Sumptuous Gold Rim Handmade Crystal Martini Glass

Sumptuous Gold Rim Handmade Crystal Martini Glass

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In addition to these key features, it's important to note that these martini glasses are designed for hand wash only, ensuring their longevity and preserving their exquisite appearance. Furthermore, each set includes two cocktail picks, adding practicality to elegance, and comes in elegant packaging, making it an ideal gift or addition to your inventory. With the Sumptuous Gold Rim Handmade Crystal Martini Glass, you're not just investing in glassware; you're investing in unforgettable moments, shared laughter, and the joy of bringing people together. It's time to embrace the magic of Drinkware's Handmade Hammered Cocktail Glasses and let your business shine. Cheers to excellence and success!See details

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$5.36 /each


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$5.36 / piece

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    Production Time

    5 Business Days

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    Unveiling the embodiment of elegance and lavish craftsmanship – the Sumptuous Gold Rim Handmade Crystal Martini Glass! With its sophisticated design and meticulous detailing, this glass is a statement piece, offering a lavish sipping experience. It’s a dazzling concoction of refinement and sparkling charm, waiting to caress your favorite cocktails with unparalleled luxury!

    Whether for individual aficionados or businesses keen on immersing their clientele in opulence, this martini glass is a shining star. It's an ideal companion for hotels, upscale bars, luxury event planners, or anyone with a taste for the exquisite. It’s more than just drinkware; it's a symbol of grandeur, transforming every event, whether a grand gala or an intimate gathering, into an extravagant affair!


    • Elegant Gold Rim: The delicate gold rim adds a layer of sumptuousness, elevating the aesthetic appeal of every beverage it holds.

    • Innovative Hammered Design: The hammered design not only creates a mesmerizing reflection when light shines through but also offers a strikingly cool ripple pattern, providing an enriching tactile experience.

    • Comfortable Grip: Chiseled grooves form comfortable gripping points, making the glass easy to hold, enhancing the overall experience.

    • High-Quality Crystal Glass: Crafted from premium crystal glass, this piece radiates elegance and robustness, promising long-lasting brilliance.

    • Optimal Capacity & Dimensions: With a 200 ml capacity, 250 g weight, and balanced dimensions, this glass combines functionality with elegance.

    For more exquisite designs and unique craftsmanship, explore our Gold Rim Stemless Jeweled Martini Glass and Custom Octopus Martini Glass.

    Don’t let your cocktails settle for anything less than magnificent! Whether you are looking to grace your personal collection or seeking bulk orders for your elite clientele, the Sumptuous Gold Rim Handmade Crystal Martini Glass is here to redefine luxury! Embrace the grandeur and let your cocktails sparkle in supreme elegance!

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