Tall 2oz Stainless Steel Shot Glass

Tall 2oz Stainless Steel Shot Glass

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    Meet the epitome of class in a glass - our Tall 2oz Stainless Steel Shot Glass. With a silhouette as alluring as the drink it holds, it’s time to reimagine the way we toast. Nestled between the convenience of colorful plastic disposable shot glasses and the sustainable appeal of colored reusable shot glasses, this stainless steel wonder stands out, bringing sophistication to any occasion.

    Perfect for personal use or even better in bulk, this tall transparent 2oz shooter glass serves multiple needs. From bar owners keen to spruce up their shelves with a slim 2oz tall shot glass to event organizers wanting a chic touch to their table settings, it fits the bill. Brands and businesses, envision a custom logo or design on this vessel? With various customization options, it's more than just a shot glass - it's a statement. Whether you’re a caterer, a wedding planner, or a home bar enthusiast, our Stainless Steel tall 2oz shot glass offers functionality wrapped in elegance.


    • Fine Edges: Designed with curled edges that not only look suave but ensure every sip is smooth, safeguarding against any cuts.

    • Versatility: Perfect for an array of settings - be it bars, homes, or even a camping trip.

    • Sturdy Make: Crafted from 304 stainless steel, promising durability with corrosion prevention.

    • OEM Services: Beyond the standard, offering OEM color, logo, and packaging.

    • Customization Magic: With a minimum order of 1000 pieces, dive into an array of logo printing types: from laser engraving and silk-screen print to embossed, debossed, and so much more.

    • Earth Friendly: Sustainability is at its heart, ensuring every toast is a cheer to our planet too.

    For those moments that deserve a classy shot - whether it's a milestone, a celebration, or just the end of a long day - our Tall 2oz Clear Shot Glass is the companion you've been waiting for. Bottoms up!

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