Colored Reusable Shot Glass

Colored Reusable Shot Glass

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    Production Time

    5 Business Days

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    Who said shot glasses need to be bland? Brighten up every pour with our Colored Reusable Shot Glasses! Crafted to bring zest and zeal to every gathering, these vibrant reusable shot glasses are more than just drinkware – they're conversation starters.

    Any individual, brand, or business seeking to add a zing to their collection, look no further. From bars and hotels to restaurants and cozy homes, this multi-colored party shot glass set fits right in. Event planners, why not infuse some color into your next shindig? Entrepreneurs, eyeing those bulk and wholesale offers? How about a durable colored shot glass collection with your logo? With customization options galore, make a splash and let your brand shine through!


    • Rainbow Palette: Delight in a spectrum of choices – blue, orange, purple, and the timeless clear.

    • Material Genius: Crafted from sturdy PC plastic, ensuring each shot is just as durable as it is colorful.

    • Classic Meets Contemporary: While embracing the timeless Shot Glass design, we've wrapped it in modern aesthetics.

    • Just the Right Size: Generously measured at 40ml, with a comfy height of 6.6cm and diameter of 4.3cm.

    • Tailored to You: For bulk orders over 1000 pieces, choose from a medley of customization – be it graphic designs, bespoke packaging, or your distinct logo.

    • Quick Turnaround: Lead times are structured for convenience based on your order quantity. And for those grand orders above 500, let's hash out the details together!

    • The Perfect Occasion: Undoubtedly the party's star, but versatile enough for any setting.

    • Eco-love: Created with love for the environment, our shot glasses proudly flaunt their sustainable nature.

    So, whether it's a cheerful toast among friends or a grand event waiting to be painted in colors, our Colored Reusable Shot Glasses promise fun in every shot. Cheers to vivid memories!

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