Custom Waterproof Fitness Fanny Pack

Custom Waterproof Fitness Fanny Pack

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With a lead time of just 20 days, you can stock your inventory with this in-demand fitness accessory quickly and efficiently. Available in various cloth and Pantone colors, our Custom Waterproof Fitness Fanny Pack is the perfect addition to your wholesale collection, catering to fitness enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and active individuals. Don't miss out on this opportunity to offer your customers a versatile, waterproof, and stylish fitness fanny pack that they'll love. Contact us today to discuss customization options and wholesale pricing!See details

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$6.00 /each


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$6.00 / piece

Production Time

5 Business Days

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    Production Time

    5 Business Days

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    Break a sweat, not your stride with our Custom Waterproof Fitness Fanny Pack! With colors as vibrant as your energy, this accessory is here to redefine athletic elegance, ensuring you're both in style and at ease while on the go.

    This isn’t just a gym-buddy’s best friend, but also a marketer’s dream come true! Businesses, brand ambassadors, fitness trainers, or even those marathon organizers – anyone looking to upscale their branding or merch game would find these packs an undeniable asset. They’re especially brilliant for branding events, outdoor workshops, and athletic expos. And hey, while you're gearing up, do check out our metallic waterproof fanny pack and multifunctional sports messenger bag to add a dash of dazzle to your collection!


    • Burst of Colors: From zesty orange to a classic black, pick or customize from our range of six scintillating shades to match your mojo.

    • Built to Last: Crafted from nylon lycra, this fanny pack isn’t just waterproof but also promises durability and resistance against daily wear.

    • Stay Tuned In: Thanks to the headphone wire hole, your tunes will always be a hip-swing away, ensuring uninterrupted jams.

    • Swift & Secure Access: The ergonomic zipper closure ensures easy access without compromising on the safety of your belongings.

    • Fit for All: With a waist circumference adjustable up to 140 cm, it’s a perfect fit for everyone, making it a truly unisex choice.

    • Shine & Safety Combined: The reflective strip design isn't just about aesthetics. When it catches light, it shines bright, ensuring motorists see you clearly during those early morning jogs or late-night runs.

    • Choose Your Closure: Customize the way you secure, with options like Zipper, Hasp, Button, Open, Cover, Buckle strap, Elastic band, and more.

    • Logo Love: Opt for custom logo printing, heat transfer, leather or metal labels, silk print, sublimation, or PU-PVC labels to brand it your way.

    Bring functionality and fashion to every run, walk, or leap! Choose our Custom Waterproof Fitness Fanny Pack, and make every step count, every move noticeable. Ready to make a splash? Dive into our collection now!

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