Custom LED Mini Desk Fan

Custom LED Mini Desk Fan

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Why Choose Us? Tailored Brand Presentation: Our customization options for logos and packaging empower you to create a line of mini desk fans that seamlessly embody your brand identity. Efficiency without Compromise: With a 9-day lead time, we ensure prompt fulfillment without sacrificing quality, enabling you to meet market demands effectively. Versatility in Usage: From households to commercial spaces, this fan accommodates a wide array of settings, making it a versatile addition to your offerings. Branding and Utility in One: This fan is not only a cooling solution but also a promotional item, making it a perfect two-in-one product that enhances customer satisfaction. Enhanced Comfort and Functionality: With flexible operation and a quiet design, customers can enjoy the fan's cooling effects without disruptions. Contact us today to discuss customization options, pricing, and bulk orders. Deliver a product that seamlessly combines branding, comfort, and utility, enriching your customers' experiences while promoting your brand's identity.See details

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$36.30 /each


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$36.30 / piece

Production Time

5 Business Days

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    Production Time

    5 Business Days

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    Brighten Up, Cool Down! Gone are the days when desk fans just pushed air around. Step into the luminous future with our Custom LED Mini Desk Fan, where a cooling breeze meets radiant LED illumination. It's not just a fan, it's a statement.

    Picture this: Event planners looking to spice up an evening gala; tech companies wanting their workspaces to gleam with both style and substance; or perhaps, the trendy cafe owner looking to gift their loyal customers with something memorable. Our LED Mini Desk Fan fits every bill and beyond. For wholesalers and retailers scouting for that ‘it’ product, behold the magic of our LED desk fan. It's a beacon for businesses wanting to combine utility with an unforgettable aesthetic.


    • All White Delight: Elegantly cast in pristine white, the fan's body is sculpted from a blend of robust Aluminum Alloy and ABS Plastic - a testament to durability meets design.

    • Five-Fold Wind Power: Equipped with 5 rotary vanes, dive into four distinct wind speeds, tailoring your comfort to perfection.

    • Power Galore: Whether you're plugging into a USB, harnessing solar energy, or even using vehicle power, this fan's got it all covered. Versatility at its zenith.

    • Night Light Navigator: Beyond its breezy prowess, the fan doubles up with a warm light night light, crafting a serene ambiance.

    • Safety & Simplicity Combined: With a safety ABS mesh cover to keep fingers unscathed, a folding base design for space-saving, and convenient touch buttons, it's safety and simplicity bundled together.

    • Easy Clean & Quick Charge: The fan disassembles effortlessly for cleaning, and with a Type-C quick charge, it’s back to action faster than you can say 'cool'.

    Whether you’re lighting up a workspace or setting the mood for an evening read, the Custom LED Mini Desk Fan offers a breezy brilliance like none other. For those looking to bulk order a blend of style, substance, and shine, your search ends here.

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