Glowing LED Plastic Party Cup

Glowing LED Plastic Party Cup

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$3.60 /each


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$3.60 / piece

Production Time

5 Business Days

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    Production Time

    5 Business Days

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    Illuminate your nights and make every sip shine with our Glowing LED Plastic Party Cup! Ready to make every drink feel like a light show, this is the ultimate accessory to amp up the ambiance of any event.

    Event planners, imagine the awe on guests' faces as they're handed drinks that glow! Retailers, stock up on the trend everyone's chasing. Brands keen on sponsoring nighttime events? Here's a merchandising marvel. For every individual out there, think beach bonfires, terrace soirées, or just jazzing up a weekend at home. With a splash of glowing color, this LED party cup takes the ordinary and turns it extraordinary.


    • Luminous Choices: Available in mesmerizing pink and green lights to match the mood or theme of your soirée.

    • Perfect Dimensions: Sized at 8 cm (top diameter) x 6.2 cm (base) x 13.5 cm (height), it's ideal for just the right amount of your favorite beverage.

    • Built Tough: Crafted from thicker plastic, our cups are not just drop-resistant but are made to withstand the liveliest of parties.

    • Sleek Design: Smooth cup walls not only make for a sophisticated look but also ensure a comfortable grip thanks to the ergonomic design.

    • Long-Lasting Luminescence: Uses a reliable lithium battery at the base, ensuring your cup's glow doesn't dim before the party's over.

    • On-Demand Illumination: The LED light can be controlled manually, giving you the power to decide when to light up and when to lay low.

    Ditch the ordinary and grab your Glowing LED Plastic Party Cup now! Drink, dazzle, repeat. The night truly belongs to you.

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