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  • Wholesale Plastic Syringe Promotional Pen

    Wholesale Plastic Syringe Promotional Pen

    Discover the Wholesale Plastic Syringe Promotional Pen by Swagbulk - a powerful marketing tool that combines creativity and functionality, making it an ideal choice for businesses and wholesalers. Promote your medical services or celebrate special occasions like weddings with these unique and creative pens that stand out from traditional writing instruments. They make excellent giveaways, wedding favors, or souvenirs, leaving a positive impression on recipients. Discover the Colorful Marbling Paint Kids Art Set, a perfect companion for your little Picasso, allowing them to blend and mix colors, creating masterpieces that resonate with their imaginative worlds. The set is not just a feast for the eyes but also ensures the highest quality, letting kids delve deep into their artistic pursuits. For those who are more inclined towards the classic art of watercolor, the 24-Color Solid Watercolor Paint Set is a godsend. With a rich palette of colors, artists can create landscapes, portraits, or abstracts that speak volumes. This set is a must-have for art classes, retail stores, or even personal use, promising quality and vibrancy with every stroke. Key Features: Available in 6 Vivid Colors: Stand out with a wide array of vibrant colors to choose from, allowing you to match your brand's identity or create a striking contrast for your logo and message. Customizable Colors: Take personalization to the next level by customizing the pen's colors to align perfectly with your brand and create a lasting impression on your audience. Durable Plastic Material: Crafted from high-quality plastic, this pen is built to last, ensuring that your brand message remains visible and impactful for a long time. Precise Writing Width: With a 0.03-inch writing width, this pen delivers precise and clean lines, making it an excellent choice for medical offices, weddings, and promotional events. Silk Print and Laser Engraving Logo: Imprint your logo or message using silk print or laser engraving techniques for a professional and sophisticated finish that leaves a lasting impression.   Benefits: Transitional Feature: The unique design of this syringe-shaped pen adds a touch of creativity and novelty to your promotional efforts, making your brand stand out in a crowded market. Bright Colors: The vivid color options ensure that your logo and message pop, attracting attention and leaving a memorable impact on recipients. Wear-Resistant Pen Head: The wear-resistant pen head ensures consistent performance and durability, maintaining the quality of your promotional message over time. Comfortable Grip: The ergonomic design of the pen provides a comfortable and smooth writing experience, making it a pleasure to use for extended periods. With a pen size of 5.5 inches, the Wholesale Plastic Syringe Promotional Pen is portable and convenient to carry around, ensuring that your brand gets exposure wherever it goes. Ideal for medical offices, weddings, trade shows, and other promotional events, this pen is a versatile and effective tool for increasing brand visibility and recognition. Don't miss this unique opportunity to boost your branding efforts with the Wholesale Plastic Syringe Promotional Pen from Swagbulk. Place your order now and enjoy a lead time of 8 days for 1-100 units or more.   Customize these pens with your logo and message, and see your brand flourish with every stroke!


  • White Board Marker Pen Set for Bulk

    White Board Marker Pen Set for Bulk

    Want a reliable supplier of high-quality white board marker pen sets in bulk? Our Classic and Durable White Board Marker Pen Set is the perfect choice for businesses and wholesalers who value quality and convenience. Key Features: Diverse colors: Each set contains an array of vibrant colors that will make your presentations and brainstorming sessions more engaging and impactful. Comfortable grip: The ergonomic design of these marker pens ensures a comfortable and fatigue-free writing experience, allowing you to focus on your work. Marked clearly: Our white board marker pens create bold and vivid markings that are easily visible from a distance, making your messages and ideas stand out.   Product Details: Material: Plastic and ink Dimensions: 0.39 *5.9 inches Logo: Customizable with your own logo for brand promotion Packaging: Securely packed to ensure safe delivery Graphic Customization: Tailor the design to match your brand identity While our White Board Marker Pen Set is the epitome of excellence, ensuring versatility in your workspaces and classrooms, don't forget to explore other innovative tools to enhance creativity. Check out our erasable chalk markers with dual tips for those looking to diversify their art mediums. And for those catering to a younger audience, our wholesale 8-color dot marker set can be an exciting addition to craft sessions. Our White Board Marker Pen Set for Bulk is the epitome of excellence. Designed to meet the demands of professionals, teachers, and students, these markers will bring a whole new level of creativity to your workplace or classroom. Rest assured, our commitment to quality doesn't mean long waiting times. With a lead time as short as 10 days for 1 - 500 pieces, you can start enjoying the benefits of our White Board Marker Pen Set in no time. Make your presentations impactful and your brainstorming sessions more engaging with our Classic and Durable White Board Marker Pen Set. Buy in bulk now and save!


  • Stationary Roller Pens with Shape

    Stationary Roller Pens with Shape

    Unleash your creativity with Swagbulk's Stationary Roller Pens with Shape, the perfect addition to any stationery collection. Designed with businesses and wholesalers in mind, these rollerball pens boast a range of features that make them a must-have for any creative endeavor.   Key Features: Permanent Ink Type: Enjoy long-lasting results with permanent ink, ensuring your ideas stay intact for years to come Versatile Brush Tips: Choose from flat, oblique, and round-toe brush tips, providing precision and ease of use Writing Width: The 0.23-inch width allows for seamless writing, whether it's for intricate details or broad strokes Size: Each pen measures 5.39 inches, providing a comfortable grip for extended use Non-Erasable: Rest assured that your work will remain intact, making these pens perfect for important notes and projects Vibrant Color Selection: Select from 6 vibrant colors, adding a touch of fun and excitement to your creations Packaging Details: Each order includes 12 pens, conveniently packed in 6 pcs/box and 1 pc/opp bag   Benefits: Curved Line: The unique shape of these roller pens allows for the creation of dynamic and curved lines, enhancing your artistic expression Smooth Writing: Experience smooth and effortless writing, making these pens suitable for both professionals and beginners Use for DIY Drawing, School, Marking, and Highlighting: These roller pens are versatile tools suitable for various applications, from DIY crafts to schoolwork and highlighting important information Ignite your creativity with Swagbulk's Stationary Roller Pens with Shape. Whether you're an artist, a student, or simply love expressing yourself through writing and drawing, these rollerball pens are sure to bring joy to your work. Order now to experience the fun and uniqueness of these roller pens. With a lead time of 5 days for 1-1000 units or longer, secure your stock and elevate your stationery offerings today. Remember, creativity knows no bounds with Swagbulk's innovative stationery products.  


  • Magic Invisible Highlighter Pen for Bulk

    Magic Invisible Highlighter Pen for Bulk

    Unleash the wonder of hidden messages and creativity with Swagbulk's Magic Invisible Highlighter Pen for Bulk. This extraordinary product is a must-have for businesses and wholesalers looking to add a touch of mystery and excitement to their offerings. Key Features: Dual-Ink Versatility: Experience the versatility of dry-erase and wet-erase ink types, providing diverse applications and flexible usage. Precision Brush Tip: The round-toe fiber brush tip ensures smooth and effortless writing, offering excellent control and accuracy. Invisible Ink Magic: Witness your words or drawings vanish before your eyes, creating intrigue and excitement for both kids and adults. Assorted Colors: Choose from 7 vibrant colors, providing variety and the chance to highlight and reveal hidden messages in style. Perfect Size and Weight: With dimensions of 5.1 * 0.59 inches and a weight of 0.03 lbs, these highlighter pens are lightweight and easy to handle. Bulk Packaging: Each order includes 200 pens, securely packed for convenient storage and distribution. Benefits: Spark Creativity: Encourage imagination and creativity with this enchanting invisible highlighter pen, perfect for art, games, and interactive activities. Engage Audiences: Surprise and captivate audiences with hidden messages during presentations, workshops, and events. Versatile Applications: Ideal for educational institutions, corporate events, party favors, and entertainment purposes. Safe and Quality Materials: Crafted from durable plastic material, these pens are safe for children and adults alike. Bulk Savings: Purchase in bulk to enjoy significant cost savings and ensure a steady supply for your customers. Elevate your offerings with the Magic Invisible Highlighter Pen for Bulk by Swagbulk. Whether it's for educational purposes, business promotions, or special occasions, these invisible ink pens add an element of intrigue and fascination. Order now to enchant your customers with this unique product. With a lead time of 10 days for 1-500 units or longer, secure your supply and embark on a magical journey of creativity and wonder.


  • Colored Pencils Set of 12 for Wholesale

    Colored Pencils Set of 12 for Wholesale

    Picture a world seen through a prism of hues, where the most complex emotions can be expressed with a simple stroke of color. That's the power of our Colored Pencils Set of 12. This range of art supplies is designed not just to color but to help create, express, and inspire, inviting you to explore your imagination's deepest corners. Art enthusiasts, hobbyists, children, or anyone with a flair for color will find this product indispensable. And for the little ones just starting on their creative journey, you might also find our washable dinosaur bees-wax crayons and twistable non-toxic washable crayons for kids perfect companions. Whether you're coloring a school project, sketching a landscape, or creating promotional artwork for a brand, these colored pencils and our other offerings are a perfect fit. Moreover, businesses in retail, stationery supplies, or educational institutions can benefit immensely from bulk orders, ensuring a colorful and exciting artistic journey for their customers or students. Product Features: Variety of Colors: Each set comes with 12 vibrant colors, offering a wide palette for your creativity. Quality Material: The pencils are crafted from top-quality Basswood, ensuring durability and smooth application. Convenient Packaging: The set is packed in a paper tube, ensuring the pencils are well-organized and easy to carry. Customizable: The pencil sets can be personalized with your logo, packaging, and graphic design for bulk orders, making them a great promotional tool. Fast Lead Time: Get your orders quickly with a lead time of 7 days for 1-5000 sets, with larger orders to be negotiated. So, why hold back? Unleash your creative potential or add a splash of color to your business with our Colored Pencils Set of 12. Order now and bring your imaginations to life in the most colorful way!


  • 8 Color Metallic Ink Pen Set

    8 Color Metallic Ink Pen Set

    Looking for a reliable and stylish pen set to add to your inventory? Look no further than the 8 Color Metallic Ink Pen Set! Perfect for businesses and wholesalers, this set offers high-quality metallic ink pens that are sure to impress your customers. Experience smooth writing and wide coverage, making these pens perfect for various applications.   Key Features: Smooth Writing: The water-based pigment ink ensures that every stroke is smooth and effortless, making writing a pleasure. Wide Coverage: With the wide coverage provided by these metallic ink pens, you can easily create vibrant and eye-catching artwork, designs, and sketches. Lightweight Design: These pens are lightweight and comfortable to hold, ensuring long-lasting use without causing hand fatigue. Soft Stroke: The soft stroke offered by these metallic markers allows for precise control, giving you the ability to create intricate details with ease. Logo & Packaging Customization: Add a personalized touch to your order by customizing the pens with your logo and designing the packaging to reflect your brand identity. Why Choose Our 8-Color Metallic Ink Pen Set? Wholesale Availability: Purchase these pens in bulk and enjoy the best deals on high-quality metallic ink pens. Ideal for businesses and wholesalers looking to stock up on premium stationery products. High-Quality Construction: Crafted with care, these metallic ink pens are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that you can enjoy their exceptional performance for an extended period. Best Deals on Wholesale Metallic Ink Pen Sets: We offer the best prices for our wholesale customers, allowing you to maximize your profit margins and offer competitive prices to your clientele. Fast Lead Time: With a lead time of just 7 days for 1-100 pieces, you can rest assured knowing that your order will be processed and delivered promptly. Larger quantities may require additional lead time, ensuring you receive your products in a timely manner. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your stationery collection and impress your customers with our 8 Color Metallic Ink Pen Set. With smooth writing, wide coverage, and the ability to customize your logo and packaging, these pens are a must-have for businesses and wholesalers. Visit our website now to place your order and take advantage of our unbeatable wholesale prices!  




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