700ml Custom BPA-Free Protein Shaker

700ml Custom BPA-Free Protein Shaker

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Whether you're a gym owner, fitness retailer, or distributor, our 700ml Gym Protein Shaker Bottle Flasche is the ideal addition to your product lineup. Promote sustainability, cater to fitness enthusiasts, and offer customizable gym accessories that set you apart in the market. Contact us today to discuss customization options, packaging, and to place your wholesale order. Elevate your fitness product range with our premium Gym Protein Shaker Bottles!See details

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • green
  • Plum
  • Sky Blue
  • 301-400ml
  • 501-600ml

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$1.30 /each


$1.30 for 1 pieces

$1.30 / piece

Production Time

5 Business Days

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    Production Time

    5 Business Days

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    Embrace a lifestyle of vibrant energy and good vibes with SwagBulk’s dazzling 700ml Custom BPA-Free Protein Shaker! With a mix of eye-popping colors and top-notch functionality, this shaker is ready to be your best pal, mixing your drinks to silky perfection, and adding a splash of style to your workout sessions!

    Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a busy professional, a health-conscious individual, or a business owner, this protein shaker caters to all! It's a fabulous pick for gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs looking to amp up their brand presence with some cool, customized merchandise. Equally, if you are an events manager or run a wellness blog or a nutrition consultancy, these shakers can be a splendid addition to your merchandise, helping spread brand awareness. Small businesses, large corporations, or anyone in between, can order these in bulk, enhancing their brand visibility and giving their clients or employees a useful, stylish, and health-friendly gift!


    • Variety of Colors: Available in white, black, red, yellow, blue, green, and plum, you can choose the one that resonates with your brand or personal style. A myriad of colors ensures that there is something for everyone!

    • Two Different Capacities: Opt for 400ml or 600ml depending on your needs. Whether it's a short workout or a long, strenuous one, we've got you covered!

    • BPA-Free Material: Made with premium, BPA-free plastic, it assures that your beverage stays contaminant-free, giving you a safer and healthier drinking experience.

    • Customizable: Brand it with your logo or a personalized design, making it a walking billboard for your brand or a unique item for your personal use.

    • Easily Portable: Its sleek and handy design ensures that you can carry it with ease wherever you go, be it the gym, office, or any outdoor activity.

    • Durable and Long-lasting: Designed to endure, this shaker promises a long companionship with your fitness journey, enduring all the drops and knocks.

    Don’t limit your options; explore more with our 650ml Protein Shaker with Stirring Ball and Protein Shaker Gym Sport Bottle to find the perfect match for your needs!

    Ready to add some swag to your shake? Propel your brand to new heights or gift yourself a blend of style and utility with SwagBulk's Custom BPA-Free Protein Shaker!

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