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  • Kawaii Smiley Face Plush Pillow for Bulk

    Kawaii Smiley Face Plush Pillow for Bulk

    Drum roll, please, for the most joyful squeeze in town - the Kawaii Smiley Face Plush Pillow! In a world of endless décor choices, this cutie pie stands out with its bubbly personality, lighting up the room and melting hearts with just one glance. From a playful plush pal for kids and adults alike, to a delightful piece of décor in any room, this Kawaii plush pillow makes everyone's day brighter. Its wide appeal makes it an excellent addition to a wide range of businesses, such as toy shops, gift boutiques, or home décor stores. Need a stress-busting, mood-boosting seat support for chairs? Look no further! Features: Variety: With nine colorful variants to choose from, our Kawaii smiley face plush pillow adds a vibrant touch of fun to any space. Size: Available in 40cm sizes, our Plush pillow can adapt to any room setup. Material and Filling: Made from plush material with a PP Cotton inside, our Smiley face plush pillow is as soft as it is cute. Customization: We provide Customized logo, packaging, and graphic customization to make each Wholesale smiley face plush pillow your very own. Usage and Weight: At a weight of only 0.1kg, our plush pillow is light enough for children to carry around yet sturdy enough to serve as a seat support for chairs.   Brighten up your surroundings or inventory with our Kawaii Smiley Face Plush Pillow. Let this endearing Novelty plush toy make every moment a little softer, a little warmer, and a whole lot happier. Order today and infuse every corner with the unmatched cheer of our Gift plush toy!

    9 Colors Available


  • Smiley Face Basketball Pillow Wholesale

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    Smiley Face Basketball Pillow Wholesale

    Looking for a fun and unique product to add to your inventory? The Smiley Face Basketball Pillow is the perfect choice for businesses and wholesalers seeking a high-quality and eye-catching item. Not only that, for those seeking a quirky twist, our Smiley Toast Bread Pillow also offers a unique and fun aesthetic. Get ready to spread smiles and joy with these charming pillows! Key Features:   Premium Quality: A brand-new Smiley Face Basketball Pillow ensures top-tier quality and durability, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Plush Material: Made from 100% soft plush fabric + PP Cotton for ultimate comfort and a soft touch, this pillow offers a delightful experience for relaxation and cuddles. PP Cotton Filling: Filled with premium PP cotton, this pillow ensures excellent support and shape retention, making it perfect for both kids and adults. Height: 4.3-11.8 inches for various age groups Unisex design suits all Vacuum-packed for easy shipping and storage Customizable with your logo and color choices   The Benefits:   Unmatched Comfort: Your customers will enjoy the incredible softness and coziness of this pillow, making it an excellent addition to their relaxing routines. Cheerful Design: The vivid smiley face basketball design brings an instant burst of positivity and happiness to any space. It's sure to catch the attention of customers and brighten up their day! Durable and Long-Lasting: Thanks to its premium construction, this pillow is built to withstand heavy usage and maintain its shape, bringing long-lasting joy and comfort to your customers. Perfect Gift Option: Looking for a unique gift option? This pillow is a fantastic choice! Its appealing design and premium quality make it an ideal present for basketball enthusiasts, kids, and even adults. Great for Decor: Whether used at home or in an office, this eye-catching pillow adds a playful touch to any space. Its vibrant colors and delightful smiley face design make it a versatile and trendy decorative item. Wholesale Opportunities: By purchasing this Smiley Face Basketball Pillow wholesale, you can capitalize on the growing demand for unique and fun products. Maximize your profit margins with this irresistible item.   Enhance your inventory and delight your customers with these durable and long-lasting Smiley Face Basketball Pillows. Embrace the wholesale opportunities to stock up and boost your business. Order now and enjoy a lead time of 10 days for 1-100 units or longer. Elevate your sports decor with these charming Smiley Face Basketball Pillows today.

    4 Colors Available


  • Smiley Face Flower Petal Pillow

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    Smiley Face Flower Petal Pillow

    Add a touch of charm and comfort to any space with our Smiley Rainbow Flower Petal Pillow. This vibrant and adorable pillow is a must-have for businesses and wholesalers seeking to elevate their product offerings. Whether you're looking to diversify your pillow collection or seeking something unique to grab attention, this pillow, alongside options like the basketball-themed variant, ensures there's something for every preference. Key Features:   Size: 45 cm, providing ample surface area for hugging and decoration. Fluffy and Soft: Crafted with premium materials, this pillow offers unmatched comfort and relaxation. Smiley Rainbow Design: The cheerful and colorful design brings joy and positive vibes to any setting. Durable Construction: Made with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting use. Customizable: Personalize the pillow with your logo and packaging for branding opportunities. Wholesale Opportunity: Bulk ordering available at discounted prices.   Benefits: Delight Customers: Customers of all ages will be captivated by its charm, making it a perfect gift or decor item. Versatility: Ideal for various businesses - from toy stores to home decor retailers. Business Growth: With customizable branding, it helps promote your brand and attract more customers. Profitability: Wholesale pricing allows for healthy profit margins. Reliable Partner: We offer fast delivery and exceptional customer service to meet your needs.   The Wholesale 45cm Fluffy Smiley Rainbow Flower Petal Pillows is an excellent choice for businesses and wholesalers looking to add a unique touch to their spaces. Its vibrant design, fluffy comfort, durability, and easy maintenance make it a valuable investment. Order your Wholesale 45cm Fluffy Smiley Rainbow Flower Petal Pillows now and experience the enchantment they bring to your business!

    1 Color Available


  • Banana Smiley Face Pillow for Bulk

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    Banana Smiley Face Pillow for Bulk

    Liven up any space with our Banana Smiley Face Pillow , an undeniably cute addition that promises to bring a smile to your face, just as it sports one itself! This plushie is the epitome of sunshine in pillow form - a combination of cheerful yellow color and an endearing emoji face. From retailers who specialize in home décor or children's toys to event organizers aiming for a fun theme, our Bulk Banana Smiley Face Pillows will add an appealing aesthetic touch. These pillows can brighten up bedrooms, living rooms, or even office spaces. They also make excellent party favors or prizes for children's events. With the customization options, brands can add their logos or other graphics, making these pillows a marketing tool that's hard to ignore! Features: Bright and Cheery: With its yellow color and the smiling emoji face, this pillow adds a splash of happiness wherever it is placed. Premium Quality: Made with plush material and filled with soft PP Cotton, our Banana Smiley Face Pillow offers a comforting cuddle. Perfect Size: At 35 cm in height and weighing just 200g, this pillow is an ideal cuddle companion, easy to carry and cozy to hold. Customizable: Make your pillows truly unique! We offer logo, packaging, and graphic customization for a minimum order of 2000 pieces. If you're someone who adores quirkiness, consider checking out our whimsical 35cm Smiley Toast Bread Pillow. Alternatively, for those wanting a more traditional approach to happiness, our Kawaii Smiley Face Plush Pillow will be the perfect fit. Our lead time ranges from 5 days for 1-100 pieces, scaling up to 10 days for orders of up to 1000 pieces, making these plushies an option you can count on for those last-minute needs. It's time to turn the fun quotient up with our Bulk Emoji Face Cushions. Spread the joy with your very own batch of Banana Smiley Face Pillows today!

    1 Color Available


  • 35cm Smiley Toast Bread Pillow Wholesale

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    35cm Smiley Toast Bread Pillow Wholesale

    Add a touch of happiness to your wholesale collection with the 35cm Smiley Toast Bread Pillow! The 35cm Smiley Toast Bread Pillow is the perfect choice. This adorable plush toy not only brings a smile to your face but also offers outstanding quality and key features that will leave your customers wanting more. Key Features: Height: 13.7 inches Color: Available in brown and golden colors Plush Material: Made from plush material for ultimate comfort and a soft touch. The premium fabric offers a cozy, huggable experience, providing maximum relaxation for your customers. PP Cotton Filling: Filled with PP cotton for excellent support while maintaining a fluffy texture. The plush toy offers perfect cushioning, making it ideal for snuggling, resting, or even as a decorative piece. Benefits: Outstanding Quality: A brand new 35cm Toast Poached Egg Plush Toy ensures top-tier quality and durability. Crafted with precision, it is made to withstand everyday use, making it a reliable and long-lasting product. Irresistible Design: The smiley toast bread pillow features a unique and eye-catching design that brings joy and happiness to any space. With its adorable smiling face and toast-like appearance, it adds a touch of playfulness to bedrooms, living rooms, nurseries, or even office spaces. Age Range: Suitable for 0 to 24 Months, 2 to 4 Years, 5 to 7 years, 8 to 13 Years, 14 Years & up Comfortable and skin-friendly Good resilience, no balling, and not deformed Soft and safe for all ages The Smiley Toast Bread Pillow is more than just a pillow; it's a cheerful and charming companion suitable for kids and adults of all ages. Its whimsical design and high-quality materials make it an ideal gift option for various occasions. But why stop at one slice of happiness? Broaden the spectrum of mirth by pairing the toast pillow with other cheerful counterparts. The banana smiley face pillow can be its quirky companion, while the smiley face flower petal pillow can add a floral spin to the ensemble, creating an ambiance brimming with laughter and charm. Please note that the lead time for 1-10000 units or more may be approximately 14 days or longer. Businesses and wholesalers will appreciate its universal appeal and demand, making it a smart choice for enhancing your product range. Whether for resale or giveaways, this wholesale product offers excellent value and the potential to spread smiles all around.

    2 Color Available


  • Smiley Face Octopus Plush Pillow for Bulk

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    Smiley Face Octopus Plush Pillow for Bulk

    Imagine snuggling up with a cheerful octopus that's just as thrilled to see you as you are to see it. Meet our Smiley Face Octopus Plush Pillow, the perfect pal that's always ready to share a smile and a warm hug, creating a joyful atmosphere wherever it goes! In between those octopus cuddles, don't forget to pair it with some other cozy companions. For those who love a touch of floral happiness, our smiley face flower petal pillow offers a blooming embrace. Or for those who are a bit more fruity in their fun, our banana smiley face pillow is ripe and ready to offer comfort with a smile.   Our Smiley face octopus plush pillow is a charming addition for any individual seeking a Cute plush toy for personal use or a retailer or event planner seeking a Novelty plush toy in bulk. Its unique design is certain to bring joy, whether you're looking to decorate your child's bedroom, spice up your store's product line, or provide memorable party favors for your next big event. Features: Design: Our Octopus plush toy features a delightful smiley face, transforming an ordinary Octopus toy into a Fun plush toy that's sure to delight. Size: Available in 40cm and 60cm sizes, this Plush pillow is perfect for cuddles and decor alike. Customization: We offer Customized logo, packaging, graphic customization, and even drop shipping for specific minimum orders. Tailor our products to fit your specific needs. Material and Filling: Crafted from plush material with a soft PP Cotton filling, our Octopus plush pillow provides a comforting touch that's soft yet supportive. MOQ and OEM/ODM: With a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of only 5 pieces and acceptance of OEM & ODM orders, we're here to support your specific needs, whether large or small. Whether you're seeking a fun friend for your sofa or a playful product for your store, our Smiley Face Octopus Plush Pillow is the perfect pick. Embark on a fun-filled journey with our Smiley face toy, the Decorative plush toy that’s brimming with character. As a delightful Gift plush toy, it's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Order now and let the smiles begin!

    10 Colors Available

    $5.22 - $9.72

  • Wholesale Smiley Face Emoji Pillow

    Wholesale Smiley Face Emoji Pillow

    Say hello to our Wholesale Smiley Face Emoji Pillow, a delightful fusion of comfort and joy! This cheerful cushion is all about fun and is ready to brighten up any space with a pop of plushy positivity. This versatile product is perfect for both individual use and bulk orders. Want a Cute pillow to liven up your living room, bedroom, or office space? Look no further. Are you a retailer, a novelty store owner, or a party planner on the hunt for the perfect Gift pillow or party favor? Our Smiley face pillow has got you covered. Features: Diverse Designs: Our collection boasts a variety of 23 emotive designs, ensuring there's a choice for every mood or theme. From the playful flower petal to the sporty enthusiast's basketball motif, there's something for everyone! Customization: We offer Customized logo, packaging, and graphic customization for orders of 1000 pieces or more. It’s a fantastic way to make your mark or tailor products to your unique needs. Material: Our plush material, combined with PP Cotton filling, ensures that our Cheerful face pillow is as comfortable as it is cute. Size and Weight: At 32cm in height and 120g in weight, this pillow is the perfect size for cuddling, displaying on a sofa, or even taking along on a road trip. OEM/ODM: We accept OEM/ODM orders, providing you the freedom to design your own range of plush cushions. Whether you're a fan of the happy grin, the cheeky wink, or the hearty laugh, we've got the perfect Emoji pillow for you. Dive into our range of Wholesale smiley face pillows today. Uncover the ideal Novelty pillow or Decorative pillow to add a splash of joy to your space or to offer your customers. Our Wholesale emoji pillows and Smiley face pillow for sale are not just pillows; they're a bundle of joy waiting to be unleashed. Explore our collection now, because everyone needs a smile!

    23 Colors Available


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