Sparkling Sequin Backpack Set Wholesale

Sparkling Sequin Backpack Set Wholesale

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    Production Time

    5 Business Days

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    Add a dash of dazzle to your daily routine with the Sparkling Sequin Backpack Set. For those seeking something extra special for the younger crowd, you might want to explore our children's sequin backpack 3-piece set or the innovative sequin rolling backpack set for kids. But back to the backpack at hand: This whimsical blend of style and functionality isn't just a backpack set, it's a statement piece. It's the perfect companion for the dreamers, the creatives, and anyone who wishes to brighten their everyday journey with a playful symphony of color and light.

    School-goers eager to express their personality, trend-conscious college students, parents looking for a unique gift for their kids, or businesses wishing to make a memorable impression — all find our product an irresistible choice. Perfect for school, casual outings, short-distance travel, or as promotional items for businesses - these vibrant accessories are bound to make a mark. So, whether you're carrying textbooks or selling them in your store, the Sparkling Sequin Backpack Set is a showstopper!

    Product Features:

    • Versatile Material: High-quality PU and high-density nylon fabric make for a durable, waterproof, and lightweight backpack. Choose from black, purple, blue, golden pink, and pink to match your style.

    • Sequin Extravaganza: The dazzling reversible sequin exterior coupled with a cool unicorn design adds a dash of magic and style to your everyday routine.

    • Complete Three-Piece Set: The set includes a bag with size options of: L:42x30x13.5cm. Included in the main bag is a Lunch Bag: 22x1x*5.5cm and a pouch: 19x11 cm.

    • Spacious Capacity: With a large compartment that can house a 15.6-inch notebook, this backpack is perfect for school, short-distance travel, and daily outings.

    • Customizable: Tailor the backpacks to suit your preferences or business needs with customizable options for logo, packaging, and graphic design on bulk orders.

    Time to add some sparkle to your life or your business with the Sparkling Sequin Backpack Set. Don't just make a statement, make it a sparkling one! Order yours today and let the shine follow you wherever you go.

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