Wholesale Foldable Clip Mini Fan

Wholesale Foldable Clip Mini Fan

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Why Choose Us? Tailored Brand Presentation: Our customization options for logos, packaging, and graphics enable you to create a line of mini fans that seamlessly encapsulates your brand identity. Efficiency without Compromise: With a 7-day lead time, we ensure prompt fulfillment without sacrificing quality, allowing you to respond quickly to market demands. Enhanced User Experience: The detachable base and wide application make this fan suitable for various settings, ensuring maximum user comfort. Convenience on the Go: The clip-on design allows users to take the fan with them wherever they go, ensuring cooling comfort is always within reach. Versatile Cooling Options: With three-speed wind settings, users can tailor the cooling experience to their preferences, enhancing their overall satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss customization options, pricing, and bulk orders. Deliver a product that seamlessly combines utility, branding, and convenience, enriching your customers' experiences while promoting your brand identity.See details

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • White
  • Pink [with large capacity battery]
  • White [with large capacity battery]
  • Blue [with large capacity battery]

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$2.52 /each


$2.52 for 1 pieces

$2.52 / piece

Production Time

5 Business Days

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    Production Time

    5 Business Days

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    Ever wished for a breeze that follows your whims? The answer has unfolded, quite literally, with the Wholesale Foldable Clip Mini Fan. Cool down, clip it, fold it, and take it - breeze is truly on demand now.

    Think of the countless scenarios where a gust of fresh air can uplift moods and comfort levels. For gym enthusiasts, clip it on treadmills during intense workouts. Office professionals, enjoy a personalized breeze on your desk. Are you an event manager or a brand owner? Consider gifting or selling these foldable rechargeable fans, branded with your logo. It’s the perfect swag that attendees, clients, or employees will actually use and cherish. And for bulk portable fans shoppers, this is the jackpot – versatile, user-friendly, and incredibly in demand.


    • Colorful Vibes: Pick from three soothing shades - calming blue, lively pink, or the ever-elegant white.

    • Compact & Convenient: Sized at 3.94 in (length), 7.87 in (width), and 2.36 in (height) and weighing a mere 0.180 kg, it's the epitome of portability.

    • Power Galore: This clip-on mini fan supplier doesn’t skimp on power sources. Battery, USB, electric, or even a power bank – pick your charge method. And with a swift charging time of 1.5 hours, enjoy breezy intervals of 2-4 hours.

    • Customized Cooling: Featuring three gears for wind speed and three rotary vanes, it lets you set your desired airflow intensity.

    • Multifunction Marvel: Beyond being a foldable clip fan, it’s also a handheld delight with a detachable base. And for the modern multitaskers? A built-in phone holder makes catching up on shows or video calls a breeze.

    • Universal Powering: With its versatility, power it up using a laptop, power bank, or any energy-storing device.

    A fan that’s more than just a fan - it’s an experience, a gadget, and a relief. Bring coolness to the forefront with the Wholesale Foldable Clip Mini Fan.

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