Wholesale 500ML Glass Water Bottle With Custom Logo

Wholesale 500ML Glass Water Bottle With Custom Logo

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  • 500 ml

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$4.70 /each


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$4.70 / piece

Production Time

5 Business Days

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    Production Time

    5 Business Days

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    Pour your favorite drink into a bottle that not only preserves its freshness but does it with undeniable style. Meet our Wholesale 500ML Glass Water Bottle - where elegance meets functionality, serving hydration with a touch of class.


    Entrepreneurs, imagine gifting your esteemed clients or dedicated employees with a glass bottle that changes color or showcases a mesmerizing gradient. Fitness enthusiasts can sip from our magic color-changing mug post-workout, while those seeking a touch of flair in their daily hydration can opt for our reusable rainbow gradient tumbler. Cafés and bistros, reimagine your beverage collection with customizable glass bottles that promise a delightful takeaway experience.



    • Crystal Clear Quality: Crafted with premium glass, this bottle assures purity in every sip. Say goodbye to unwanted tastes or odors – just pure, unaltered refreshment.

    • Tailor-Made for You: Let your brand speak volumes with our customization options. From customized logos to distinct packaging, we curate to resonate with your brand's voice.

    • Lively Lids: Each bottle is crowned with a chic bamboo lid, blending sustainability with style, ensuring that your drink stays fresh and spill-proof.

    • A Palette of Panache: Dive into our color variants like Gray, Pink, Light Orange, or Blue Green, and pick what resonates with your aesthetic the best.

    • Size that Satisfies: With a generous 501-600 ml capacity, it's the right mix of substantial yet sleek, weighing in at a comfortable 360g.

    • Ready When You Are: Our impressive lead times ensure that whether it's a last-minute event prep or a large-scale launch, your branded bottles are there right on cue.


    In a world filled with choices, make yours stand out. Choose sophistication, sustainability, and style with our Wholesale 500ML Glass Water Bottle. Cheers to making an impression!

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