Custom Luggage Cover

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Custom Luggage Cover
    Personalize your luggage and protect it from scratches
  • Great for businesses to showcase their brand on the go
  • Durable materials and vibrant printing make it a great gift or conversation starter
  • Made with stretchy polyester spandex fabric for easy fitting
  • Available in three different sizes to fit all types of suitcases
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    Wholesale Custom Luggage Covers: In-depth Review

    Ensure your luggage stands unique and easily identifiable in a crowd with the Wholesale Custom Luggage Covers. These covers contribute towards simplifying your travel experience by adding an exceptional touch to your baggage.

    Product Specifications

    • These covers offer a great way to protect luggage from regular wear and tear, along with allowing you to personalize them as per your preferences.
    • Offering a significant opportunity for brand visibility, these suitcase covers can work as mobile advertisements.
    • Constructed from robust materials and exhibiting excellent print quality, these suitcase covers can start intriguing conversations or serve as excellent corporate gifts.

    Key Features of the Wholesale Custom Luggage Cover

    Custom suitcase cover fitted onto a suitcase

    Thanks to the elastic polyester-spandex fabric, the covers secure a tight fit on your luggage, protecting it and adding an element of uniqueness. This utility-cum-fashion product can convert standard luggage into a distinctive possession.

    Brands can implement these suitcase covers as their mobile advertisement tools to generate interest and augment visibility. We explore the product detail to validate its unique selling proposition claims.

    Moving Advertisement

    Customized luggage cover showcasing dual branding

    With the option for dual-sided printing, the suitcase covers can act as your moving billboards, ensuring visibility to potential clients and business associates. Multiple companies have reported substantial marketing benefits from this product, attributing a large portion of their earnings to custom luggage cover designs.

    Convenient Utilization

    The product's color-rich fabric, together with vertical slits on the left and an opening at the top, allows hassle-free access to luggage handles. The product package is labeled with clear size information with options of Small (18”-21”), Medium (22”-25”), and Large (26’’-28”), thereby catering to a wide range of suitcase sizes.

    Durable Material

    Exhibiting the durability of custom luggage cover material

    The Wholesale Custom Luggage Cover is crafted from a mix of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, resulting in a high-performance material that adjusts and fits perfectly to your luggage. Additionally, this polymix ensures the cover's resistance against dust particles and provides ample shielding against transit scratches. Moreover, the heat sublimation printing technology utilized ensures the designs retain their vibrancy and appeal through countless travels.

    • Protects against scratches
    • Adds personalization and style to luggage
    • Provides visibility and potential branding opportunity
    • Comes in three sizes (Small, Medium, Large)
    • Double-sided personalization
    • Easy access to luggage handles
    • Durable and resistant to dust and minor scuffing
    • Uses modern printing techniques to preserve vivid colors
    • Easy to install
    • Fits different sizes and shapes of luggage
    • Water-resistant and quick-drying
    • Can prevent theft to some extent
    • Positive reviews on design and placement of images
    • Disappointments on material quality and safety
    • Mixed reviews on sizing
    • - Easily identify your luggage at the carousel with a unique Wholesale Custom Luggage Cover
    • - Protect your suitcase from scratches while adding a touch of personalization
    • - Use luggage covers as a branding opportunity for your business with double-sided personalization
    • - Durable materials and vibrant printing make these covers great conversation starters or gifts
    • - Made with an elastic polyester spandex fabric, these covers are available in three sizes to fit various suitcases
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