340ml German Beer Mug

340ml German Beer Mug

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    Searching for an elevated beer-drinking journey? Discover our Genuine 340ml German Beer Mug! Immerse yourself in its classic German aesthetic and premium glass construction, guaranteeing an unmatched drinking delight for beer aficionados and collectors alike.

    Now accessible for wholesale procurement, it stands as the ultimate selection for businesses, breweries, event planners, and beyond.

    Key Features:

    • Authentic German Design: The 340ml German Beer Mug features the iconic German beer mug design that is highly desired by beer enthusiasts and collectors. Its authentic design adds an element of uniqueness and sophistication to any beer-drinking experience.

    • High-Quality Glass Material: Crafted from high-quality glass, this beer mug offers durability and ensures the integrity of the beer's taste. The glass material provides thermal insulation, keeping the beer colder for longer periods and enhancing the visual appeal of the golden beer color.

    • Ideal Beer Volume: With a capacity of 340ml, this beer mug is the perfect size to enjoy a traditional German beer. It allows for a generous serving without overwhelming the drinker, ensuring a refreshing and satisfying beer-drinking experience.

    • Customizable Branding: Stand out from the competition by customizing and branding the mug with your own logo or design. Whether it's for promotional purposes or as a corporate gift, the 340ml German Beer Mug offers a unique opportunity to showcase your brand while offering a practical and appealing product.

    • Bulk-Friendly Pricing and Availability: Our 340ml German Beer Mug is available for bulk purchase, with a minimum order of 500 units. The bulk-friendly pricing ensures cost-effectiveness for businesses, breweries, or event organizers, making it an attractive choice for large-scale events, parties, or gifting purposes.

    Order now and experience the authentic German beer-drinking tradition with our 340ml German Beer Mug. Take advantage of our competitive wholesale prices and customizable branding options.

    Please note that the lead time for this product could be 15 days or longer. For more information and to place your order, visit https://www.swagbulk.com/. Cheers to a refreshing beer-drinking experience!


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