Enhance Security with Smart Key Finder for Tracking

Enhance Security with Smart Key Finder for Tracking
    Perfect for businesses and wholesalers to enhance key security and efficiency
  • Advanced GPS tracking technology provides real-time location updates
  • Compact size and lightweight design for easy portability
  • Available in a variety of colors and packaging options
  • Bulk quantities available at wholesale prices for resellers and businesses
Type: GPS Tracker
Color: Dark Blue-Opp Bag
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    Smart Key Finder: A Comprehensive Solution for Key Management and Security

    The Smart Key Finder is an advanced solution meticulously designed for businesses and wholesalers. It combines elegance and practicality in a compact and lightweight device that effortlessly attaches to any keychain, making it easy to carry and use.

    This sophisticated device leverages advanced GPS tracking technology to provide real-time location updates, thereby creating a highly effective key management system. No longer will your clients have to waste valuable time searching for lost keys or worry about unauthorized access to secure areas.

    Key Aspects

    • The Smart Key Finder is made available in an appealing variety of colors such as Dark Blue, White, Orange, Pink, and Black
    • It is offered with different packaging options - a simple Opp Bag or an attractive Color Box
    • With a robust and enduring ABS material construction, this device offers longevity
    • It has product dimensions of 38*38*7mm, making it a perfect fit for all keychains
    • Its low weight of only 19.5g makes it incredibly portable and user-friendly

    We, as a prominent supplier of the Smart Key Finder, offer this notable product in considerable bulk quantities at competitive wholesale prices. This arrangement provides resellers and businesses the chance to serve a market that appreciates both convenience and security. This not only offers increased security for your customers but also the potential to enhance your profit margins as a distributor of our smart key finders.

    Regarding lead times, for orders ranging from 1 to 100 units, the standard lead time is 15 days. For larger orders, the lead time may vary. Regardless of the order size, our dedicated customer service team maintains regular updates at every stage, ensuring a seamless and efficient purchasing experience.

    Opt for the Smart Key Finder to ensure the smooth operation of your key management system. Place your order today and take a step toward a secure, trouble-free key management system.

      • - Keep your keys safe and track them effortlessly with our innovative Smart Key Finder for Wholesale.
      • - Designed specifically for businesses and wholesalers, this device ensures maximum security and traceability for your keys.
      • - With its compact size and lightweight design, our Smart Key Finder is perfect for any keychain, making it convenient and portable.
      • - Featuring advanced GPS tracking technology, you can get real-time updates on the location of your keys, eliminating the stress of misplaced keys.
      • - Available in various vibrant colors and packaging options, this durable ABS key finder is an ideal investment for resellers and businesses looking to boost security and profits. So why wait? Place your order now and enjoy a hassle-free experience with our exceptional customer service team.
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