Protein Shaker Bottle with Mixer Ball

Protein Shaker Bottle with Mixer Ball

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Whether you're an individual looking to stay on top of your health goals or a business aiming to provide high-quality products to your customers, the Protein Shaker Bottle with Mixer Ball is an ideal choice. Its versatile design, customization options, and commitment to sustainability make it a standout product in the market. Consider partnering with us for bulk orders and ensure you're offering your customers a functional, branded product that promotes a healthy lifestyle and aligns with eco-conscious values. With a lead time of just 15 days, you can quickly stock your inventory and meet the demands of your clientele.See details

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    Production Time

    5 Business Days

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    Shake it Up, Mix it Right! Get ready to meet your new gym partner - the Protein Shaker Bottle with Mixer Ball. This isn't just a bottle; it's your personal protein bar, ready to whip up your favorite shake in a jiffy.

    Ideal for fitness centers wanting to provide their members with branded merchandise, health and wellness stores seeking a top-quality product for their customers, or corporate businesses looking for unique promotional items. It's also perfect for individuals who live the fit life. The shaker bottle with mixer ball is your ticket to a healthy lifestyle, whether you're at the gym, office, or on the road.


    • Shaker Bottle with Mixer Ball: Sporting dimensions of 11 (lid diameter) x 20.3 cm (height) x 7.3 (bottom diameter), this bottle is the perfect size for your workout bag. Compact yet spacious enough for your favorite protein shake.

    • Protein Mixer Bottle with Ball: Made from durable plastic, this bottle is built to last. It's reusable and easy to clean, making it your reliable gym buddy.

    • Blender Bottle with Mixing Ball: Equipped with an anti-corrosion coating, this bottle promises longevity. It stays fresh and new, just like your energy post-workout!

    • Gym Shaker Cup with Built-in Ball: The water flowing method is direct drinking, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free sip every time. No fuss, just pure nutritious goodness!

    • Protein Shake Container and Mixing Ball: The lid accessory ensures your shake stays secure even during the most intense workouts. Shake it, carry it, without a worry!

    So why wait? Experience the convenience of having your protein bar in your pocket with our Protein Shaker Bottle with Mixer Ball. Fitness has never been this fun and easy!

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