Gold Electroplated Hair Brush for Wholesale

Gold Electroplated Hair Brush for Wholesale

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    Production Time

    5 Business Days

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    Gold Electroplated Hair Brush for Wholesale

    Discover the secret to flawlessly styled hair with the Gold Electroplated Hair Brush for Wholesale. Embrace this chance to stock up on a product that is destined to become a sought-after favorite among your customers, and witness its undeniable allure and performance win hearts and hair alike. Step into the world of luxurious hair care today with Swagbulk's finest creation!


    Key Features:


    • Color: Electroplated Gold, exuding sophistication and style

    • Compact Size: 2.2 * 0.9 * 5.5 inches, making it perfect for carrying on the go

    • Weight: 0.03 lbs, providing a lightweight and comfortable experience

    • Hair Length: 0.59 inches, ideal for effective hair care without causing damage

    • Material: Crafted from ABS electroplated fiber wool for a luxurious touch

    • Waterproof: Ensures durability and easy maintenance

    • Comfortable Grip: Designed with an oval handle for effortless use

    Benefits at a Glance:

    • Clean Up Broken Hair: The Gold Electroplated Hair Brush is excellent at gently collecting and removing broken hair, leaving your locks looking flawless

    • Tool Cleaning: Its efficient design allows for easy cleaning of various hair styling tools, keeping them in top condition

    • Oil Head Carding: Tame unruly hair and distribute natural oils evenly for a healthier, lustrous shine

    • Dust Cleanup: Keep your hair looking fresh and clean by swiftly removing dust particles

    • Easy to Carry: With its compact size and lightweight build, this brush fits conveniently in purses, bags, or pockets, ensuring you can maintain your hairstyle anytime, anywhere

    • Soft & Anti-Static Function: Experience gentle strokes that are soft on your hair and eliminate static, leaving you with smooth, frizz-free locks

    • No Skin Damage: The gentle bristles are designed to protect your scalp and hair, preventing any potential skin damage

    We take pride in offering top-notch wholesale hair care accessories, and the Gold Electroplated Hair Brush is no exception. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, it guarantees a seamless hair care experience for your customers.

    As your reliable partner, we understand the importance of prompt deliveries for your business. Our efficient production and shipping processes ensure a lead time of 15 days for 1-1000 units or longer, allowing you to restock and meet your customers' demands promptly.

    Elevate your business's hair care collection with the stunning Gold Electroplated Hair Brush for Wholesale from Swagbulk. Your customers will love its premium features and you'll appreciate the recurring business it brings. Order now and watch this exquisite hairbrush become a bestseller in no time!

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