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  • 75ml Collapsible Stainless Steel Shot Glasses

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    75ml Collapsible Stainless Steel Shot Glasses

    Unfold a world of convenience and style with our 75ml Collapsible Stainless Steel Shot Glasses! These compact, collapsible glasses are perfect for those spontaneous moments when the mood strikes, and a toast is in order. It’s a fun, innovative, and handy companion for outdoor adventurers, party goers, and anyone with a love for unique, stylish drinkware! This versatile collapsible glass is a treasure for businesses looking for branded promotional items or retailers wanting to stock up on innovative products. It’s also a great fit for individuals who prefer to have their drinkware as flexible as their plans! Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, heading out for a camping trip, or planning a surprise celebration, these glasses are sure to be a hit among different client bases, from outdoorsy adventurers to party enthusiasts. Features: Durable Material: Crafted from ss304 and ss201 stainless steel, these glasses offer durability and reliability, ensuring a lasting companion to your adventures. Sleek Design: With its American Style design in a light gray shade, it’s not just functional but also a stylish addition to your drinkware collection. Compact Construction: Featuring a single-wall construction, these glasses are designed to be lightweight and easily collapsible, making them highly portable. Convenient Size: With dimensions of 4.5 cm x 6.5 cm and a capacity of 75ml, they’re the perfect, convenient size for a quick shot on the go. Easy Portability: Equipped with a hook, you can effortlessly attach it to your backpack or belt loop, ensuring it’s always within reach when needed. Versatile Use: Whether it’s a spontaneous toast or a planned celebration, these glasses are versatile enough for any occasion. For those looking to light up the party even more, check out our LED Color Changing Shot Glass and elevate your celebrations with a splash of color!

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  • Wholesale Ceramic Skull Shot Glasses

    Wholesale Ceramic Skull Shot Glasses

    Inject a touch of the macabre and mystique into your celebrations with our Wholesale Ceramic Skull Shot Glasses! These quirky, bold shot glasses, available in an array of colors, are the perfect conversation starters, promising to make every sip an adventurous journey into the enigmatic. Their eye-catching design is bound to be the talk of the town, elevating the overall ambiance of your festivities. These skull shot glasses are an excellent pick for pub and bar owners wishing to offer a novel drinking experience to their patrons. Event planners can leverage these intriguing pieces to create themed events that resonate with excitement and mystery. Individuals and businesses aiming for bulk or wholesale purchases for reselling or branding purposes will find these glasses a unique addition to their inventory, promising both appeal and functionality. Features: Diverse Color Palette: Choose from green, beige, blue, gray, orange, sky blue, pink, and white to match the theme of your event or establishment. Custom Logo Imprinting: Add your brand’s signature style or logo to these glasses, making them a distinctive representation of your brand. Quality Ceramic Build: Crafted from high-quality ceramic, these shot glasses promise durability, ensuring each toast is as smooth as the last. Theme-friendly Design: The skull design makes them a hit for themed parties or establishments looking to offer a unique experience. Attention-grabbing Aesthetics: The intriguing skull aesthetic is bound to catch the eye, making every sip a topic of conversation. Versatile Usage: Perfect for any event, be it Halloween parties or pirate-themed gatherings, these glasses are adaptable to any mood and setting. To explore more exceptional shot glass options, do check out our Crystal Shot Glasses Set with Wooden Box and Tall 2oz Clear Shot Glass!

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  • 2oz High-Ball Heavy Base Shot Glasses

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    2oz High-Ball Heavy Base Shot Glasses

    Savor your favorite spirits with a dash of sophistication and a sprinkle of elegance with our 2oz High-Ball Heavy Base Shot Glasses! This exquisite collection is the epitome of refined luxury and modern aesthetics, promising to add a touch of charm to your gatherings and elevate your drinking experience. Whether you’re a restaurant owner wishing to offer guests an exceptional dining experience or a retailer desiring to broaden your collection, these high-ball glasses are the perfect match. Ideal for personal use or commercial needs, it’s the go-to choice for those in pursuit of quality and style. From house parties to bustling bars, upscale hotels to cozy cafes, these glasses are versatile enough to be the star of any occasion. Features: Luxurious Design: Boasting a beautiful and modern look, these glasses are a perfect blend of functionality and style, making every sip a memorable one. Heavy Base: The solid foundation ensures stability and balance, preventing tipping and spilling, making them reliable companions for lively environments. Custom Logo: Personalize with your brand or message, creating a unique touch and adding a layer of elegance to your dining or drinking experience. Diverse Usability: Perfect for serving whiskey, tequila, or vodka, they are a versatile choice for any setting, be it a bar, restaurant, or a casual get-together. Dishwasher Safe: Ease and convenience are guaranteed, as these glasses are designed to withstand the rigors of regular washing without losing their charm. Smooth and Polished: Every detail is meticulously refined, offering a smooth and comfortable grip, making your drinking experience more delightful. Enrich your collection by exploring more of our exquisite range such as the Custom Logo 3oz Gold Rim Shot Glass and Tall 2oz Clear Shot Glass!

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  • Sublimation Shot Glasses with Gold Foil Embellishment

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    Sublimation Shot Glasses with Gold Foil Embellishment

    Indulge in the epitome of sophistication with our Sublimation Shot Glasses adorned with exquisite Gold Foil Embellishment! These tiny treasures, made with fine crystal, are a concoction of elegance, durability, and a hint of sparkle, promising to add a touch of grandeur to your sipping experiences. The radiant gold foil at the base and the delicate gold rim whisper tales of luxury, turning each shot into a regal rendezvous! Whether for individual connoisseurs, high-end bars, upscale events, or brands aiming to dazzle their clientele, these shot glasses are the perfect pick. They are ideal for those who wish to provide an immersive and luxurious drinking experience to their guests or customers. Businesses and individuals seeking premium bulk and wholesale products will find these glasses an elegant representation of their upscale taste and brand ethos. Features: Radiant Gold Foil Embellishment: The sparkling gold foil embellishment at the base infuses a dose of opulence, making every sip a golden delight. Delicate Gold Rim: The refined gold rim accentuates the glass's elegance, offering a luxe edge to your drinking experience. Premium Crystal Glass: Crafted from high-quality, lead-free crystal, the glasses boast elaborate craftsmanship, ensuring lasting brilliance and clarity. Custom Logo Imprint: Opt for a personalized touch by adding your logo both on the body and the bottom of the glass, enhancing brand presence and recall. Safe & Stable Base: The sturdy base ensures safety and stability, while the touch of gold foil adds an aesthetic allure. Elegant & Durable: The round cup mouth and durable structure promise longevity and a consistently elegant drinking experience. Explore more exquisite options with our Crystal Shot Glasses Set with Wooden Box and Customizable 2oz Square Shot Glasses!

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  • Multi Colored Mini Liquor Shot Glass

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    Multi Colored Mini Liquor Shot Glass

    Inject a splash of color to your celebrations with our Multi Colored Mini Liquor Shot Glasses! Available in vibrant shades of sky blue, red, and dark blue, plus a clear option, these glasses are all about mixing fun with flair. They’re not just a way to enjoy your favorite spirits, but also a means to add a vibrant vibe to any party or gathering! From event planners sourcing eclectic party supplies to restaurants and bars wanting to infuse some color into their service, these multi-colored shot glasses are the go-to choice. They’re also ideal for individuals looking to brighten up their home bars or gift something unique to their loved ones. Whether it's a wedding, a corporate event, or just a casual get-together, these mini shot glasses appeal to a broad spectrum of customers. Features: Vibrant Choices: Available in sky blue, red, dark blue, and clear, offering a range of lively options to suit any theme or preference. Quality Material: Made from high-quality glass, these shot glasses ensure durability and a crystal-clear drinking experience. Perfect Capacity: Holding up to 100ml, these glasses are the perfect size for enjoying a variety of liquors without overwhelming. Customizable Finish: Choose from color-spray painting, silk-screen printing, hot gold/silver stamping, coating, frosting, or metalizing for a personalized touch to match any occasion. Versatile Use: Whether it’s for a themed party, a classy event, or a casual gathering, these glasses adapt to any setting and mood. Eye-Catching Design: The multi-colored options and the customizable finishes make these glasses a stylish addition to any drinkware collection. Check out our LED Color Changing Shot Glass for more fun and colorful ways to enjoy your shots!

    4 Colors Available


  • Ombre Sublimation Multicolored Shot Glasses

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    Ombre Sublimation Multicolored Shot Glasses

    Splash your celebrations with the effervescent charm of our Ombre Sublimation Multicolored Shot Glasses! These vibrant, gradient-colored shot glasses are the perfect concoction of style and festivity, allowing you to enjoy every sip with a dash of pizzazz. With their frosted and colorful appearance, these glasses promise to be the star of every party, turning ordinary toasts into extraordinary celebrations. Whether it’s a bar owner looking to elevate the presentation of their spirits or a company wishing to gift something unique and customized to their clients or employees, these shot glasses are an apt choice. They are especially a hit among those seeking bulk and wholesale products for their brands or businesses, making every event, be it a casual gathering, a corporate party, or a wedding reception, a colorful extravaganza. Features: Vibrant Gradient Colors: Available in pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, bringing a spectrum of hues to your celebrations. Sublimation Printing: The logo and design printing through sublimation make these shot glasses customizable to your liking, adding a personalized touch to your drinks. Frosted Finish: The frosted appearance not only enhances the aesthetic but also provides a comfortable grip while sipping. Versatile Use: Ideal for any celebration or gathering, these glasses suit various themes and moods, making every occasion memorable. Quality Construction: Built with precision and quality, these 2.5 oz shot glasses ensure that every sip is a delightful experience. Multicolored Bottoms: The colored bottoms add an extra layer of charm, making these glasses a visual treat. To explore more colorful options, do check out our Colorful Plastic Disposable Shot Glass and Colored Reusable Shot Glass!

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  • Crystal Shot Glasses Set with Wooden Box

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    Crystal Shot Glasses Set with Wooden Box

    Step right into the world of elegance with the Crystal Shot Glasses Set enclosed in a beautiful Wooden Box. This incredible set isn't your run-of-the-mill shot glass collection; it's a bold proclamation of style and sophistication that's bound to stick in your customers' minds. Key Features: Customized Color: The Crystal Shot Glasses Set allows you to choose a customized color that suits your brand or preferences. This personalization adds a unique touch to your products, making them stand out. Tailored Size: The size of these shot glasses can be customized to your exact specifications. Whether you need them for specific cocktails or unique branding, we can create the perfect size of your choice. Benefits: Customization: The ability to choose a customized color and size sets your business apart. You can align the shot glasses with your brand's colors or offer a variety of options to cater to diverse customer preferences. Quality Presentation: The set comes in a wooden box, enhancing the presentation of your product. It not only protects the glasses but also adds a touch of luxury that's sure to impress your customers. Versatile Use: These crystal shot glasses are perfect for bars, restaurants, and events. They can also serve as unique corporate gifts or promotional items, making them a versatile addition to your product lineup. Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials, these shot glasses are designed to last. Their crystal construction ensures clarity and elegance, even after repeated use. The Crystal Shot Glasses Set with Wooden Box is a sophisticated choice that adds a touch of luxury to any occasion. With customization options and a quick lead time, it's a smart investment for businesses and wholesalers looking to offer premium products. Ready to elevate your product offerings with these exquisite shot glasses? It's time to take your corporate gifting and promotional merchandise to the next level with our Crystal Shot Glasses Set. Explore customization possibilities and enjoy bulk discounts tailored to your swag needs only at Swagbulk.

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  • Clear and Multicolor Shot Glasses

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    Clear and Multicolor Shot Glasses

    Colors, clarity, and cocktails – the three Cs that mark the essence of our Clear and Multicolor Shot Glasses. Beyond mere drinking vessels, these glasses are statements, ready to jazz up any beverage they cradle. Cocktail enthusiasts can now enjoy their favorite shots, with the hues to match their moods. For businesses in the hospitality sector, these glasses are an elegant blend of form and function, ready to leave an impression. Event planners, brand consultants, or even retail giants seeking bulk or wholesale options: here's a dazzling addition to your inventory. From celebratory toasts to product launches, every shot becomes a story. Features: Custom Color Palette: From pristine clear to your brand's signature shade, customization ensures each glass resonates with your vision. Perfect Dimensions: With measurements of 4 cm x 10.2 cm x 3.4 cm and a 60ml/2ounce capacity, it’s designed to hold the ideal shot, every time. Safe & Sound: Crafted from lead-free glass, not only is it safe for your health, but it also promises crystal-clear clarity. Steady and Sturdy: A heavy base grants great stability, ensuring your shots remain upright and spill-free. Sleek and Chic: Modern design meets timeless elegance, making these glasses fit seamlessly into any setting, from hipster bars to classic lounges. And, if you're in the spirit of expanding your glassware collection, be sure to check out our Tall Frosted Shot Glass and Colored Reusable Shot Glass. Ready to pour some vibrancy into your shots? Slide into the spectrum of our Clear and Multicolor Shot Glasses and let every sip be a spectacle.

    2 Color Available


  • 50ml Sublimation Espresso Shot Glass

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    50ml Sublimation Espresso Shot Glass

    Who said espresso shots were only about caffeine? Now, they're also about charisma! Discover a twist on the classic with our 50ml Sublimation Espresso Shot Glass – a dash of elegance with a splash of customization. From coffee shops eager to leave an indelible mark on their customers to businesses keen on creating memorable branded giveaways, this shot glass is an absolute showstopper. Personalized gifts for weddings or parties? Check. A novel piece for those looking to add flair to their home bar collection? Double-check. And for brands or corporations, buying in bulk or wholesale offers an unparalleled opportunity to fuse brand identity with high-quality utility. This isn't just a shot glass; it's your canvas for creativity. Features: Customizable Color: Let your imagination run wild! From company colors to event themes, this shot glass caters to every creative whim. Classic Design Style: The timeless design ensures this piece feels at home in any setting, from rustic bistros to modern lounges. Precise Dimensions: Sized perfectly at 4.9 cm (top) x 3.5 cm (bottom) x 6.2 cm (height), this glass has a 2oz capacity, ideal for that perfect espresso shot or a neat pour of your favorite spirit. Crystal Clarity: With its transparent and smooth cup body, each sip becomes an immersive experience. Stability and Quality: Boasting a stable and firm cup bottom, crafted from high-quality glass material, this shot glass promises durability without compromising on elegance. And hey, if you're hunting for more swanky items to complement your purchase, our Trendy Stainless Steel Tumbler Shot Glasses is waiting in the wings to add style to your outdoor adventures. Feeling the buzz already? Don't miss out! Grab your customizable 50ml Sublimation Espresso Shot Glass and add a splash of panache to your next toast.

    1 Color Available


  • Wholesale Sublimation Blank Shot Glass

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    Wholesale Sublimation Blank Shot Glass

    Lift your spirits - literally and figuratively - with our Wholesale Sublimation Blank Shot Glass. With its pristine white elegance awaiting your touch, here’s your shot at turning every toast into a memorable work of art. Bars, pubs, party planners, or simply those looking to add a dash of personalized panache to their home bars, this is your canvas. Ideal for events, celebrations, or branding endeavors, its customizable surface ensures you serve up memories, one shot at a time. From wedding monograms to company logos, there's no stopping your creativity! Features: Ready for Sublimation: Tailored to take in vibrant prints, it's perfect for showcasing intricate designs that stand the test of time. Sturdy and Stylish: Crafted from durable glass, it's built to last, ensuring countless toasts and memories. Crystal Clear Clarity: Its pure white hue ensures that your designs shine bright against a sophisticated backdrop. Perfect Pour: Holding a classic 1.5oz, it's sized just right to keep the festivities going. Wide Range of Use: Whether it's a logo, artwork, or simply a quote, make each shot count with customizable options. Classic Design: A timeless shot glass silhouette makes it a staple in any barware collection. If the idea of innovative glassware intrigues you, don’t forget to check out our radiant LED Color Changing Shot Glass and the chic Tall Frosted Shot Glass to elevate your collection further. Bottoms Up to Personalization! Get your Wholesale Sublimation Blank Shot Glass today and pour out shots of sheer uniqueness. Here’s to shots that truly stand out!

    1 Color Available


  • Gradient Frosted Colorful Shot Glass

    Gradient Frosted Colorful Shot Glass

    When color meets craft, every sip turns into a spectacle! Meet our Gradient Frosted Colorful Shot Glass - a mesmerizing meld of hues that will make your spirits soar even before the pour! From swanky bars to bustling nightclubs, or simply the house party host with the most – this shot glass is everyone’s shot at glory. Distributors looking to jazz up their inventory, event planners seeking that touch of pizzazz for party favors, or even retail outlets aiming to offer something unique to their clientele, here's your chance to do so. The wholesale gradient frosted shot glasses are not just about aesthetics, they’re an invitation to an unparalleled drinking experience. Features: Radiant Gradients: A fusion of hues – from green to deep blue, rose red to lemon yellow, every glass showcases a gradient that’s both glamorous and gleaming. Frosty & Fabulous: Crafted from High Borosilicate Glass, each piece not only boasts a gradient color but also a frosted finish, adding a touch of sophistication to its playful palette. Tailored to Taste: Wish to brand these beauties with a logo or specific packaging? We’ve got you covered with customization options galore. Quick Quotient: Our streamlined delivery timelines ensure that whether it's a petite purchase or a bulky buy, your glasses get to you in good time. Size & Substance: With a generous 3oz capacity, these glasses are perfectly poised for those potent pours. Order On Point: With a model number as unique as sublimation shot glass 98L and a minimum order quantity of just 36 pieces, starting your gradient glassware journey is a breeze. Let’s toast to tints and tones that tantalize! Here’s to shots that are as much about the look as the liquor!

    9 Colors Available


  • Colorful Plastic Disposable Shot Glass

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    Colorful Plastic Disposable Shot Glass

    Celebrate every moment in a whirl of color with the Colorful Plastic Disposable Shot Glass. Let each toast be as vibrant as the memories you're making, with hues as bright as your spirit! For the house party enthusiast, your concoctions deserve an equally lively vessel, like our Vibrant plastic shooter cup. Event planners and caterers, you can now color-coordinate your beverages with themes, using the Bright disposable shot glass collection. Bars hosting theme nights or beach parties, these pop-colored shooters will be the talk of the evening. Businesses and brands seeking that extra oomph for promotional events or product launches, imagine serving signature shots in an Assorted color plastic shot glass with your logo shining from it! The Disposable colorful party shot glass, available in a medley of green, blue, orange, and pink, makes every occasion effortlessly festive and memorable. Features: Hues of Happiness: Choose from our range of green, blue, orange, and pink to match the mood of your celebration. Sturdy and Stylish: Made of premium PS plastic, ensuring a safe and stylish toast every time. Size and Simplicity: With a 2oz/60ml capacity and dimensions of 4*6CM, these glasses are the right fit for every drink and decor. Customizable Canvas: With options for logos, packaging, and graphics, make every shot glass uniquely yours or your brand's. Perfect for All Places: Be it a wedding, hotel, restaurant, or just an impromptu backyard party, these shot glasses bring the fun factor. Turn up the volume and the vibrancy at your next event with our Colorful Plastic Disposable Shot Glasses. Cheers to brighter toasts and tales!

    4 Colors Available


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