastic with embedded LED lights, our Luminous Hand Spinner is designed to be robust and long-lasting. Toys Fingertips Hand Spinner: With a comfortable grip and smooth rotation, this spinner is easy to use and carry, providing fun and stress relief on the go. Measurement and Weight: With a compact size of 7.5*7.5cm and a light weight of 45g, this spinner is perfect for pockets or small bags. Customization: For larger orders, we offer customizable packaging, logo, and graphic options to showcase your brand or make the spinners uniquely yours. Experience the mesmerizing glow of our Ultimate Glow Fidget Spinner. Seize the opportunity and check out our Best Glow-in-the-Dark Hand Spinner Deals. If you're looking to step up your business game, explore our Wholesale Luminous Fidget Spinner deals. Ready to light up your life or brighten your business? Reach out to us today and let the glowing times roll!

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  • LED Glow Up Fidget Pen for Wholesale

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    LED Glow Up Fidget Pen for Wholesale

    Experience the enchantment of our LED Glow Up Fidget Pen for Wholesale! Spin, light up, and write with ease. This innovative product combines functionality, entertainment, and style, perfect for businesses and wholesalers. Key Features:   Color: Available in Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Green Measurement: This plastic ABS pen is just 0.04 lbs. and measures 3.5 * 0.47 inches Spins: The LED Glow Up Fidget Pen spins effortlessly, providing hours of mesmerizing entertainment and stress relief for your customers. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to endless fun! Lights up: With its vibrant LED lights, our fidget pen creates a mesmerizing light show as it spins. It's sure to capture the attention of everyone in the room, making it perfect for parties, events, or simply as a conversation starter. Writes: This visually captivating fidget pen doubles as a high-quality writing instrument. With smooth ink flow and a comfortable grip, it ensures a delightful writing experience for your customers. Comes pre-packaged: Each LED Glow Up Fidget Pen is thoughtfully packaged, providing convenience and ease for both you and your customers. Simply display them on your shelves or distribute them to your clients without any hassle.   Why should you purchase the LED Glow Up Fidget Pen Wholesale?The LED Glow Up Fidget Pen is a must-have for businesses and wholesalers who want to offer a unique and captivating product to their customers. Here are a few reasons to consider adding it to your wholesale inventory:   Attract customers: The LED lights and spinning action of our fidget pen will instantly grab attention and attract customers to your store or booth. It's the perfect product to make your brand stand out. Increased sales: Customers are always on the lookout for innovative and exciting products. By offering the LED Glow Up Fidget Pen, you can expand your customer base, increase sales, and generate more revenue for your business. Stress relief: In today's fast-paced world, stress is all too common. Our fidget pen provides a fun and calming solution for individuals seeking stress relief. It's an ideal product for office spaces, schools, and retail environments. Great as a promotional item: The LED Glow Up Fidget Pen can be customized with your business logo, making it an excellent promotional item. Distribute them at trade shows, conferences, or corporate events to promote your brand effectively. Dazzle your customers and boost your sales with the LED Glow Up Fidget Pen for Wholesale. Don't miss out on this remarkable product that offers both entertainment and functionality. Visit our website now to place your wholesale order!

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  • LED Color-Changing Shot Glass

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    LED Color-Changing Shot Glass

    When the sun goes down, let your shots light up the night! With our LED Color-Changing Shot Glass, every toast becomes a spectacle. Imagine swirling colors accompanying every cheer and clink, making each sip a mesmerizing dance of lights. Whether you're a party planner looking for that extra dazzle or a brand aiming to become the talk of the town, our light-up LED shot glass promises to be an instant crowd-pleaser. Event organizers, take note: these glow-in-the-dark LED shooter glasses can transform even the dullest of gatherings into a luminescent extravaganza. From birthday parties and weddings to nightclub events and festival celebrations, this multi-color flashing shot glass guarantees a shimmering experience. And brands, with customized packaging, graphics, and logos on offer, ensure your name shines as bright as the glass itself. Features: Mood Modes: Choose from three distinct lighting rhythms – slow flash, fast blitz, or a steady luminous glow. Tailor your atmosphere, from sultry soirées to electric parties. Craftsmanship Galore: Octagonal cups brilliantly crafted, showcasing thick walls that gleam differently from every angle. LED Brilliance: A tap away from dazzling displays, thanks to its energy-efficient, long-lasting LED setup, with an easy on/off switch. Watch in awe as a spectrum of colors flash in rhythmic harmony. Safety First: Constructed using food-grade, BPA-free plastic. Remember to remove the battery before a gentle hand wash. Bulk Benefits: Coming in a set of 12, these cups can together hold an entire bottle of liquor, enhancing your party games and reducing refill trips! Compact & Tough: With dimensions of 2.1 inches in height and 2 inches in diameter, they're portable, easy to store, and built to last. Party's Star Attraction: Beyond the drinks, they add a visual delight, helping guests identify their glasses and ensuring your event remains etched in their memories. Ready to bring some luminosity to your next gathering? Our LED illuminated shot glass ensures the spotlight's always on your good times. Also do check out our luminous beer glass for your collection! Cheers to radiant memories!

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  • Air Tight LED Transparent Storage Jar

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    Air Tight LED Transparent Storage Jar

    Uncover the exceptional functionality of our Air Tight LED Transparent Storage Jar, a must-have for businesses and wholesalers. This storage jar surpasses expectations with its impressive features and benefits, making it an essential addition to any collection. Key Features: Dimensional tolerance: 0.03 in, ensuring precise and consistent measurements Weight tolerance: <±1%, ensuring accurate weight capacity Capacity: 0.15 liters, providing ample storage space for various items Small size: Ideal for compact storage and portability Material: Glass, offering transparency and durability Sustainable feature, promoting eco-friendly practices Magnifying lid, allowing clear visibility of contents Bottle material: LED + Glass, creating an illuminating effect Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 10 pcs, accommodating both small and large-scale orders Custom logo option available, enabling personalized branding Container Material: Glass, ensuring reliable airtight storage Available in 6 colors: blue, grey, purple, green, yellow, and pink, allowing for personalized choices Benefits: Air-tight storage jar, keeping contents fresh and protected LED storage jar, providing an illuminated display for enhanced visibility Transparent storage jar, allowing easy identification of stored items Airtight container, ensuring longer shelf life for perishable goods While this jar stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and style, we also have other products that exemplify luxury and functionality. For instance, our luxurious cheese cutting board crafted from marble and acacia wood or the sustainable and stylish bamboo-covered boba glass cup both speak volumes of our dedication to crafting premium products. Our Air Tight LED Transparent Storage Jar is an excellent solution for organizing small items while adding a touch of elegance. With its sustainable glass material and custom logo option, it is perfect for businesses and wholesalers seeking functional and customizable storage solutions. Swagbulk offers a lead time of 7 days for 1-500 units, ensuring timely delivery. Order the Air Tight LED Transparent Storage Jar now and revolutionize your storage experience!

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