Boho Canvas Indoor Outdoor Macrame Hammock

Boho Canvas Indoor Outdoor Macrame Hammock

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$19.98 /each


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$19.98 / piece

Production Time

5 Business Days

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    Production Time

    5 Business Days

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    Want to infuse a touch of bohemian charm and comfort into your business or wholesale offerings? The Boho Canvas Indoor Outdoor Macrame Hammock is here to weave its magic. Crafted to perfection, this hammock is more than just a piece of furniture – it's a statement of style, luxury, and relaxation.

    Get ready to elevate your inventory and captivate your customers like never before.

    Key Features that Set Our Hammock Apart:

    • Premium Material: Crafted with the finest Cotton Polyester, this hammock is all about quality and durability. It's designed to stand the test of time, providing your customers with a reliable and comfortable spot to unwind.
    • Chic Color Variety: Available in a stunning array of colors – black, white, light gray, dark gray, and buff – this hammock adds a pop of elegance and versatility to any space. Let your customers choose the hue that resonates with their unique style.

    Benefits that Make the Difference:

    • Bohemian Elegance: The Boho Canvas Macrame Hammock effortlessly blends boho aesthetics with comfort. Its intricate macrame design adds a touch of vintage charm, making it a standout piece that enhances the atmosphere of any indoor or outdoor setting.
    • Versatile Placement: Whether it's for the living room, bedroom, patio, or garden, this hammock fits right in. Its adaptable design makes it a versatile addition to a range of spaces, catering to your customers' diverse needs.
    • Indoor and Outdoor Delight: Thanks to its durable material, this hammock seamlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor settings. Your customers can enjoy their tranquil spot whether they're basking in the sun or snuggled up by the fireplace.

    For those keen on extending their range of outdoor relaxation options, explore our durable nylon camping hammock and versatile camping hammock, available in both single and double configurations.


    Swift Ordering and Timely Delivery:

    We understand that efficiency is key, especially in the world of business. That's why we offer a lead time of just 10 days for orders ranging from 1 to 10 units. With this quick turnaround, you can swiftly meet your customers' demands and stay ahead in the market.

    Ready to Elevate Your Inventory?
    The Boho Canvas Indoor Outdoor Macrame Hammock is your gateway to offering a piece of relaxation and elegance. Don't miss out on the chance to enrich your business with a product that speaks volumes about comfort, style, and quality.

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