Light Up Champagne Glasses

Light Up Champagne Glasses

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    Cheers to a glass that outshines the rest! Discover a blend of elegance and excitement with our Light Up Champagne Glasses. When your bubbly gets poured in, these glasses light up the night, turning every sip into a luminous spectacle.

    Whether you’re a party planner seeking to dazzle attendees, a business aiming to make corporate parties more electrifying, or an individual looking to elevate home celebrations, these glasses are your golden ticket. Ideal for nightclubs, grand family gatherings, wedding toasts, and essentially any event that calls for a blend of sophistication and fun, our champagne flutes guarantee to be the talk of the party.


    • Lustrous Liquid Activation: No switches needed! The LED lights ignite automatically when liquid graces the glass and dims when it's empty, ensuring every toast is brilliantly illuminated.

    • Safe Sipping: Crafted with food-grade PS material, these champagne flutes prioritize your health. Drink with confidence, knowing that safety and enjoyment go hand in hand.

    • Rainbow Reflections: Each set boasts 6 vibrant LED colors - pink, yellow, red, green, blue, and orange. The dance of colorful lights, combined with sparkling crystals at the base, brings a mesmerizing visual treat.

    • Durably Designed: These flutes aren't just about looks. With a thickened wall, they are shatterproof, ensuring longevity and safety during hearty toasts.

    • Long-lasting Luminescence: Powered by built-in button batteries, these flutes promise to keep the party glowing for a full 24 hours.

    • Perfect Dimensions: With a size of 67 x 67 x 183 mm and a lightweight feel of 70.1g, these glasses are designed for comfortable holding and generous sips.

    Turn the charm up a notch at your next event! Order the Light Up Champagne Glasses now, and make every toast a radiant revelry!

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