Custom Logo USB Portable Phone Mini Fan

Custom Logo USB Portable Phone Mini Fan

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Why Choose Us? Branding Powerhouse: Our customizable logo, packaging, and graphic options enable you to create a promotional product that carries your brand wherever it goes. Swift Lead Time: With a lead time of just 10 days, we ensure you get your customized fans promptly, allowing you to meet market demands seamlessly. Vibrant Color Variety: The diverse color range lets you choose hues that resonate with your brand and captivate your audience. Durability and Portability: Soft yet durable construction ensures a long-lasting cooling solution that can be taken anywhere. User-Friendly Design: Assembling and using this mini fan is effortless, ensuring customer satisfaction. Invest in our Custom Logo USB Portable Phone Mini Fan and let your brand breeze through the market. Contact us today to discuss customization options, pricing, and bulk orders. Deliver a product that combines practicality, branding, and convenience, offering your customers a cooling companion that speaks volumes about your business.See details

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Production Time

5 Business Days

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    Production Time

    5 Business Days

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    The Custom Logo USB Portable Phone Mini Fan offers a versatile promotional solution, effectively blending utility and brand representation. It serves as an excellent choice for corporate gatherings, exhibitions, or promotional events, offering a rejuvenating means to display your brand. 

    Key Features:

    • Color Options: Choose from a range of vibrant colors, including Blue, Black, White, Pink, Orange, and Green, to match your brand's aesthetics. The variety of colors allows you to align the fan with your corporate identity or promotional theme.
    • Power Source: This fan conveniently operates via USB, making it compatible with laptops, power banks, and other USB-enabled devices. USB compatibility ensures you can use it virtually anywhere, whether at your desk or on the go.
    • Rotary Vane Quantity: Equipped with two rotary vanes, this mini fan generates a steady and comfortable breeze. The dual vanes provide efficient airflow, ensuring your clients stay refreshed.
    • Power (W): With a power rating of just 1W, it offers energy-efficient cooling without draining your device's battery. Its low power consumption is eco-friendly and cost-effective.
    • Voltage (V): Operates at a safe and standard voltage of 5V, ensuring reliable and consistent performance. 
    • Material: Crafted from durable Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), it's built to withstand everyday use. TPE ensures longevity and resistance to wear and tear, making it a valuable, long-lasting promotional item.
    • Weight and Size: Weighing just 0.02 kg and measuring 1.7 x 1.2 x 3.5 inches, it's incredibly lightweight and portable. Its compact design allows users to carry it in a pocket or bag for convenient use on the go.
    • Soft Blades: The soft blades are not only safe but also efficient in generating a gentle and refreshing breeze. There’s no risk of injury and provide a comfortable cooling experience.


    • Branding Opportunity: Customize the fan with your logo for a unique and memorable promotional item that keeps your brand in mind.
    • Versatile Use: Powered by USB, it's perfect for trade shows, corporate events, and as a giveaway to valued clients.

    Elevate your promotional efforts with the Custom Logo USB Portable Phone Mini Fan. Keep your clients cool and promote your brand simultaneously. 

    Looking for bulk orders? Contact us today to explore Swagbulk offers, exclusive discounts on larger quantities, and enhance your brand's presence.

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