Waterproof Folding Mosquito Net Hammock

Waterproof Folding Mosquito Net Hammock

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$20.58 / piece

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    Production Time

    5 Business Days

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    Experience the great outdoors minus the pests with The Waterproof Folding Mosquito Net Hammock!

    Ah, the sweet call of nature! There's nothing like stretching out under the open sky. Now, imagine doing so without those pesky mosquitoes and, add a sprinkle of rain? No problem! Our Waterproof Folding Mosquito Net Hammock has got you covered, quite literally!

    For those who dream of a peaceful sleep under the stars without the nagging buzz of mosquitoes, this hammock is a blessing. Campers, trekkers, and everyone in between will find its dual functionality of protecting against both pests and precipitation a game-changer. And for those who prefer a more camouflage approach to blend in with nature, our camo hammock with an in-built mosquito net is an excellent pick. Meanwhile, if it's sheer durability you're after, especially for rough terrains, consider our heavy-duty nylon camping hammock as a trusty companion.


    • Material: Sturdy Nylon

    Constructed from resilient nylon, our Waterproof Mosquito Net Hammock promises durability. Come rain or shine, forest or beach, it stands as a reliable companion.

    • Size: L290cm*W140cm with a Max. Capacity of 200kg

    Generously sized, this folding hammock with mosquito net ensures that users have ample space to lounge. And with a weight capacity of 200kg, it's built to hold without faltering.

    • Color Variety

    Choose from a palette ranging from calm blues and earthy browns to vibrant pinks and greens. There's a hue for every mood and setting.

    • Accessories: Complete Hanging Kit

    Every hammock comes packed with 2 stakes, 2 straps, 2 ropes, and 2 aluminium hooks. It's not just a hammock; it's a complete outdoor relaxation package.

    • Customization: Logo & Packaging

    Enhance brand recall with our customization options. Whether it's a logo or packaging, businesses can tailor the hammock to reflect their brand ethos.

    • Design: Modern & Functional

    Sleek and modern in design, our insect-proof hammock is the perfect blend of form and function. The mosquito net ensures peaceful sleep, while the waterproof feature means sudden showers won't dampen spirits.

    Get ready to elevate your outdoor adventures and embrace nature, minus the discomfort. The Waterproof Folding Mosquito Net Hammock is your passport to serene escapades. Doze off to the lullabies of nature, buzz-free!

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