Colorful Plastic Disposable Shot Glass

Colorful Plastic Disposable Shot Glass

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    Production Time

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    Celebrate every moment in a whirl of color with the Colorful Plastic Disposable Shot Glass. Let each toast be as vibrant as the memories you're making, with hues as bright as your spirit!

    For the house party enthusiast, your concoctions deserve an equally lively vessel, like our Vibrant plastic shooter cup. Event planners and caterers, you can now color-coordinate your beverages with themes, using the Bright disposable shot glass collection. Bars hosting theme nights or beach parties, these pop-colored shooters will be the talk of the evening. Businesses and brands seeking that extra oomph for promotional events or product launches, imagine serving signature shots in an Assorted color plastic shot glass with your logo shining from it! The Disposable colorful party shot glass, available in a medley of green, blue, orange, and pink, makes every occasion effortlessly festive and memorable.


    • Hues of Happiness: Choose from our range of green, blue, orange, and pink to match the mood of your celebration.

    • Sturdy and Stylish: Made of premium PS plastic, ensuring a safe and stylish toast every time.

    • Size and Simplicity: With a 2oz/60ml capacity and dimensions of 4*6CM, these glasses are the right fit for every drink and decor.

    • Customizable Canvas: With options for logos, packaging, and graphics, make every shot glass uniquely yours or your brand's.

    • Perfect for All Places: Be it a wedding, hotel, restaurant, or just an impromptu backyard party, these shot glasses bring the fun factor.

    Turn up the volume and the vibrancy at your next event with our Colorful Plastic Disposable Shot Glasses. Cheers to brighter toasts and tales!

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