Korean Cute Glass Kids Water Bottle

Korean Cute Glass Kids Water Bottle

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The Korean Cute Glass Kids Water Bottle is a charming and dependable choice for businesses seeking kid-friendly drinkware that combines aesthetics with practicality. Contact us today to discuss your customization preferences, packaging needs, and how this product can help you achieve your branding and promotional goals. Offer your customers a stylish and functional glass water bottle that caters to their hydration needs. Elevate your brand with a product that's as delightful as it is durable, perfect for gifting on birthdays, holidays, and any special occasion.See details

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  • 301-400ml

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    5 Business Days

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    Bring joy and hydration together with the Korean Cute Glass Kids Water Bottle! Featuring a delightful Reindeer design, this bottle is more than just a water carrier; it's a companion, turning every sip into a cheerful moment, making it a delightful addition to your child's daily essentials.

    Parents, schools, daycare centers, or anyone who deals with children will find this adorable bottle incredibly useful. It’s a charming way to encourage little ones to stay hydrated, making it an attractive option for personal use or as a bulk purchase for promotional or resell purposes. Especially, businesses and brands aiming to appeal to young customers and their parents can benefit from offering such cute and practical products.


    • Colorful Variety: With 16 vibrant colors to choose from, match the bottle to your child’s favorite color or let them pick their own, adding a personalized touch to hydration.

    • Durable Material: Made with heat-resistant glass, this bottle is designed to withstand high temperatures, ensuring safety and longevity for continual usage.

    • Perfect Size: At 14 x 5.5 x 4 cm and weighing just 0.35kg, it's the right size and weight for little hands to hold and carry around easily.

    • Customizable Logo: Whether it’s for a school or a brand, customize the bottle with your logo, making it a unique piece or an exclusive promotional item.

    • Cute Reindeer Design: The adorable reindeer design is sure to capture the hearts of the little ones, making hydration an exciting and enjoyable task.

    • High Temperature Resistance: Whether it’s warm milk or cold juice, the bottle’s high temperature resistance ensures the safety of the contents, giving peace of mind to the parents.

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