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  • Party Light Up LED Glasses for Wholesale

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    Party Light Up LED Glasses for Wholesale

    Ready to add some electric charm to your style? Our Party Light Up LED Glasses are here to help you steal the spotlight. Not only do these glasses make a statement, but they also bring a splash of vibrant color and a sprinkle of sparkling fun to any gathering. Remember: the party doesn't start until the lights come on! Whether you're an individual looking to dazzle at a rave, a party planner seeking to make events unforgettable, or a business owner wanting to make your brand shine at a corporate event, our LED glasses are for you. They're the perfect accessory for nightclubs, music festivals, New Year's Eve parties, or any occasion that calls for a touch of luminescence. For those seeking LED glasses wholesale, we offer generous deals on bulk orders, perfect for event organizers and businesses in the party and entertainment industry. Our Party Light Up LED Glasses have numerous stellar features: Color Variety: Our LED glasses come in five luminous colors: blue, green, pink, red, and white. Customization: Get a customized logo, packaging, or graphic design on your order (minimum order of 500 pieces). Material and Weight: Made from lightweight plastic, each pair weighs just 32g—easy to wear for long periods. Size: At 5.8 x 15.5 x 14 cm, they're designed to fit most adults comfortably. OEM, ODM: We accept both OEM and ODM orders to meet your specific requirements. These flashing glasses for wholesale promise quick turnaround times. For orders up to 10,000 pieces, we deliver in just 15 days. For orders exceeding 10,000 pieces, delivery times are negotiable. So why wait? Light up your next event with our Party Light Up LED Glasses. Order now and make every party a radiant spectacle to remember!

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  • Magic LED Color Changing Beer Glass

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    Magic LED Color Changing Beer Glass

    Feast your eyes on our Magic LED Color Changing Beer Glass, the rainbow-hued spectacle that's just as dazzling as the contents it holds. Picture a forest of these radiant beauties twinkling in your bar or home, each glass alive with vibrant color. This isn't just another piece of barware—it's an illumination celebration in every sip! Anyone can take the party to a whole new level with our Magic LED Color Changing Beer Glass. It's an absolute crowd-pleaser for event planners or individuals looking to add some spark to a house party. Restaurants and bars seeking to offer their patrons something a little out of the ordinary will find this color changing beer glass perfect. Retailers, too, will find these tumblers an excellent addition to their offerings, and corporations can use these glasses as fun, attention-grabbing promotional items. Features: Magic LED Beer Glass: It’s not just a glass, it’s a spectacle! With its multi-colored LED lights, this glass lights up the room even before you fill it up. Color Changing Beer Glass: With the simple flick of a switch, this glass cycles through seven vibrant hues, offering a different view with every glance. LED Beer Mug: Made from eco-friendly, food-grade PS material, this glass isn’t just good for the environment, it’s also safe for your health. Illuminated Beer Glass: With a replaceable CR2032 battery, the fun never has to stop. You can keep the party going for 24 to 30 hours, depending on the battery quality. Light-up Color Changing Beer Stein: Well-suited for everyday use and formal entertaining, this glass is reusable and retains its clarity even after numerous dishwasher cycles. It's as sturdy as it is stunning! Say goodbye to regular, boring drinkware. Our Magic LED Color Changing Beer Glass combines function with fun and injects life into your beverages. Whether it’s water, soda, cocktail, or your favorite beer, this illuminated beauty is ready to light up your drinking experience. Don’t just have a drink, have a light show!

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  • Light-Up Bluetooth Cat-Ear Colorful Headphones

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    Light-Up Bluetooth Cat-Ear Colorful Headphones

    Who says audio gear has to be all about sound? Now, you can enjoy your favorite tunes with a vibrant twist! Our Light-Up Bluetooth Cat-Ear Colorful Headphones are here to transform your musical encounters, combining superior audio technology with a fun, captivating design. Not just for listening - it's a style statement too! Whether you're an individual looking to turn heads at your next party, a professional gamer wanting to elevate the fun during your gaming sessions, a music enthusiast craving a fresh, lively approach to headphones, or a business aiming to offer unforgettable promotional items, these LED cat-ear headphones are your ticket to a visually stunning audio experience. Businesses ordering in bulk can take advantage of our customization options to reinforce brand identity, while our various colors ensure there's a style for every personality. Key Features: Light-up Cat-ear Headphones: Sport the playful design with LED-illuminated cat ears. Stand out in the crowd and wear your style with pride. Bluetooth 5.0: Enjoy seamless, high-quality wireless connectivity for a richer audio experience. Color Options: Choose from blue, black, pink, white, or purple to match your personal style. Battery Indicator: Never be caught off guard with our LED battery indicator that keeps you in the loop. Fast Charge and Long Standby Time: Recharge your headphones in just 1.2 hours for a standby time of up to 148 hours. Foldable Design: Our headphones are easily portable thanks to their convenient foldable design. High-quality Moving Coil Horn and Noise Cancelling CVC 6.0: Benefit from the robust dynamic sound field, enhanced gaming experience, and clear sound without delays or interruptions. Supports Memory Card: Carry thousands of your favorite songs on the go. You might want to check out our noise-cancelling headset, too. They can go well as an alternative to this cutie. What are you waiting for? Bring the party to your ears and order the Light-Up Bluetooth Cat-Ear Colorful Headphones today! Don't just hear the difference, see it!

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  • LED Drink Coaster

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    LED Drink Coaster

    Step up your business's vibe with our cool LED Drink Coasters. They're a super stylish way to make your brand shine and grab your customers' attention. Perfect for businesses and wholesalers, these coasters are all about making a big impact and giving your customers an awesome time they won't forget. Key Features:   Versatile Material and Colors: Crafted from high-quality EVA material, our LED Drink Coasters come in a range of vibrant and customizable colors. They add a pop of personality to your setting, fitting perfectly with your brand or event theme. Size Options for Versatility: Choose from various sizes – 1.4 inches, 1.6 inches, 2 inches, and 2.4 inches – allowing you to match the coasters to your glasses and cups for a seamless look. Dynamic Functions: These coasters are more than just eye candy. They offer four functions: quick flashing, slow flashing, steady on, and easy on/off. Adjust the mode to set the right mood for different occasions. Secure Packaging: Each coaster comes individually packaged in a separate OPP bag, ensuring they remain in pristine condition during storage and shipping. Long-lasting Battery: Powered by a single 2032 button battery, our LED Drink Coasters offer continuous illumination for up to 10 hours, keeping the atmosphere vibrant throughout your events.   Benefits:   Captivating Ambiance: The colorful and dynamic LED effects create an inviting and engaging environment that draws customers in and keeps them entertained. Brand Enhancement: Customizable colors and sizes allow you to showcase your brand identity, creating a memorable visual experience that customers will associate with your business. Event Flexibility: Whether it's a grand opening, a themed party, or a hospitality event, our LED Drink Coasters effortlessly adapt to any setting, adding an extra layer of sophistication. Customer Engagement: The interactivity of the flashing modes encourages customers to engage with the coasters, sparking conversations and leaving a memorable impression. Efficient Turnaround: With a lead time of just 15 days for 1 - 50 units, you can quickly incorporate these mesmerizing coasters into your establishment or events.     Spark Conversations, Create Memories:   Our LED Drink Coasters transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. It's best used with a custom logo shot glass and this unique martini glass. Whether you're a business owner looking to create a unique brand image or a wholesaler seeking standout products, these coasters are a surefire way to leave a lasting mark.

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  • Custom Noise Cancelling Headset

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    Custom Noise Cancelling Headset

    Ever wished you could cocoon yourself in your own world of sound, free from the distractions of your surroundings? With our Custom Noise-Canceling Headphones, that wish is a reality! Enjoy an immersive audio experience tailored to your style, whether you're working, gaming, or simply unwinding with your favorite playlist. From individuals who value a deep, immersive listening experience, to businesses looking for the perfect promotional item, these headphones are a fantastic fit. With the ability to place your custom logo, they make for a truly personalized accessory or a standout marketing tool. Plus, for those in the gaming, DJ, or broadcasting fields, they offer a blend of performance and style that's hard to beat. Features include: Personalized Noise-Canceling Headsets: Immerse in your audio world with our noise-canceling technology. Perfect for those moments when you just want to focus on the sound. Bluetooth v5.3: Provides fast, efficient connectivity, ensuring a seamless audio experience with low power consumption and low latency. Extended Battery Life: Our headphones come with a 400mAh battery that offers a 36-hour playtime, all with a quick charging time of just 1.5 hours. Comfortable and Adjustable: With a weight of just 350g, these headphones are designed for ultimate comfort and extended use. They're also adjustable and foldable, making them easy to pack and carry. Deep Bass Audio Output: Enjoy the 9D surround sound effect, with deep and powerful bass that enriches your listening experience. Waterproof (IPX-4): Don't worry about a little splash! Our headphones are designed to withstand it. LED Display & Microphone: Monitor your headphones' battery life with the LED display, and engage in clear, hands-free conversations with the built-in microphone. Customizable: Get your logo on the headphones (Min. order 50 pieces) and customize the packaging or graphics (Min. order 100 pieces) to make it truly yours or your brand's. Included in the package are the headphones, a 1.2m aux-in cable with 3.5mm jack, universal charging cable (type C), and a user manual. Isn't it time you upgraded your audio game? With our Custom Noise-Canceling Headphones, you can listen to the music of your life, your way. Click the 'Order Now' button and immerse yourself in the world of pure sound!

    3 Colors Available




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