400ml Blender Gym Logo Shake Water Bottle

400ml Blender Gym Logo Shake Water Bottle

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  • White
  • black
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • 0.4L

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$1.17 / piece

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5 Business Days

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    Production Time

    5 Business Days

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    The 400ml Blender Gym Logo Shake Water Bottle isn't just an accessory—it's your workout wingman! Fuse style, function, and fitness into one dynamic drinkware. Whether you're blending a nutritious morning smoothie or shaking up a protein-packed post-workout mix, this bottle has got your back (and biceps)!

    For the health enthusiasts, this 400ml blender water bottle is a game-changer, ensuring you get the right mix every time. Gyms and fitness centers, imagine arming your members with this nifty gym logo shake bottle. Corporate wellness programs, sports teams, or health-conscious communities can greatly benefit by integrating this shakeable fitness water container as part of their wellness kits. Not only is it functional, but with the array of vibrant colors, it's also a stylish statement. Businesses looking to make a memorable impact, imagine your logo on this branded blender shaker bottle - a constant companion to your clients' fitness journey.


    • Chameleon Colors:

    Select from white, black, blue, purple, green, orange, or pink. There’s a shade for every shake lover.

    • Blend with Ease:

    The bottle comes with a 304 stainless steel shake ball, ensuring your drinks are smoothly blended and uniformly stirred.

    • Safety First:

    Crafted from BPA-free, food-grade material, this portable mixing water bottle ensures your health is never compromised.

    • Design Genius:

    With a classic design, clear drink scale, non-slip bottle body, and a clamshell design, this bottle is both stylish and functional.

    • Sealed Perfection:

    Boasting a leak-proof lid, bid adieu to unwanted spills, and keep your shakes safe and sound.

    • Handle It:

    Its portable handle, adjustable up to 180 degrees, ensures carrying around is a breeze, whether heading back to school or off to the gym.

    Ready to blend in style? Your optimal health and hydration never looked this good!

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