Heavy Duty Outdoor Steel Folding Chairs With Side Table

Heavy Duty Outdoor Steel Folding Chairs With Side Table

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  • customized
  • Brown
  • 35.82"D x 12.59"W x 11.22"H

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$64,125.00 /each


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$64,125.00 / piece

Production Time

5 Business Days

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    Production Time

    5 Business Days

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    Roll out the red carpet for the king of outdoor chairs! Our Heavy Duty Outdoor Steel Folding Chairs are not just about sitting; they're about savoring every moment under the open sky with added luxury and convenience.

    Perfect for retailers seeking durable products for the outdoor-loving clientele, cafes wanting to elevate their outdoor seating experience, or event organizers in pursuit of heavy-duty yet stylish seating solutions. Personal users? These chairs are set to be the crown jewel of your fishing trips, camping adventures, hunting excursions, or just those serene moments in the garden.


    • Customizable Colors: Besides the classic brown, tailor the chair color to resonate with your brand or personal style.

    • Generously Spacious: Sporting dimensions of 32.8" (Height) x 19.8" (Side Width) x 11.22" (Length) and weighing 7.57 kg, comfort and portability go hand in hand.

    • Mighty Strength: With a weight capacity of a solid 158.75 kg, this chair won't back down, ensuring it supports you through thick and thin.

    • Built-in Convenience: Features a large side table with an integrated cup holder. Your essentials, from beverages to books, have found their spot.

    • Master of All Trades: Be it fishing, hunting, camping, or lounging in the garden, this chair's versatility shines through.

    • Durability Defined: Constructed with heavy-duty steel, it's designed to stand the test of time, wear, and weather.

    Outdoor adventures are calling, and your throne awaits! Secure your Heavy Duty Outdoor Steel Folding Chair today and bask in the blend of comfort and style.

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