1L Glass Mason Jar with Stainless Lid

1L Glass Mason Jar with Stainless Lid

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Additional Highlights: Customization Possibilities: Elevate your brand presence by customizing these jars with your logo, graphic, or design. This personal touch not only enhances brand visibility but also transforms the jars into branded merchandise that aligns with your identity. Efficient Lead Time: Our commitment to timeliness is reflected in our lead time of just 30 days. This ensures you have the products ready for planned promotions, events, and campaigns. Ample Quart Size and Wide Mouth: The quart size and wide mouth design provide ample room for sprout growth and easy access, enhancing the convenience and success of sprouting endeavors. Safety and Reliability: The lead-free and non-porous nature of the thick soda-lime glass ensures that the contents remain safe and uncontaminated, aligning with health-conscious customers' preferences. Sustainable Choice: These reusable jars encourage sustainable practices, allowing customers to reduce their reliance on single-use plastic and opt for a durable, eco-friendly solution. a combination of elegance and functionality that enriches your customers' lifestyles. Order today and provide a product that effortlessly blends innovation with practicality while resonating with your brand's identity.See details

  • Clear
  • Bottle with Blackout Sleeves
  • Bottle with Tray
  • 1L

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    Production Time

    5 Business Days

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    Imagine a world where your storage isn't just practical, but it's also a conversation piece. Meet our 1L Glass Mason Jar, a perfect blend of classic charm and modern sophistication.

    This jar isn't just for the home-based fermenter or the DIY jam enthusiast. Café owners can level up their display counters, event planners can utilize them for centerpieces, and businesses can gift them as unique branded items. Whether it's for delectable concoctions, crafting, or even simple storage, this mason jar is a fit for all.


    • Crystal Clarity: Made from clear borosilicate glass, every content shines through, making identification a breeze.

    • Optimal Capacity: Holding a generous 1L, it's spacious enough for your pickling adventures or storing pantry staples.

    • Food Safety First: Crafted from thick soda-lime glass, it's lead-free, non-porous, and entirely safe for all your culinary creations.

    • Sprouting Mastery: This isn't just a jar; it's a complete Sprouting Jar Kit. With a wide mouth for easy access and growth, you'll have sprouts aplenty in no time.

    • Blackout Expertise: Using the included blackout sleeves, seeds can luxuriate in indirect sunlight, ensuring optimal growth for specific grains and beans.

    • Sturdy & Stylish: The stainless steel wide-mouth sprouting strainer mesh lid is not only rust-resistant but also gives the jar a polished, modern look.

    If you're a fan of top-tier storage solutions, you might also want to check out our Air-Tight LED Transparent Storage Jar for a touch of luminous elegance.

    Store, sprout, and showcase with our 1L Glass Mason Jar. Here's to organization with a dash of panache!

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