Unique Upside-Down Martini Cocktail Glass

Unique Upside-Down Martini Cocktail Glass

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    Flip your perspective on traditional drinkware! Our Upside-Down Martini Cocktail Glass offers a playful twist on the classic, inviting you to sip in style while turning heads at every toast.

    Bar and restaurant owners, looking to set your establishment apart? This is the glassware for the elite and the eclectic. Retailers, add a dash of panache to your shelves. Event organizers, here's the unique touch that'll get attendees talking. For individuals, it's not just a drink; it’s a statement. Whether it's for that exclusive brand launch, a signature cocktail at a wedding, or simply the showpiece for your home bar, this glass elevates every occasion.


    • Optimal Capacity: Holding between 301-400 ml, it's the ideal volume for your premium cocktails, ensuring each sip is as fresh and chilled as the first.

    • Lead-Free Safety: Crafted from lead-free glass, prioritizing both your health and the drink's authentic taste.

    • Crystal Clear Elegance: Its clear color showcases the hues and layers of your mixology magic, letting the cocktail be the vibrant star.

    • Intriguing Dimensions: At 9 cm (top diameter) x 10.2 cm (base) x 20.2 cm (height), this glass isn't just functional, it's a conversation starter.

    • Durable & Delicate: The sturdy design meets a refined aesthetic, offering both longevity and luxury.

    Here's to viewing the world (and your drink) from a different angle. Add the Unique Upside-Down Martini Cocktail Glass to your collection today, and let your beverages do the talking! Cheers to the unexpected!

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