750ML UV Self-Cleaning Rechargeable Water Bottle

750ML UV Self-Cleaning Rechargeable Water Bottle

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    Production Time

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    Imagine a bottle that not only quenches your thirst but also ensures what you drink is as pure as your intentions. Say hello to our 750ML UV Self-Cleaning Rechargeable Water Bottle. No longer just a container, it's a statement of health, hygiene, and tech-savviness all rolled into one.

    From fitness enthusiasts to office professionals, travelers to students, everyone could use a trusty water companion that guarantees purity with every sip. Event organizers, consider these as giveaways at health and tech conventions. Retailers, this is the future of drinkware, so make sure it's on your shelves. Brands can also bulk order these bottles, adding a modern touch to their promotional merchandise.


    • UV Sterilization: Wielding a mighty 99.99% sterilization rate, it promises purity with every gulp, ensuring your water is always clean.

    • Recharge & Reuse: With a Type-C charging port and a durable 220mAh battery, you're always a charge away from pristine drinking water.

    • Smart LCD Touch: Modern problems require modern solutions. Our LCD touch screen is intuitive, responsive, and user-friendly.

    • Thermal Wonders: Keep your drinks just the way you like them for up to 6 hours with our advanced thermal insulation.

    • Sealed to Perfection: Say goodbye to messy spills. This bottle guarantees no leaks, no accidents.

    • Eco-Friendly Grip: Carry with ease, thanks to the environmentally friendly and soft silicone handle. Strong, sturdy, and sustainable!

    Dive deeper into smart hydration with our Smart Cleaning Smart Thermos Water Bottle. Or enjoy the benefits of infusion with the 500ml LED Display Vacuum Thermos with Infuser.

    Hydration is vital. Make it a smart choice too. Gift yourself or someone you care about the blend of technology and health. Ready to make the leap into the future of hydration? Order now and sip into a cleaner tomorrow!

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