Korean Rabbit Glass Tea Infuser Cup

Korean Rabbit Glass Tea Infuser Cup

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Why Choose Our Korean Rabbit Glass Tea Infuser Cup: Exceptional Quality: Crafted from lead-free glass, this cup ensures purity and taste integrity. It's not only a beverage vessel but a statement of quality and refinement. Wide Audience Appeal: With a design that transcends generations, this cup caters to both modern sensibilities and classic tastes, making it a versatile addition to your wholesale collection. Custom Branding: Personalize these cups to align with your brand identity, providing your customers with a unique and memorable product. Thermal Efficiency: Keep your beverages at their optimal temperatures, ensuring a delightful tea-drinking experience for end-users. Gift-Ready Packaging: With the option for customized packaging, these cups are ready to be presented as thoughtful gifts, making them an excellent choice for special occasions and retail markets. Our Korean Rabbit Glass Tea Infuser Cup is a blend of aesthetics, quality, and functionality—a perfect choice for discerning wholesale buyers. Elevate your business by offering this unique product to your customers, and watch it become a beloved addition to tea rituals and gifting occasions. Contact us today to discuss pricing, customization options, and how we can help you meet your wholesale needs efficiently.See details

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    5 Business Days

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    Inject a dose of cuteness and functionality into your tea time with our Korean Rabbit Glass Tea Infuser Cup! This charming cup, with its playful rabbit design and vibrant color combinations, promises to turn every sip into a serene and delightful moment.

    Whether you’re a tea enthusiast, a fan of adorable kitchenware, a café owner, or a promotional product seeker, this tea infuser cup is tailored for you! It's a wonderful choice for tea lovers who appreciate convenience and style, and it's a quirky, attractive item for businesses looking to entice customers or spread brand awareness. This versatile cup is also a thoughtful gift, perfect for personal use, business promotions, or resale, catering to various needs and preferences.


    • Colorful Combinations: Choose from four stunning color combinations, ensuring that every tea session is a visual delight, matching your mood and style.

    • Lead-Free Glass: Crafted from high-quality, lead-free glass, this cup offers safety and durability, allowing you to savor your tea with peace of mind.

    • Direct Drinking: Designed with convenience in mind, the water flowing method enables direct drinking, enhancing your tea-drinking experience.

    • Optimal Capacity: Holding 0.3 L of your favorite beverage, it’s the perfect companion for your tea breaks, providing just the right amount every time.

    • Lid Included: Comes with a matching lid to keep your tea warm, ensuring that your beverage stays at the perfect temperature for longer.

    • Chic and Playful Design: The playful rabbit design adds a touch of whimsy to your day, making tea time more enjoyable and appealing.

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