2oz High-Ball Heavy Base Shot Glasses

2oz High-Ball Heavy Base Shot Glasses - Swagbulk
    2 oz capacity perfect for serving shots of your favorite spirits
  • Heavy base for stability and balance, ideal for lively environments
  • Can be customized with a logo for personal or commercial use
  • Versatile for any setting, from bars to restaurants to house parties
  • Dishwasher safe and designed for a smooth and comfortable grip.
Color: 2oz
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    Product Overview

    Our selection of High-Ball Heavy Base Shot Glasses, available in both 1.2oz and 2oz sizes, is a valuable addition to any upscale bar, restaurant or retail assortment. Their elegant design perfectly harmonizes contemporary aesthetics with premium luxury, meant to amplify the enjoyment of any beverage served. These glasses complement various environments, whether it be informal house gatherings, vibrant bars, luxurious hotels, or intimate cafes.

    Key Specifications and Benefits

    • Modern and Deluxe Design: These glasses seamlessly blend design with utility, aiming to provide an unparalleled and remarkable drinking experience.
    • Durable Heavy Base: Equipped with a substantial base, these glasses demonstrate exceptional stability and poise, which is particularly beneficial to avoid tipping over or spillage in dynamic environments.
    • Brand Customization: To enhance uniqueness and improve overall aesthetic appeal, these glasses provide the opportunity for customization with your company logo or tagline.
    • Available Sizes: The High-Ball Heavy Base Shot Glasses are offered in two size options - 1.2oz and 2oz. This allows you to choose the sizes best matching your unique requirements or branding objectives.

    Minimum Order Quantities and Printing Options

    Keeping different business sizes in mind, these glasses have been designed with a fair and flexible minimum order quantity policy, ensuring that both large and small businesses find the purchase feasible and rewarding. We also offer different printing options to address your customization demands and emphasize your brand's uniqueness.

    In conclusion

    To sum it up from a commercial standpoint, the High-Ball Heavy Base Shot Glasses combine style, practicality, customization options, and varying sizes into a premium offering that not only fulfills business needs but also promises to deliver a superior customer experience.

      • - Set the perfect mood for any occasion with our 2oz High-Ball Heavy Base Shot Glasses, featuring a sophisticated and elegant design.
      • - Suitable for both personal use and commercial purposes, these glasses are a must-have for those who appreciate quality and style.
      • - The heavy base ensures stability and prevents spills, making them ideal for any energetic environment.
      • - Customize your glasses with a logo or message to add a personal touch and elevate your dining or drinking experience.
      • - Dishwasher safe and impeccably smooth, these glasses offer both convenience and comfort, perfect for serving a variety of spirits.
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