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  • 24OZ Tumbler Clear Reusable Plastic Cups With Lid And Straw

    24OZ Tumbler Clear Reusable Plastic Cups With Lid And Straw

    Sip, savor, and stroll with style! Our 24OZ Tumbler Clear Reusable Plastic Cups With Lid And Straw seamlessly blend functionality with a minimalist design, ensuring you remain refreshed and chic on the go. Imagine holding a transparent gem filled with your favorite beverage, showcasing its vibrant hues - that's what this tumbler promises with every glance and gulp. Whether you're a coffee lover needing that jumbo iced latte or a business seeking an eco-friendly alternative for company picnics, this tumbler has you covered. Cafes can offer them as sustainable alternatives, fitness centers can promote hydration with a touch of sophistication, and companies can have them as bulk orders, imprinting their logos for brand visibility. And let's not forget the homemakers! With 26 fun colors to choose from, family picnics and gatherings just became a whole lot brighter. Here's why this tumbler is a must-have: Eco-conscious Choice: Crafted from premium pp plastic, this tumbler isn't just reusable; it's a statement against single-use waste. 24OZ of Convenience: Generously sized to ensure you're well-hydrated or caffeinated, with a lid to prevent any untimely spills and a straw for effortless sipping. Versatile Vessel: Designed to hold both hot and cold beverages, it's your go-to container for every thirst-quenching need. Show Off Your Drink: The clear design acts as a window to your drink's soul. Let it mesmerize observers, or if you're in the mood for a little magic, our color-changing mug adds a hint of enchantment. If a dash of color is what you're after, the rainbow gradient tumbler is a vibrant alternative. Tailored to Your Needs: Businesses can elevate their branding with logo customization options. Whether it's through silk screen printing or in-mold labeling, these tumblers are a canvas awaiting your brand's touch. Embrace sustainability, versatility, and style with this exquisite tumbler. Order yours today and redefine your drinking experience. The world is moving towards sustainable choices. Why not make yours with flair?

    25 Colors Available


  • Glowing LED Plastic Party Cup

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    Glowing LED Plastic Party Cup

    Illuminate your nights and make every sip shine with our Glowing LED Plastic Party Cup! Ready to make every drink feel like a light show, this is the ultimate accessory to amp up the ambiance of any event. Event planners, imagine the awe on guests' faces as they're handed drinks that glow! Retailers, stock up on the trend everyone's chasing. Brands keen on sponsoring nighttime events? Here's a merchandising marvel. For every individual out there, think beach bonfires, terrace soirées, or just jazzing up a weekend at home. With a splash of glowing color, this LED party cup takes the ordinary and turns it extraordinary. Features: Luminous Choices: Available in mesmerizing pink and green lights to match the mood or theme of your soirée. Perfect Dimensions: Sized at 8 cm (top diameter) x 6.2 cm (base) x 13.5 cm (height), it's ideal for just the right amount of your favorite beverage. Built Tough: Crafted from thicker plastic, our cups are not just drop-resistant but are made to withstand the liveliest of parties. Sleek Design: Smooth cup walls not only make for a sophisticated look but also ensure a comfortable grip thanks to the ergonomic design. Long-Lasting Luminescence: Uses a reliable lithium battery at the base, ensuring your cup's glow doesn't dim before the party's over. On-Demand Illumination: The LED light can be controlled manually, giving you the power to decide when to light up and when to lay low. Ditch the ordinary and grab your Glowing LED Plastic Party Cup now! Drink, dazzle, repeat. The night truly belongs to you.

    2 Color Available


  • Reusable Plastic Coffee Cup

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    Reusable Plastic Coffee Cup

    Say hello to the Reusable Plastic Coffee Cup for taking your coffee on the go. It's great for businesses and big sellers who want to offer their customers a trendy and eco-friendly coffee cup choice. This tumbler is both stylish and good for the environment, helping make the planet healthier with its eco-friendly features.   Key Features: Capacity: With a generous 710ml capacity, our glitter cup mug tumbler ensures your customers have enough room for their favorite beverages, reducing the need for frequent refills. Vibrant Colors: Available in an array of eye-catching colors – yellow, pink, blue, purple, and orange – this tumbler allows your clients to express their personal style while sipping on their drinks. BPA-Free Assurance: Safety is paramount. Our tumbler is crafted from high-quality BPA-free plastic, ensuring that harmful chemicals stay far away from your customer's beverages. This is not just a tumbler; it's a commitment to their wellbeing. Secure Lid: The accompanying lid provides a leak-proof seal, making it perfect for on-the-go lifestyles. Your clients can confidently toss this tumbler into their bags without worrying about spills. Glamorous Glitter Design: The glitter-infused body of the tumbler adds a touch of elegance to every sip. It's not just a tumbler; it's a statement piece that your clients will love showing off. Versatile Usage: Ideal for both hot and cold beverages, this tumbler is suitable for coffee, tea, iced drinks, and more. It's a versatile accessory that caters to the diverse preferences of your clientele.   Benefits: Customer Satisfaction: Offering a trendy and functional tumbler in vibrant colors can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, setting you apart from competitors. Eco-Friendly: Reusable coffee cups contribute to reducing single-use plastic waste, aligning with environmentally conscious consumers and businesses. Brand Visibility: Customize these tumblers with your business logo or branding. Every time a customer takes a sip, your brand gets noticed, providing valuable exposure. Convenient Lead Time: With a quick lead time of just 12 days for 1 - 1000 units, you can rest assured that your inventory remains stocked, minimizing potential loss of sales due to delays. For those who have a penchant for vintage aesthetics, pairing this tumbler with our classic vintage ceramic tea & coffee cups could be a delightful combination. Equip your business with the perfect product that checks all the boxes – style, safety, and functionality.

    5 Colors Available




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