Tulip Shaped Martini Glass

Tulip Shaped Martini Glass

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$4.84 /each


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$4.84 / piece

Production Time

5 Business Days

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    Production Time

    5 Business Days

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    Sip in style with the Timeless Champagne Flute Revolution of the Tulip Shaped Martini Glass!

    Gone are the days when champagne flutes were plain and predictable. It’s time to embrace the revolution and let each sip be a testament to your discerning taste. Indulge in our handcrafted champagne flutes, which are not just about holding your bubbly, but elevating your entire champagne experience. And for those who love a hint of color in their drinkware, the pink martini glass from our collection is a mesmerizing addition to any setup.

    Event planners, hoteliers, restaurateurs, or even the home entertainer will find an ally in our versatile range. For a more avant-garde touch to your events, the futuristic tilted martini glass can be a showstopper. With a choice of cup styles to suit any event, be it a luxurious wedding reception, a formal dinner, or a quiet evening with loved ones, our flutes promise to add a touch of classic charm. For businesses looking to make a mark, the bulk and wholesale options are a delightful addition to your inventory.


    • Classic by Design, Modern by Choice:

    Rooted in a classic design, these champagne flutes effortlessly merge tradition with modern elegance. Handmade and blown with precision, they are a true reflection of artistry.

    • Perfect Dimensions for the Perfect Sip:

    With a top diameter of 4 cm, base diameter of 7.2 cm, and a max diameter of 5.6 cm, each flute is meticulously crafted. Weighing a comfortable 103g and boasting a capacity of 220 ml, they're designed for an unparalleled champagne experience.

    • Strength with Elegance:

    The flutes are crafted with a base thickness of 3.1 mm and wall thickness of 1.8 mm, ensuring stability without compromising on sophistication.

    • Diverse Material Choices:

    You can choose from Borosilicate Glass, Soda Lime Glass, or the exquisite Crystal Glass. Each material not only brings its unique touch but also ensures durability.

    • Tailored for Your Brand:

    Whether you desire a frosted finish, a printed touch, or a decal, our customization options are plenty. Brand these flutes with your logo to create an enduring impression.

    • Eco-conscious & Durable:

    Committed to the planet, our flutes are eco-friendly and crafted to stand the test of time.

    As the bubbles rise in your champagne, let your celebrations find their match in our exquisite flutes. Make every toast memorable, and let your glass do the talking!

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